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Feb 03 // ZeroTolo

9 things you might know about ZeroTolo.

So I figured that I might as well get on the wagon now that everyone else is doing it. No need to fart around, let's get to it! Also, I couldn't think of ten things, so I just did nine instead. 9. I seem to have started my...
Jul 24 // Mecha Jesus

Two for Two at Good Will

So I'm in Alabama for a few weeks, and I decide to go to a Good Will with my mother, and I see something. Now, it's not nearly as good as other things I've purchased, but it's still pretty sweet. Spiderman 2: Enter Electr...
Jun 28 // FlonneMcNinja

I F*cking Love Tacticals, Part Four--Final Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift

So, oh loyal readers (all three of you), you may have been saying lately, where in all the nine bloody hells has FlonneMcNinja been, and why isn't she talking about tacticals? Well, there are several answers to that. One is ...
Jun 24 // Mecha Jesus

Faith in the Good Will restored

So right now I'm writing this on my laptop with about half an hour of battery power left, because my power cord is literally sparking and I don't feel safe with it plugged in, so I'm gonna keep it short. Today at the Good Wi...
Jun 05 // FlonneMcNinja

The start of the affair: Ultima

As a child I was an avid player of computer games. Primarily, as I mentioned in a previous post, I played Commander Keen; funny side-scrollers were about my speed, and I liked the graphics. I also had a passing fixation on th...
May 26 // FlonneMcNinja

I F*cking Love Tacticals, Part Three--Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones

For those bothered by it, this post may contain game spoilers Well, my friend ZeroTolo just reminded me of this, and I feel rather ashamed to have neglected it. I mean, I can't cover the whole Fire Emblem series, because I'v...
May 26 // FlonneMcNinja

Tales of Etrian Odyssey

Ok! Stop right here! I have a confession to make. I've never played this game. I know, I know, shame on me for detailing my favorite Etrian Odyssey experience if I haven't played it. Hadn't even heard of it before yesterday...
May 25 // FlonneMcNinja

I F*cking Love Tacticals, Part Two--La Pucelle: Tactics

I will admit this. I'm a sucker for anything from NIS. I love their stuff like crazy, and they glory in their tactical mastery. So when I found a copy of this for fifteen bucks used at GameStop, of course I jumped on it. I h...
May 08 // FlonneMcNinja

If you love it, change it: Commander Keen

There are certain games and game series which I love and cherish in a manner normally reserved for the person from whom one received one's first kiss, games that I played as a child and which set me on the path of lifelong ga...
May 07 // FlonneMcNinja

I F*cking Love Tacticals, Part One--Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness

Oh my god you have no idea. Anyway. On to business. It may be noted that I am a fairly recent arrival to gaming--I only got a PS2 last year (actually, it was a Christmas present for my whole family), a DS last summer, and a...
Apr 18 // Raucketlauncher

Yet another reason to game!

Well, make it official...videogames have entered into the 2008 Beijing Olympics as a preparation tool for an athelete who is favored to win his event. This man: This is Reese Hoffa, Olympic shot putter and avid gamer. He h...
Apr 18 // Raucketlauncher

Crazy games are crazy

http://www.psxextreme.com/ps2-news/4394.html "Hot Anime Nazi Chicks Coming To PS2/PSP" Now, this is a game that to me looks like it could possibly be another exciting romp through an acid trip. I am of course currently sti...
Apr 17 // Raucketlauncher


Well, as I stated earlier I would eventually get my first post up here. This one is mildly videogame related. I am a little upset at AI so far in "next gen" games that have been released. It seems as though "next gen" refers ...
Apr 10 // Mecha Jesus

PxP 4/10/08

So this is really short notice, but my radio show with ZeroTolo, Pixel by Pixel, is about to go on, on WUMF Sorry for doing this each week! Mecha Jesus -Your Cybernetic Saviour
Apr 02 // Mecha Jesus

Perfect Party?

Okay, so this something my friends and I were kicking around the other day, and I thought was fitting for Dtoid. Granted, someone probably has already talked about this, but I think I'll ask anyways: If you could pick any 9...
Mar 27 // Mecha Jesus

PxP 03/27/08

Well, once again I stand on my little soap box and say "HEY LISTEN!" Pixel By Pixel, WUMF's only video game based radio show(and I'd wager the only video game based radio show in Maine) is on tonight, 6-8pm on WUMF! Zero T...
Mar 06 // Mecha Jesus

The Evolution of Video Game Monsters

Okay, so this was something my friends and I were kicking around one day, after playing Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, and I hope it sparks a lot of discussion: What evolutionary event causes monsters in video games to turn out...
Mar 02 // Mecha Jesus

Badass Boss Battles Part Two

Okay, so this isn't as badass as some fights we've all had, but this particular gem stands out as the reason I never finished Final Fantasy 7. I believe my copy of 7 went missing after that, and I just couldn't do it anymore...
Feb 27 // Mecha Jesus

Pixel By Pixel back on the Air!

So, as a few of you may know, ZeroTolo and myself have a radio show Thursday nights on WUMF called Pixel By Pixel(PXP). We cover all aspects of the Video Game world, be it politics, gamer culture, movies, whatever we feel ...
Feb 27 // Mecha Jesus

You know what I miss?

I miss when Lucasarts ruled the PC game world. You'd see a new game come out ever couple of months, and they'd all be fantastic. Full Throttle, Dark Forces, X-Wing, Tie Fighter, all of those classic games of my childhood, w...
Feb 25 // Mecha Jesus

Professor Layton is my Tiny Master

The title says it all. Picking it up on a whim because every one apparently has been anticipating this game, I soon found hours of my life devoted to this puzzle loving man, who's accreditation I want to see. What kind of u...
Feb 23 // Mecha Jesus

Badass Boss Battles numbah 1

So taking a cue from my blog title, I think I'll start talking about my favorite/most challenging/aggravating/cheapest boss battles. I know that this is a running bit kinda, but I'd like to do some of my own. I'm gonna pref...

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