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Cblog recaps of 02/25/15 and SMASH-ISMS

It's been an official week as cblog co-manager and I've come to realize something: Andy picked the right guy for the job because I like to edit papers and see them promoted. I don't have the credibility or necessary st...   more

Cblog recaps of 02/25/15 and SMASH-ISMS

The Cblog Fapcast episode 20 - I can't believe it's not Pisstoid with Nanashi

This week's episode features a lot of new stuff. Crossover with another podcast for example, with Nanashi of PStoid fame who is also a Recap Reservist. Official acknowledgement with my promotion to cblog co-manager. For...   more

Cblogs of 02/23/2015 + Bad posting habits-isms!

It's been a while since I last did one of these. I don't really feel comfortable about sharing why yet, but let's just say that I've been deeply worried about a bunch of real life stuff recently. I have been trying to m...   more

Cblogs of 2/22/2015 + Panda-isms!

Tonight I'm doing something totally different with recaps - I'm posting from an actual, fully-functioning computer with high-speed internet access! And I'm going to get this recap up just past midnight EST this time! Ha...   more

Cblogs of 2/21/15 - Order (1886) in the court! Impressions here!

So, since my friend has purchased for his shiny PS4, I got a chance to experience the game for myself (he also let me buy the "Galahad under fire" figure off of him, and it's actually quite detailed and heavy for the e...   more

Cblogs of 2/20/15 + Sentimental Theisms

Alas, another Friday is in the books, and here I am, up-and-atom and drinking my coffee while bringing you the recaps. This is my normal Saturday morning routine. Wake up, make breakfast, post the recap, head to the gy...   more

Cblogs of 02/19/15 + 99 Shadeisms

We've got a lot of blogs lined up today. I hope they’re good ones, because this will take a while.[EDIT: Yes, they were good ones]Much like last week, there’s only so much to –ism about. But the big thi...   more

Cblog recaps of 02/18/15 and PUNCH-OUT!!

Like any other week for me, this past week has seen a distinct lack of sleep, time, and general free time. So now in addition to work and school, I now have a compulsion as cblog co-manager to pick out good stuff for F...   more

Cblogs of 02/17/2015 + Tanned Scriptisms

Greetings, dear readers. How did you enjoy your holidays? Here in Brazil we didn’t commemorate Valentine’s Day (that’s on June) or Presidents Day, but Carnival. It’s a big tradition in my country...   more


What's up you beautiful bastards? It's been a long time since I sat in the recap chair, let's see if I can still remember how to do this. First up, MEGA CONGRATS to Strider for his recent promotion. Game recognizes gam...   more

Cblogs of 2/15/15 + WINTER STORM 2015-isms!

Since I still live in North Carolina, I know the supposed "threat" of snow is pretty much on par with the promises of Peter Molyneux - most of the time, Old Man Winter just doesn't make with the goods. When it does happ...   more

Cblogs of 2/15/15 + WINTER STORM 2015-isms!

Cblog of 2/9/15 + Scary Diablo-isms

The loft that I live in is going to the dogs, and even though that's nothing new, allegedly this time it's a little more serious. See we got blasted with a pretty windy Winter this year, the wind has been much stronger a...   more

Cblogs of 2/14/15 - Why didn't I buy it!?

I failed as a gamer this Friday: I had a bit of money, so I went to Best Buy to buy something. As we know, this week saw the release of two amazing Nintendo 3DS titles: and . Although I only had enough to buy one of th...   more

Cblogs of 2/14/15 - Why didn't I buy it!?

Cblog Recaps PODGASMS: January 2015

Yo Dtoid and welcome to a first entry in “Podgasms” - a complement to the new Monthly recaps but with podcasts. The best of the month out of the community that is applied directly to the ears. I am nothing if...   more

Cblogs of 2/13/15 + Theisms: Sweep the Leg Edition

In honor of Valentine's Day, it only seems appropriate to talk about one of the greatest love stories in all of cinema. Just kidding, I'm going to talk about The Karate Kid. I arrived home yesterday after a long day to...   more

Cblogs of 2/13/15 + Theisms: Sweep the Leg Edition

Cblogs of 12/02/15 + Single Shadeisms

I don’t suppose I have a lot to –ism about today. My new internship is still eating away a lot of my time, so the amount of video games I can play is fairly limited. I did find some time to improve my ranking...   more

Cblog recaps of 02/11/15 and VALENTINE-ISMS

  I will gladly announce this because we all know it's not a crime: I went through my local used video game stores and stripped mined them for Club Nintendo reg leaflets. That's right. But there's so much good stuf...   more

Cblogs of 02/10/2015 + Mischief!

Today I’m going to talk about a videogame that I treasure, but first I need to let something out of me first. Ghhhhhhhnnnnnnnn. Ah, there. Much better. Now with that poop joke out of the way, I have something impo...   more

The Cblog Fapcast episode 19 - High as a robot with Lemon Buster

Do you like it when people talk about video games and community? Well have I got a deal for you in this specially SEO-friendly episode of the Fapcast. Hyper Lemon Buster Cannon aka Professo...   more

Cblogs of 2-8-2015 + Things and stuff!

Well, its been an interesting February so far. There was a Super Bowl, Amiibo shortages, Nintendo doing stupid things with Youtube monetization, Youtube personalities being stupid and pretentious/presumptous back at Nin...   more

Cblogs of 2/7/15 - The Curse of a Creator

So last week, I just started taking a Creative Writing course at my local community college, and even though we only met twice, it feels like a double-edge sword to me: on one hand, I love writing, and it's supposed to ...   more

Cblogs of 2/6/15 + Theisms: I'll Miss You, Club Nintendo

First off, just wanted to say thank you to everyone that provided feedback on my new ventures into video content. For a first try, I knew that it was decent, but I was pleased to see how many of you said you enjoyed it...   more

Cblogs of 02/05/15 + Fierce Deity Tingle-isms

Some IRL first: this week I started an internship. As of now I’m a legal intern for the Dutch company that owns and maintains our gas network. It’s a really good place to be! They’re having me work on a...   more

Cblog Recaps of 02/04/15 and STEAMY PIKMIN CARDS

I wasn't so sure of Codename S.T.E.A.M. at first. Also, it's a total pain to style it correctly so I'm referring to it as Steam and not an acronym, even if it confuses it with the platform. But thankfully, this new IP ...   more

Cblogs of 02/03/15 + Sixty-Fourisms

Guys. I bought a Nintendo 64 guys. I couldn’t resist it! Reacquiring a N64 has been a wet dream of mine for a few years now, and this time I finally succumbed to temptation. The version I bought is just the good o...   more

Cblogs of 02/02/2015 + Monty...

I'm a little busy this week so I don't really have much of a story or something to share to you today. However, I do want to take this time to honor one very talented person...Happy Birthday Monty | kishibojin [pixiv] Hi...   more

Cblogs of 2/1/2015 + Sharkisms!

I sometimes wonder what it would be like if my childhood really was destructable. To hear some people say it, Micheal Bay is a childhood demolitionist but I think he's really just a guy that loves explosions like JJ Abr...   more

Kitten Bowl v. Puppy Bowl Stream NOW!

Hey everybody! The Kitten Bowl and Puppy Bowl streams are starting soon! Hop on in and enjoy the fun! Schedule Kitten Bowl: 11am CST / 12am EST Puppy Bowl: 2pm CST / 3pm EST If you miss the show, don't worry, I'll be doing repeats of both shows after their initial airings ALL DAY!   more

Kitten Bowl v. Puppy Bowl Stream NOW!

Cblogs of 1/31/15 - "If I'm the Receiver... what does that make you?"

"I guess that makes me... 'The Giver'". I haven't done much gaming this week, having to get two projects for class done by Thursday as well as tending to the pet project "Comments of the Week". First off, I'm happy "Com...   more

Cblogs of 1/30/15 + Theisms: Kayfabe Edition

Yesterday, Dtoid alumnus Anthony Burch announced he was leaving Gearbox to pursue new writing ventures. Naturally, we wish him all the luck in the world. His story gives people like myself hope. People who would love n...   more

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