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Jul 06 // Clayton S Chan

How to Win a Raffle Drawing: A Public Service Announcement.

I was planning on writing this after E3, but I figured "Hey, when the heck are we going to do another raffle?" Well, the answer to that question was "Anime Expo" and I really wished I'd written this piece. So, now I'm writing...
Jun 22 // Clayton S Chan


This post is about the greatest thing ever. Winning. I've been kind of wanting to write some random post about Sun Yue and the mighty Los Angeles Lakers winning the NBA championship, but I kind of figured that the post would...
Jun 05 // Clayton S Chan

E3 2009 Something-or-Others

I'm so glad E3 2009 is over. You might get a general feel for how exhausting this thing is by reading what Dale, Colette, or Brad is writing, but when you're on your feet the entire time, and basically anchored to one spot, i...
May 26 // Clayton S Chan

Crimson Gem Saga: Destructoid Questions Answered!

Well, Destructoid questions, plus I came up with some questions I wanted to have answered, and I figured I'd share the answers to those with you, as well as the questions you asked. Nolan asked: "Were there any inspirations...
May 15 // Clayton S Chan

Crimson Gem Saga: Behind the Bits

Hello there, Destructoid readers! I'm Clayton Chan from Atlus, project lead for Crimson Gem Saga, and I'm happy to be making our first of what is hopefully a long line of Community Blogs posted here for you folks to get to kn...
Jan 06 // LarkOhiya

I hugged Pikachu's beach

http://www.gamefaqs.com/portable/gameboy/file/198314/14414 guess who has the highest score ever in pika's beach from pokemon yellow!
Oct 30 // LarkOhiya

Warhammer free character transfers (join Dtoid for free)

In an on going effort by mythic to have fairly balanced server populations (because with mass player vs. player gameplay population balance if of HIGH priority) they have just anounced the handfull of low population servers t...
Sep 16 // LarkOhiya

SE Warhammer online is a near

WOW, Warhammer online has been a long ways running, but its almost here. just a few short minutes eh? If your like me your anticipating the game not only for its team based PVP, but also because of all the dtoiders that wil...
Sep 06 // LarkOhiya

WARHAMMER on todbringer server!

As some of you may know the open beta for warhammer starts tomorrow. what some of you might NOT know is that preview weekend + started yesterday. I was in the last preview weekend and the amount of work improvement from just ...
Aug 01 // LarkOhiya


Jun 17 // LarkOhiya

Warhammer class choices

So we all know your going to play Warhammer. and we also know your going to play chaos. what we don't know is what class your going to be. If you haven't seen it; here is a bit in depth preview of all but a couple of the cl...
Jun 10 // LarkOhiya

Dtoider look-a-like sighting

So Pedro Blandino resident Sterling's "top 10 list" hater sent me this image. It looks startlingly like another Dtoider i know named Cannibal Calvin whom I will compare with this image Everything just got out of hand fro...
May 22 // LarkOhiya

If you love it change it: Destructoid.com

Niero must love it A LOT. since the day destructoid was built on the internet its gone through countless changes and tweaks. those joining the site today might not even recognize it from over two years ago. That is if that ...
May 20 // LarkOhiya

*new* How to edit your blogs now!

-edited- ok seems that you have to click "offline brb" on the right side of the main page in order to get tot he edit post page now... thats NOT impossible to find without clicking everything. nope not at all...
May 09 // LarkOhiya

what would Destructoid be without the good people

No, but seriously this is what it would be like.
Apr 28 // LarkOhiya

Destructoid ventrilo server back online!

Much fan fair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IP- voice-va2.branzone.com port- 3790 The issues with the Ventrilo being broken have been resolved. Come join us in talking while we play games. also to make amends for no picture last time, here is an image for all your fapping pleasure- for the ladies for the men for the furries
Apr 27 // LarkOhiya

Dtoid Ventrilo is down for no apparent reason

If you have recently tried to connect to the "unofficial" Destructoid server, paid for by Fronz, then you might have noticed its not responding. We are currently don't know WHY it has craped out on us, but I suspect host comp...
Apr 07 // LarkOhiya

Not my Turning Point gaming rig

I really should have done this sooner eh? well the only real pic i have of my "rig" at the moment. real pictures in a couple hours when i get home.
Apr 01 // LarkOhiya

Guitar Hero in World of warcraft!?

Today the Regular patching of World of Warcraft took place, but some startiling news also was released. The newest hero class for the upcoming expansion pack! The Bard will use a guitar hero like combo system to fuel his powe...
Mar 08 // LarkOhiya

Startling news about U.S. Brawl

something tells me you havn't heard enough about brawl today. This eye opening video will leave in awe and wish you could slap nintendo.
Mar 06 // LarkOhiya

Three Hours till Yashoki gets banned.

http://www.destructoid.com/blogs/Yashoki/three-days-untill-jonathan-holmes-loses-his-job-74117.phtml&?no_cache=1&comment_saved=1#comment-585329 http://www.destructoid.com/blogs/Yashoki/three-days-untill-jonathan-holmes-loses-his-job-74117.phtml&?no_cache=1&comment_saved=1#comment-585329
Mar 01 // LarkOhiya

MICH NARP stickam!

Right now we are playing smash bros. so you can come in and yell at us. this is the Stickam chat room info: room: DestructoidMich password: dtoid The time: Now The place: Niles, Michigan 2330 East main st. lot 47 The Foru...
Feb 29 // LarkOhiya

MICH NARP stickam!

Right now we are playing smash bros. so you can come in and yell at us. this is the Stickam chat room info: room: DestructoidMich password: dtoid The time: Now The place: Niles, Michigan 2330 East main st. lot 47 The Foru...
Feb 26 // LarkOhiya

Great Lakes NARPapalooza 2008! update

I used Charlie's blog for the creation of this image of my game/den room. Its only a short ways away so i decided to post this again. I'll do so one more time thursday too! The time: MARCH 1st into 2nd (thats this weekend)...
Feb 25 // LarkOhiya

Michigan LARP party update!

The time: MARCH 1st into 2nd (thats this weekend) The place: Niles, Michigan 2330 East main st. lot 47 The Forum talk The rules: -anytime till sometime. -Let me know if you wish to come so I can plan accordingly. -Don't su...
Feb 21 // LarkOhiya

I'm not on your friends list! I hate you.

So... so... SO!!! I noticed I'm not on CTZ's friends list or YOURS. This makes me angry. Then again. I guess that puts everything in perspective. Or maybe this did.... Anyways put me in your friends list NOW! I j...
Feb 20 // LarkOhiya

Release night Gamestop Brawl tournaments!

Gamestops around the country will be hosting in store tournaments for Super Smash Bros. Brawl during the midnight release March 9th! (thats march 8th night) Check the list here for a location near you. This sounds like a ...
Feb 20 // LarkOhiya

To the minute Wardrox rank update!

This just in. Wardrox let me know his rank has gone down from 36 to 41! This turn of events has beaconed the coming of a new age. I call this age "Wardroxian, age of the badger" How can you live without posts like this? http://www.destructoid.com/blogs/wardrox/oh-noes-somebody-leaked-my-gta-iv-achievement-list-update--69846.phtml
Feb 19 // LarkOhiya

Michigan NARP update!

If you didn't see it before I posted about how Michigan is hosting a Destructoid shinanigans party. This will be in lower west Michigan so even people from chicago and indiana area can come (even though I don't know if ther...
Feb 16 // LarkOhiya

My thoughts from playing Brawl for over a week.

---------------- For those of you that don't know, I'm an amazingly hardcore Smash bros. fan. Even the people that do know me might not have known this until quite recently. It has been 7 years since the last Smash game and m...

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