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Apr 18 // Robert Janelle

Sequel to Infocom's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy found!

Alright, this is really cool. Somehow Oregon programmer and journalist Andy Baio has gotten his hands on a back-up of the late text adventure maker Infocom's internal network drive. While I'm sure the internal corporate m...
Apr 16 // Robert Janelle

Rock Band finally did it...

I don't know why this didn't occur to me when I was suddenly hearing that damn Dragonforce song everywhere...but it took the headline: "Geeks Save Rock" in reference to the new Motley Crue single being released on Rock Band...
Apr 10 // Robert Janelle

Forget the Wiimote, THIS game is controlled with your penis

As I type this out, I'm filled with a mixture of amusement and complete horror. The dude at Slashdong (while I love the name of the site, it's uh, unbelievably NSFW) is displaying his latest creation. He's modified a fles...
Apr 10 // Robert Janelle

Trogdor to Burninate the Wii

For some reason, I decided to head over the Homestar Runner this morning to see if there were any new games up. Well, the only thing new is some sort of comic book generator, but I couldn't help but notice another link - "W...
Mar 29 // Robert Janelle

How technology inspires immaturity

I started pondering this yesterday while reading the newspaper, the way technology seems to bring out the inner (and extremely immature) child. The article was about automating customer service and it got into trial project...
Mar 25 // Robert Janelle

8-bit worlds collide: Rom Check Fail

You know all those NOT ROMs for NOT emulators that nobody actually has...well, ever wonder what would happen if somehow the data in a collection of old 8-bit ROMs became corrupted and somehow the files merged? Neither have...
Mar 20 // Robert Janelle

Jack Thompson kills judge's fax machine

With gamers revelling in the news that every video game fan's favourite attorney has been formally sanctioned, GamePolitics has posted transcripts from the trial. One part of his cross-examination for Alabama Judge James ...
Mar 15 // Robert Janelle

Antlions: I hate those guys

Seriously, why do they have to be such dicks and keep brother down all the time? I think the only thing I hate more than antlions are jumping puzzles in first-person shooters...not wait, jumping puzzles combined with antlions...yeah!
Mar 11 // Robert Janelle

Online Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy remake

I have to say, this is pretty damn cool. The BBC Radio 4 web site has a Flash remake of Infocom's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy text adventure adaptation, considered by many of to be the best title in Infocom's catalog...
Mar 09 // Robert Janelle

Better than sex?

Spotted this on my Sunday check of PostSecret , a crazy site where people send in anonymous confessions via post card. It left me wondering how many other people are willing to admit it...
Mar 02 // Robert Janelle

Silent Hill 2 in one sitting...(plus thoughts on survival horror)

I'm not entirely sure how the conversation began, but somehow while hanging out with a friend of mine whose a massive survival-horror geek, I ended up getting forced to sit down and play Silent Hill 2...and wasn't allowed t...
Feb 23 // Robert Janelle

Toddler threatened by Elmo doll

Apparently some poor kid in Tampa Bay has had someone set his Elmo Knows Your Name doll to the evil setting. After changing the battery, two-year-old James' Elmo began blurting out "Kill James!" when squeezed. One of th...
Feb 21 // Robert Janelle

The Crowd: Weirdest "game" I've ever encountered

This "game" was forced on me a while back, but I thought of it recently for some reason and re-downloaded it. It's called The Crowd, created by Kyle Gabler, whose also responsible for Tower of Goo and the upcoming World o...
Feb 19 // Robert Janelle

GameSpot looking for a new reviews editor

So, CNET has finally put out the call to replace all review folks who've either resigned from GameSpot or you know, were fired. Of course, the job posting is missing one crucial piece from the responsibilities section: Mus...
Feb 16 // Robert Janelle

I seem to have lost a day to the Orange Box (and sympathy for my poor Intel

Um, it appears to be Sunday in the Eastern time zone and I'm not sure what happened to Saturday. I can only assume it has something to do with having finally picked up the Orange Box on Friday. I realize I'm incredibly la...
Feb 12 // Robert Janelle

Sam & Max: Night of the Raving Dead Review

(Note, there may be some minor spoilers in here, but any plot points I bring up occur very early in the game) Telltale's Games' latest installment of Sam and Max is out today, pitting the freelance police against a horde o...
Feb 11 // Robert Janelle

Apple wants to make a game console, well, remember the Pippin!

The rumors are flying this morning that Apple seems to want into the game market. The iGame perhaps? Well, the rumors have been around for some time but their recent trademark filing (which Kif points out) has reignited the...
Feb 06 // Robert Janelle

Smokers can't play Super Smash Brothers Brawl

So, apparently several unlucky saps in Japan who went out last Friday to pick up Super Smash Brothers Brawl ran home and ripped off the shrink wrap only to be greeted with an "Unable to Read Disc" error. Needless to say, gi...
Feb 06 // Robert Janelle

Good idea, bad idea: Timed missions/levels

You've taken out the final bad guy, but a self-destruct sequence has been activated on his hideout. The whole place is gonna blow in a minute and you're got to get out NOW! Still filled with adrenaline from the final boss f...
Feb 04 // Robert Janelle

Unanswered game questions: What was in the box in GTA 3?

Over the years, there have been a few video games that left me with some kind of weird mystery that still bug me. Be a plot hole, some random detail that wasn't elaborated on or the writers just plain screwing with the player...
Feb 03 // Robert Janelle

What does WoW do to people?

Over the past year, several friends and acquaintances have got into this World of Warcraft business. I thought nothing of it at first. Heck, at one point I figured I'd probably join in eventually. But then I noticed somet...
Jan 29 // Robert Janelle

What up with Nintendo and their shortages?

Seriously, Nintendo manages to run out of Wiis not for one, but two holiday seasons in a row and now it's clear there won't be enough copies of Super Smash Brothers Brawl to go around. The first Wii shortage was inevitable ...
Jan 28 // Robert Janelle

Bloody archaic storage mediums!!

I've nearly exhausted GameTap's supply of Sam and Max games and worst part about is I'm still not satisfied. No, I'm left with a hankering to bust out Sam and Max Hit the Road. It's been nearly a decade since I've touched i...
Jan 26 // Robert Janelle

Bitches don't know 'bout my Pipboy!

Got bored early and decided it was time to re-skin my Berry. Thus, I present: The Pipberry! ...okay, I'm just a nerd and I am kind of ashamed of myself now. Mock away.
Jan 23 // Robert Janelle

Memorable in-game choice: Deus Ex

Lately I've been pondering just what it is I love about video games, especially in light of all the hate they've been getting from media pundits. What the gamer-ignorant don't seem to get and what I think most of us do is t...
Jan 20 // Robert Janelle

The difficulty in finding old games

It seems odd to me that I can walk into almost any generic music store and purchase a jazz album from the 40's. Or go to Blockbuster and rent a movie from the same era. But try finding a game that's more than two year's old...
Jan 18 // Robert Janelle

My inaugural D-toid c-blog post

So, I finally decided to join this crazy crowd and for my first post, I will attempt to revive my favourite thing on the Interwebs: Michael Quest III! (Old, I know, but I used to watch it once a day...think of me what you will.)

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