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Nov 20 // Topher Cantler

Get your Forza 3 Beedog liveries

Seems has finally fixed its issues, so now I can download photos. Yes, anyway, I made some Beedog vinyl sets for Forza 3. If you would like to have them for your car, they are free. Just search "beedog" ...
Oct 29 // Topher Cantler

Guide: How to STFU about the DSi LL

Ladies and gentlemen, it appears we have another case of ... Wait... No, that's... It actually IS kind of fucked up that they did that. Nevermind. Carry on.
Sep 12 // Topher Cantler

LOOKIT: You now have PSN, Steam, Battlenet and PXP card thingies on your blog

You know the little 360 gamercard thingy that displays on your cblog profile when you enter your gamertag into your profile page? Well, now you have one for your PSN ID as well. I noticed recently that Sony had finally got...
Aug 16 // Topher Cantler

So, this happened...

I don't know if you're aware, but every now and then we talk to J@ck Th0mpson. He's actually not such a bad guy; certainly not the rabid madman everyone makes him out to be. At least that's what I'd thought. If you're wonde...
Aug 13 // Topher Cantler

RFGO: What song was that?

Since someone is always asking, I decided to start a thread in the Retroforce forum to let you guys know what the music I used in the show that week was. Normally it's the same thing, but if it changes and anyone really wants to know, you can visit the thread to find out. Just wanted to let you know here in case you're one of those types that doesn't often tread into the forums. Thanks! <3
Jul 31 // Topher Cantler

The importance of having a f*cking avatar

Wow. That shit's hard to look at, isn't it? So imagine then how we editors feel when we go to track our comments and see a sea of default avatars staring back at us. Jim has already put this out there before, but since ma...
Apr 24 // Topher Cantler


Yeah, so I didn't know what to use for a video this week because I'm busy doing other things and I'm not sure anyone pays attention to it anyway. So there's the song I happened to be listening to when I started searching, we'll use that and call it a day. A FRIDAY. FRIDAY!!
Apr 15 // Topher Cantler

My Stop Smoking Coach DS review forthcoming

Not sure how many of you know this, but I smoke. I smoke A LOT. And I've been doing it for a long time. I've also wanted to stop for just about as long. Lucky for me, Nintendo has provided us with My Stop Smoking Coach, a n...
Apr 10 // Topher Cantler


Why yes, that IS the greatest video ever. Thanks to Buster for reminding me of its existence. And with that, let us FRIDAY. FRIDAY!!
Apr 03 // Topher Cantler


Credit goes to Buster for finding the awesome video. FRIDAY. LET'S DO THIS.
Mar 20 // Topher Cantler


I would like to dedicate this week's Friday opening ceremony to Reverend Anthony Burch, because he's the only guy I know who loves the Muppets as much as I do. And special Friday wishes go out to my good friend Mr. Samit Sarkar, who celebrates a birthday today. Be sure to wish him a good one i you see him. FRIDAY!!
Mar 17 // Topher Cantler


Happy St. Padraig's day yuh fugghan prikes! Who will join me in giving a shite?
Mar 16 // Topher Cantler


I was gonna wait until tomorrow, but it's technically Monday now, so it still counts. Are you surprised? You sure look surprised. You know I couldn't forget your birthday, buddy. <3
Mar 12 // Topher Cantler

RFGO Puzzle Fighter tournament tonight!

So it seems that in lieu of the show that isn't being recorded tonight, many people would instead like to participate in a Puzzle Fighter HD tournament. Stella and I will be ready for fightans and you're all welcome to join us as well. Hop on Xbox Live later tonight and let there be fun. Who's in?
Mar 06 // Topher Cantler


Happy birthday to my favorite guy to be cold, tired and pissed off on the N train with. You better Friday it up hard tonight. I will enjoy making fun of you for six weeks until I am also 30. Even if you're not Phist, it's still Friday, so DO IT. FRIDAY!!!
Feb 20 // Topher Cantler

SFIV: Something to keep in mind

Seth may be a cheap bitch. Maybe you have no trouble at all getting to him on hard mode, and then you spend 45 minutes dealing with his sucky-inny-spitty-outy bullshit. Maybe the fact that he blocks your unblockable attacks...
Feb 20 // Topher Cantler


This game is like being a toddler in a sandbox full of win and candy. I can't think of a better way to unwind after a night of SFIV. Either way, fellow nerds, it seems we have a truly epic FRIDAY ahead of us. See you tonight. FRIDAY!!!
Feb 13 // Topher Cantler


Anybody else disappointed with Flower? I didn't think it was as cool as I expected it to be. Although the last level was actually pretty awesome. Anyway, fuck all that, it's Friday. Let's do this. FRIDAY!
Feb 01 // Topher Cantler

10 things you didn't know about Topher

Some of you may already know this stuff, so I guess it's more like 10 things you might not know aboout me. 1. I come from a long line of mechanics, and can probably fix anything from your car to your leaky pipes or your air...
Jan 20 // Topher Cantler

An afternoon at Destructoid headquarters

Believe it or not, blogging all day can become tiresome. How does the staff here at Dtoid relieve stress? By doing suff like this. Below: An email chain, started by a friendly note from a developer and spiralling into mayhe...
Jan 04 // Topher Cantler

I hugged Charlie Suh

So he would stop crying after I raeped his face.
Oct 17 // Topher Cantler


Mother 3!! Pan-kun and James!! FRIDAY!!
Oct 10 // Topher Cantler


C'mon c'mon! Show me your moves! ARE YOU OK?!!?!
Oct 03 // Topher Cantler


THANK GOD this week is over. Let's go.
Oct 02 // Topher Cantler

The new DS sucks.

That is all.
Sep 19 // Topher Cantler


A little late, but still ready. God, let it be 5:00 nao plz. PLLZZZ. FRIDAY.
Sep 12 // Topher Cantler


Man, has this week sucked or what? Let's get it out of here. FRIDAY.

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