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Oct 09 // Jared Ramone Burks

Capstone: Weeks 5 & 6

Last week I got my HUD designs approved to be finished, then took on the task of designing the Main Menu and its functions. This week I focused more on the drawings of the functionality of the main menu. Looking at it now,...
Oct 09 // Jared Ramone Burks

Capstone: The Rundown of Weeks 4 and 5

During this point in class we have left meta teams and now are working in feature teams which are composed of designers, artists as well as programmers to complete feature of the game in small separate teams. I've assigned my...
Oct 09 // Jared Ramone Burks

Capstone: Weeks 1 and 2

For the first week in the Capstone of Computer Simulation and Gaming(CSG) my teams Obscure Fish and Abyssive Creations combined forces to create Abysmal Ninja. They met before hand during the summer to discuss the project we'...
May 19 // Jared Ramone Burks

Woflie's Big Adventure?!?

Well it has certainly been awhile since my last update. The news is, Crux has been delayed and set aside as a future project. The scope of the project was apparently too much for the group to handle. With only a few short wee...
May 19 // Jared Ramone Burks

D&D: Final Days

I learned about D&D, how to play, what it's like to be apart of a CO-OP tabletop game. Playing and Modding the Forbidden Realms helped me see how to keep things interesting, how each game plays differently. Not just changing ...
Mar 18 // Jared Ramone Burks

Default BattleChef and Sliding Doors

Today in my D&D class, I continued to work on setting up the Default BattleChef class to level 15 with the Crustmen race. This is what we have so far: Male Crustman BattleChef Level 15 Neutral Representing Jared B Strength ...
Mar 18 // Jared Ramone Burks

Completed ObjectViewer script and Crustman's creation

Finally! I've finished the ObjectViewer script! ^_^ Added it to the build, fixed a camera issue where the camera wasn't looking at the object and was just zooming in(field of view). The solution to the problem was parenting t...
Mar 18 // Jared Ramone Burks

Specter NPC and Zoom Script

For this week, in my D&D class, I've been working on creating my enemy NPC(non-player character) that I have named the SPECTER. As its name indicates, it is a ghost like character that takes on characteristics of a ghost or p...
Feb 12 // Jared Ramone Burks

That Week Three

Alright, so this week, I'm grieved to say I missed VICOM 133 and 129 :( I was very ill and couldn't make it to class on Monday. Given a summery on what went down, I guess for 133 my team played through another mission, where ...
Feb 12 // Jared Ramone Burks

Week 2

Ok so continuing from last week...In 133 I choose to be an elf cleric, being a hybrid healer and damage dealer. We started playing our first mission in D&D. With a team consisting of mostly ranged characters, healers and 1 me...
Jan 27 // Jared Ramone Burks


Hey there fellow gamers, long time no howdy. Where have I been the last 8 months you ask? Oh just living life and experiencing all the lovely challenges that come with it. My schedule became overloaded with school and work, s...
May 16 // Jared Ramone Burks

A brief summary of the last month

So this is my last week of the semester at school. Tomorrow I'll be presenting all my writings, but before that I need to write about everything that's happened since my last post. For VICOM110 we our feedback on our design d...
Apr 07 // Jared Ramone Burks

Update on journey to be a game programmer

What's up everyone, it's been awhile since I last wrote on here, forgive me for that but here's the scoop. Since my last post, I have been working on those two games; from VICOM 110, I have been just updating my team's design...
Mar 05 // Jared Ramone Burks

Game school

Greetings fellow gamers and or game enthusiast. Its been about two weeks since I last posted; I know you were all eager to read about my experiences and I'm sorry that I've kept you waiting. Well since my last post I have bee...
Feb 26 // Jared Ramone Burks

Game Development Class: Week 6

Hello everyone, Jared here with the scoop on game development as a student. So last week I had my test in vicom117. It was on writing loops in pseudo code and explaining what an example program's functions were. I think I did...
Feb 21 // Jared Ramone Burks

Game Development Class: Week 5

I am now into my sixth week of my computer simulation and gaming classes. But this is a summary of all of the fifth week. For the first game class of the week, VICOM117, we went over loop statement in programming; More specif...
Feb 09 // Jared Ramone Burks

Game Development Class: Week 4

Hey everyone, so this is the fourth week into my courses. I didn't specify my classes before and the order in which I go through them each week, so to get that out of the way, For my first class of the week Logic in gaming(VI...
Feb 05 // Jared Ramone Burks

Cool Virtual DJ Site

Hey everyone, I just wanted to show you this cool site my teacher shared with me and the class. It's turntable.fm I don't know how new it is but its new to me. You can join a room and listen to other people's music and wait t...
Feb 02 // Jared Ramone Burks

Game Development Class: Week 3

Greetings fellow gamers, today I'll be going over what I did yesterday and today in my gaming classes. Yesterday was my Logic in Gaming class, which is basically going over pseudo scripting, and applying logic to making games...
Jan 30 // Jared Ramone Burks

First Blog Ever

Hello everyone and thanks for viewing my blog. This is technically my first blog so forgive me if its a bit unorthodox. For starters, My name is Jared but you can call me Bravo(my gamertag). I'm 18 years old and I have been a...

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