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May 23 // Klarden

"Not my kind of game" or something about critical acclaim

I started noticing something about two or three years ago, when «clearly not for everyone» games started to get noticed along with many other independent games. Every time a game like Dear Esther, or some Tale of Tales’ proj...
Jun 20 // Klarden

Gamedesign through gamer’s eyes: Detached, indifferent

To get more people interested, games now use focus testing, insert hints into hints, show the way even in the most linear levels, set very short term objectives to the player. Yet, with all this, i feel, games not only fail ...
May 23 // Klarden

Elrond same

An old rewrite of Nine Inch Nails' "Every Day Is Exactly the Same" lyrics I made about 3-4 years ago, while tired of overly samey games released back then. Just silly stuff, nothing special. I believe i can see the future Ca...
May 21 // Klarden

Secret of digital distribution

Today i saw this interesting news post on Steam. It really confused me, because i knew those languages were previously available in both Skyrim and its DLCs. Turns out, they were. In locally sold retail copies of the game, wh...
May 11 // Klarden

Nintendon't land

I was born in the Ukrainian SSR in 1985. My first contact with video games was in about 87 or 88 with some weird light gun and joystick thing, which we would connect to the old soviet CRT TV and shoot white squares on the bl...
Apr 18 // Klarden

It seems Steam supports questionable pricing policies

Several years ago Steam did a very clever decision to support several distinct regions by allowing publishers and developers set specific pricing for those regions and also allowed them to set specific reginal restrictions wh...
Apr 15 // Klarden

Two simple hints about Greenlight from a concerned gamer

I'm one of those people, who check all the games on Steam Greenlight when they can. There's always a chance to stumble upon some really cool game you might like or a project which you might not like and would probably not b...
Mar 26 // Klarden

Use more lube and stop whining

Recently Resident Evil 6 got released on PC, and I, with my undying (or probably, currently, undead) love for the series since 1996, couldn't pass it, despite the mixed, at best, reactions to the game from most sites and pe...
Dec 19 // Klarden

Gamedesign through gamer’s eyes: Fuck Earth

(also on my blog) How many times have we saved planets, worlds, universes and all of their inhabitants, or watched them die, when something goes wrong? You’d think, we will get so used to it, we shouldn’t even care and jus...
Oct 10 // Klarden

Dear Dan. Talking with Dan Pinchbeck. Part 4

(original photo here) And original post on my blog here. It’s time for the final part of the super long and exciting talk with Dan Pinchbeck. As promised, we talk about CryEngine, pros and cons of making two games at once...
Sep 28 // Klarden

How Gearbox knows Jack (and forgets Duke)

(Also on my blog) This may sound strange at first, but Handsome Jack from Borderlands 2 and Duke Nukem from his latest Forever game have much more in common, than it first seems. However, Jack has something, that Duke lack...
Jul 29 // Klarden

Hitman Emotion

(Also on my blog) So, IO decided to do a huge spoiler on one story point of Hitman Absolution. Something, that i didn't get was the reasoning behind the thing that happens int hat spoiler - it was necessary "to bring emoti...
Jul 25 // Klarden

Gamedesign through gamer's eyes: Forced "cinematic" experience

(original post in russian) (also on my blog) I have noticed this thing a lot, but recent Max Payne 3 became the last straw and I can't stay silent about this issue anymore. I don't understand, why exactly so many developer...
Jun 02 // Klarden

Dear Dan. Talking with Dan Pinchbeck. Part 3

(original photo here) And original post on my blog here. And a week after, here’s a new part of my talk with Dan Pinchbeck, the creative director of thechineseroom. This time, we’re going to talk a bit more about the two ...
May 27 // Klarden

Dear Dan. Talking with Dan Pinchbeck. Part 2

(original photo here) And original post on my blog here. And now, the second part of my talk with Dan Pinchbeck. We talk about the game pricing, strange «price per hour» concept in game pricing, influence of indie bundles...
May 26 // Klarden

Dear Dan. Talking with Dan Pinchbeck. Part 1

(original photo here) And original post on my blog here. After wondering for a bit on why won’t a finally buy a webcam and start trying to interview different game developers I made the only right decision — bought a webc...
Apr 11 // Klarden

Once again enter the world of survival horror

Survival horror is dead. As a Capcom invented moniker, as a Capcom influenced control scheme and game structure. Probably, even as a major mainstream game genre (well, action-adventure subgenre, actually). Some argue, that ...
Mar 28 // Klarden

Bioshock is an OK FPS

So, BioShock was, apparently, a very big thing. And i still don't get why exactly was that. Now, don't get me wrong, BioShock was a rather good, if frustrating at times, FPS "with a twist". It was nicely made, had several r...
Mar 19 // Klarden

An art gallery

Recently, there was a lot of talk about the art games, the "nongames", mostly because of the release of two highly different "art games": Dear Esther and Journey. I heard lots of different opinion about this "type" of game ...
Mar 19 // Klarden

ME3: Selling endings

Now, there's a lot of controversy around the ME3 ending. You probably know this even if you didn't know the series existed (if there's anyone out there who would fit this description). However, there's one possibility, stro...
Mar 02 // Klarden

Are you chief Irons?

A video i should've done earlier.
Jan 17 // Klarden

Why Silent Hill doesn't need "mythology"

Since its release in '99, Silent Hill inspired people to form communities around the series, to talk and wonder about the secrets of that mysterious foggy city. In 2001 i got into internet for the first time and, quite obvi...
Dec 09 // Klarden

Xenophilia: Illegal childhood

Think of any great videogame released 1980-2000. Yep, that game is great. And you know what? I never had a legal copy of it. You see, there were none in Ukraine. And in, pretty much, any post-soviet country actually. What a...
Oct 30 // Klarden

Gamedesign through gamer's eyes: Jump dammit!

originally for AveGamers (in russian) Not there! Run on the wall! Not up the wall, along it! Why the fuck have you not grabbed it?! Left! Left, you shit!! Welcome to the world of acrobatic action adventure and platforming ...
Oct 20 // Klarden

4A Games interview on Games Day

During the recent Games Day video game expo, a small expo in Kyiv, Ukraine, we, at AveGamers, had a chance to speak with Metro 2033 developers, 4A Games. Creative director of 4A games - Andrew Prokhorov aka PROF, senior gam...
Aug 20 // Klarden

Gearbox and Belarus...

...probably have nothing in common. But as soon as i've seen the statue of Marcus in Borderlands 2 preview screenshots, i thought of Lyapis Trubetskoy (ska-punkish band from Belarus) record and awesome accompanying video. Just a silly thought, nothing more.
Aug 19 // Klarden

East vs. West: Saving Capcom

"Whoa, whoa there," - i hear you say (real reactions may vary), - "why would Capcom need any kind of "saving" - they're doing fine!" Well, no. They are not. And their problem is a problem of how big Eastern companies are fa...
Feb 05 // Klarden

Gamer eyes, eh?

Remember "inconceivably dumb ads" someone was hoping to sell to Sony? Well, here's my vision of one of them. I had to start doing something with Gmod, why would i have it otherwise, right?
Jan 24 // Klarden

Relashionship, in my videogame?

I have fond memories of playing Baldur's Gate 2. It was a great RPG, with an interesting story that, among other things, used relationship you could have with one of your companions as a story point. I remember being fascin...
Jan 07 // Klarden

2010 Sucked: A year of disappointments

As a cautious optimist, it's hard for me to say that it truly sucked to be a gamer in 2010. The year had a lot of cool stuff going and great game releases. But what i can say is that it was probably the most disappointing y...

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