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Jun 15 // Jonathan Holmes

(NVGR) Why I quit The Dismal Jesters

As some of you may know, I was doing a Podcast with former Dtoid writers Conrad Zimmerman and Jim Sterling called The Dismal Jesters. It was more-or-less a continuation of the version of Podtoid that Jim put together in 201...
Jun 01 // Jonathan Holmes

Sup Holmes returns today at 4pm with Mike K from Ludum Dare

Hello! Thanks again to everyone that supported the Sup Holmes Kickstarter! We made almost 3 times our initial goal. We totally won.  The show is coming back today with Mike Kasprzak, one of the organizers of the Ludum Dare ...
Mar 03 // Jonathan Holmes

Why I love videogame magazines

As some of you may know, Dtoid Reviews editor Chris Carter, former Dtoid powerhouse Tony Ponce, and myself have been working with a conclave of nerds and videogame experts on making a print magazine called Nintendo Force. We ...
Dec 15 // Jonathan Holmes

New Podtoid animation

Classic Jim stuff. It's goooood. 
Nov 09 // Jonathan Holmes

New Jim Sterling Podcast, Teenage Pokemon, other stuff

Hi everybody! I've been working on a lot of stuff. Here is some of it! Jim Sterling, Conrad Zimmerman and I used to host Podtoid. Now we host a show called The Dismal Jesters. It's almost exactly like how Podtoid used to b...
Oct 21 // Jonathan Holmes

Top Ten things I like Pokemon X/Y

10)  New trainer 2D art. It's a little sterile, and doesn't fit with the rest of the game, but as stand alone art its pretty charming. 9) Some of those Mega Evolutions. They look pretty neat.  8) Pokemon Amie. It gets borin...
Aug 03 // Jonathan Holmes

Pikmin 3 audio review, Teen PKMN merch, essay and free underwear

Hello! First, here is a audio review of Pikmin 3. It was going to be used for a video review of the game, but in the end, it wasn't. Some people like it.  Is this a thing you'd like to hear more of? Also, feel free to make ...
Apr 01 // Jonathan Holmes

Adorable people is why I keep trying to make things

A lot of people told me right off the bat that I shouldn't make teenage pokemon, that I was doing it wrong and that i was trying too hard or not trying hard enough or that just watching the show gave them a terminal illness. That made me wonder "Am I making the world a worse place by trying to make my idea?" This video proved to me that it was good that I tried to make my idea.
Mar 25 // Jonathan Holmes

Talk Fast with Anthony Burch (choose your own interview)

We started a new interview series called "Talk Fast" at PAX East this year and it was fun to do. We did one with Anthony Burch of Borderlands 2 and Runner fame, but the sound didn't sound. You can play God by adding your own subtitles and/or talking to is. So do that. Do that now.
Feb 08 // Jonathan Holmes

NF Magazine (formerly Nintendo Force) now up for subscription

Tony Ponce, a bunch of other great people, and myself are all working on a sequel magazine to Nintendo Power. The first issue cost like $18 or something wild like that. All the profits went to charity, but still...yikes. Th...
Jan 01 // Jonathan Holmes

My Top games of 2012

Hamza told me to make a list of my favorite games of 2012 if I had any down time. I don't have any down time. I really should be recording more Teenage Pokemon audio, but that's really stressful (but really fun once you get p...
Nov 16 // Jonathan Holmes

My 100 (or so) favorite Wii exclusives (a work in progress)

Here is a list I've been working on for a few months (off and on). I was hoping to complete it after playing Kiki Trick and Dragon Quest X (as I feel like they'd end up ranking on here somewhere), but I don't know if and wh...
Nov 05 // Jonathan Holmes

Teenage Pokemon Pre-alpha build

Hey everybody. I'm working on a show about teenagers and Pokemon called Teenage Pokemon. All the art is by Linzb0t. She is great. Here's a rough look at some of the art and a smaaaaaaaall, out of context audio clip of so...
Oct 23 // Jonathan Holmes

Persona Podcast and a Not-Viral video

Hey wieners. Sorry in advance for the shortblog, but I gotta finish this review of NightSky for the 3DS eShop and I can't let myself get too distracted. What a turd, right? First off, I did a podcast with a guy named Spenc...
Sep 23 // Jonathan Holmes

Top 10 things to love about the RE6 demo

10) It's like Uncharted, except the jumping and the banter have been replaced by MONSTERS! 9) It's like Call of Duty, except the 1st person camera angle and general combat system have been replaced by MONSTERS! 8) It's like...
May 18 // Jonathan Holmes

My new favorite t-shirt ever

Before there was a Dtoid Show, before there was a Jimquisition, and way before I was ever sexually harassed on a podcast, there was a show called Sundays with Sagat. I came up with the show shortly after Reverend Anthony Bu...
Jan 22 // Jonathan Holmes

I'm in a magazine and I got some stuff!

Hey get ready for a blog about me and stuff that's great for me! It's all about me, everybody! I have no idea why you would care about any of this, but here we go! First up, I was published in latest Gamefan magazine! Actual...
Nov 27 // Jonathan Holmes

My Favorite Teddy Bear

So I might be starting a new call-in show here on Dtoid within the coming weeks. The show wont work unless you guys call in, so please call in! I would like that. I'm also going to go public with the full length version o...
Oct 25 // Jonathan Holmes

Cool story, bro

I was at Gamestop the other day, and the clerks were like "you pre-order Battlefield 3 yet, dawg?" and I was like "OH NO! No way. No-no-no! NO. It is such a sad waste, the way so many game developers today are squandering ...
Sep 29 // bulltoid

Bulltoid Podcast 043 - With Jim Sterling!

Yesterday, I spent two hours yelling at Destructoid review's editor Jim Sterling over the internet. My friends Benje and Mo where there too. We laughed and told all sorts of inappropriate jokes! It was fun. I announced what...
Sep 23 // bulltoid

Bulltoid podcast 042 - Answer to Everything

Hey now, another week, another Bulltoid. Mo "falconreaper" Adan, Benje "talon842" Warlick, and Josh "randombutthole" Hayes Here it is for a direct bandwidth crippling download! Subscribe on iTunes! If you feel like it. I miss you! Next week: Aliens!
Sep 13 // bulltoid

Bulltoid 041 - Warhammer 40,000 Basics!

Hey dudes, Josh "Randombullseye" Hayes here again with another Bulltoid! This week our Dungeon Master from episode 31 Christofer Koriller shows up to talk all about Warhammer 40,000 basics! We talk all about how to play, mo...
Aug 19 // bulltoid

Bulltoid 40 - Randombullseye and Mo talk

Download the show here - Episode forty! Subscribe on iTunes! If you feel like it. Mo and Josh go deep on everything today. Shadows of the Damned, Catherine, Dragon Age 2, and other video games discussed. Warhammer 40...
Jul 26 // bulltoid

Bulltoid 39 - Unleashed!

Full uncensored video game news commentary from Josh, Touya, Mo, Benji, and Sean, who doesn't show up until the second half of the show. See if you can pinpoint the moment the show derails! Download the show here Subscribe on iTunes! You can totally do that!
Jul 12 // bulltoid

Bulltoid 038 - Akumageddon!

Bulltoid has another uncensored discusion from Josh "randombullseye" Hayes, Mo Adan, Touya, and special guest Destructoid "Director of Communications" Hamza Aziz. Music this week from Parappa The Rappa and Um Jammer Lammy! ...
Jul 04 // bulltoid

Bulltoid 037 - Tangent !

We all know Bulltoid is Destructoid's number one bullshit podcast, and this episode proves why. In trying to just do a run down of the news, we begin a conversation about Quest 64, one of the worst games from the Nintendo 6...
Jun 27 // bulltoid

Bulltoid 036 - Kissing in Riots

Josh "randombutthurt" Hayes, Mo Adan, Benje Warlick, and Shawn "Cybertron AX" Smith for another uncensored discussion, only on Bulltoid. We start the show, in the middle of a conversation about VHS tapes. You'll hear us dis...
Jun 23 // bulltoid

Bulltoid 34 & 35 - Another Double Down

Episode 34 - E3 2011 Listen to uncensored E3 discussion from Benje Warlick, Shawn Smith, Touya, and Mo Adan. Download the show Right here, and for some reason the station ID and music overlapped each other in the exporting ...
Jun 22 // Jonathan Holmes

Thanks to everyone who helped me through the burglary!

As some of you may know, my place was broken into shortly after PAX East 2011. My video camera, my PS3, my Wii, my PC, and a over 50 games were stolen. I still haven't recovered all that stuff, and I probably never will, but ...
Jun 07 // bulltoid

Bulltoid 33 - E3 Day 1!!!!

Bulltoid comments on the EA and Microsoft press conferences, as well as other news shown at the 2011 electronic entertainment expo. Uncensored discussion from Mo Adan, Touya, Shawn Smith, and Benje Warlick. Introduction f...

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