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Dec 20 // Tyler Jones

MurderBoss, my LD25 entry.

Play the game here! Last weekend I teamed up with my friends Manic Maverick and Pankin to create a game in 72 hours for the 25th Ludum Dare game jam. I've never entered before, and finishing the game was a pretty big achiev...
Apr 07 // Tyler Jones

What is retro and what isn't? A call for new terminology.

Almost all gamers have their own idea of what 'retro games' are. The problem is that they frequently don't match when compared to each other, as most people use the term subjectively to describe the games from their own yout...
Nov 28 // Tyler Jones

Custom videogame plush.

Lately I've been working really hard on filling my new Etsy store with cute amigurumi! One of the first patterns that I made after I taught myself to make these was Kirby, so I wanted to put a really nice Kirby in my store. ...
Oct 07 // Tyler Jones

Castlevania Lords of Shadow: The worst game in recent memory

I had been eagerly waiting for Lords of Shadow for a long time. The Castlevania series is near and dear to me as a long time retro-gamer, and I appreciate nearly all of the entries in the series in some way or another. Lo...
Feb 01 // Tyler Jones

The Nerd Cave.

I've seen some pretty cool game rooms put up on Dtoid in the past, and now I think it's time I made my contribution. Let's start at my desk and go clockwise around my room. Here's my computer desk, where I spend a great d...
Jan 08 // Tyler Jones

Why Dtoid Secret Santa is awesome.

I just got back to my college apartment after a lengthy winter break and what do I find? My Dtoit secret santa present from Germany! AWESOME! Enclosed in the box was this letter. It's a bit hard to read so I'll sum it up:...
Oct 01 // Tyler Jones

Let's tell Treasure that we want Radiant Silvergun on XBLA (shortblog)

Topher's previous campaign to get Cave to release their games to western audiences may very likely have influenced them to make the recent title Mushihime-Sama Something Something Something region free. After this inspiring ...
Sep 30 // Tyler Jones

Shopping for a 360 arcade stick, need your input.

I like my 360. I'm a big retro gamer, and a while ago I bought a special controller to facilitate the playing of classic games as well as the then-newly released Street Fighter IV. I got the MadCatz SFIV fighter pad and fo...
Jul 05 // Tyler Jones

Review: Kamen no Maid Guy: Boyoyon Battle Royale (PSP)

The word "Boyoyon" in the title is the sound effect for bouncing breasts. Do I have your attention? Kamen no Maid Guy is an extremely entertaining anime about two maid/bodyguards Kogarashi (top) and Fubuki (bottom left) a...
Jul 04 // Tyler Jones

The PSP, two weeks later.

Just a little while ago, I purchased a PSP 3000. Now I'm not sure if this was wise, as I already own and LOVE a DSlite, and own more DS games on it than I've had time to play (The World Ends With You and Knights in the Night...
May 17 // Tyler Jones

My collection of retro game collections.

I wonder if it's a problem that almost all of the games that I've been buying recently are just retro collections. Just kidding, I could buy nothing but these and be totally happy. There are actually still several others ...
May 06 // Tyler Jones

Crafts for great justice: amigurumi.

It was a few weeks ago that I decided that I wanted to learn to make amigurumi. To do this, I first needed to familiarize myself with the manly art of crochet. It turned out to be a difficult craft to learn on my own (I had...
Apr 13 // Tyler Jones

So I still don't like Bioshock.

In my last post I seemed to have stepped on a few toes by calling Bioshock overrated. I specifically called it one of the most overrated games ever and I stand by this (placing it alongside Halo and Gears of War). Actually,...
Apr 12 // Tyler Jones

Why I will never again fall victim to the hype machine.

Some gamers have taken an automatic negative attitude towards all upcoming games, and I'm closer than ever to understanding why. I've been disappointed too many times in the past to be able to muster much enthusiasm for new ...
Apr 02 // Tyler Jones

Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection: an in depth review like I promised.

Okay, I promised a more in depth review and here it is in all its glory. Be warned, this is my longest post yet. First the game itself. There are some serious aesthetic flaws with the menu system. I have created this help...
Mar 30 // Tyler Jones

Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection: a review from a Nintendo kid.

I've been playing a lot of Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection recently. I was really excited getting this game, as I only had Nintendo consoles for my youngest years as a gamer. The only Sega console I own is the Dreamcast...
Mar 27 // Tyler Jones

A Musical Dilemma.

A short while ago, I was alerted to the fact that DragonForce was coming to my hometown of Asheville, NC (the land where little of interest happens). This is big news, as they're basically the band that got me into the brand...
Mar 26 // Tyler Jones

My first day on XBLA was rough.

As I endured three consecutive tests on Wednesday (college sucks like that) I decided to get myself as a present a 1 month XBLA gold card as well as a 1600 point card and relax for most of Thursday. My games list had a lot o...
Mar 25 // Tyler Jones

My epic ActRaiser nerdrage (in three parts).

Part 1. Chad Concelmo, on RetroforceGo (which I love so much) you called me out on my favorite game ever. You have said on several occasions that the classic 16-bit action/god-sim ActRaiser has 'bad bosses." Bad bosses? ...

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