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Here's just the tip of what's coming your way, HUGE members

As of last month, I have officially taken over the task of making your HUGE memberships something worth dropping $3/month on again. That started with a fun new "Bonus Levels" monthly newsletter (new issue out tomor...   more

Here's just the tip of what's coming your way, HUGE members

Bbain's 2014 gaming awards!

Hello everyone! 2014 was a great year for me as far as gaming went. There were so many awesome games I played this year, that I couldn't bring myself to pick only 10 games to talk about. So this year, I decided to forgo ...   more

Dreamweaver's Personal Picks for Game of the Year 2014

Well, 2014 happened. didn't set the world on fire, unless you count the sparks that flew from everyone grinding. , as pretty good as it is, shouldn't be the last thing to Shinji Mikami's legacy. was probably one of th...   more

Cblogs of 12/20/14 - Sick in Both Senses of the Word

I just had sex with an old woman to help the Inquistion. Okay, let me explain the context. In , there's a side-quest that requires you to gain the help of a noble. However, the woman doesn't initially want to help you b...   more

Cblogs of 12/20/14 - Sick in Both Senses of the Word

Cblogs of 12/19/14 + Theisms: Cookies and Die Hard Edition

Oh man...I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it. Christmas is only five days away. FIVE. DAYS. AWAY! I may be a physically gigantic man, but the way I get around Christmas makes me seem like a elementary school child....   more

Cblogs of 12/18/14 + Shadeisms

Not a lot to talk about this week I'm afraid. It's been pretty uneventful. Last Tuesday at 7PM I finished my final exam here at George Washington U. It was a 24 take-home exam that I worked on for about 18. I slept for a...   more

Christmas Listenin' - A Seasonal Top 5

Every year Winter makes its dynamic entry; lights and decorations, snow, joy, everything is the same as before only fifty degrees colder. One of the biggest events of Winter is the holiday season, and to me personally th...   more

Christmas Listenin' - A Seasonal Top 5

Xbox FNF: Another Week, Another Christmas Special

Last week was Christmas movies, this week is TV specials. This is the last FNF before Christmas so this is the last time you're going to have to deal with me talking about Christmas specials for the last time until next...   more

Xbox FNF: Another Week, Another Christmas Special

Cblog Recaps of 12/17/14 and AMIIBO-ISMS

Ho ho ho, the sweet release of death The holidays are truly upon me now. In a week, I'll be up until at least 3:30AM closing Disney California Adventure, I'll be Christmas shopping, receiving gifts, driving everywhere, ...   more

Cblog Recaps of 12/17/14 and AMIIBO-ISMS

Cblogs of 12/16/2014 + Harry Potter and The Hobbit spoilers

Note: This blog contains spoilers for both the Harry Potter series and The Hobbit After many years, I have finally read the last Harry Potter book. This has been quite a long journey, as being an adult in my early twent...   more

Cblogs of 12/16/2014 + Harry Potter and The Hobbit spoilers

Threaks and the nice side of Gaming

Given that I am not employed by Destructoid, there should be no conflict in this particular piece. I am also not paid by or engage in lude acts with Threaks. Though I do engage in raunchy times with German beer.  T...   more

Cblogs of 12-14-2014 + Superheroine-isms!

As I type this today, I am trying to solve the mystery of how I keep cutting my left index finger on things. It happened a few times in the same day and I don't know how and its making typing this mildly frustrating, to...   more

Cblogs of 12-14-2014 + Superheroine-isms!

Cblogs of 12/13/14 - Boom Goes the Inquisition

This week, I've been spending more time with than . I haven't forgetten about the latter, I promise! It's just I heard that, after a certain event happens in the former, that the game starts to hit its stride, and I w...   more

Cblogs of 12/13/14 - Boom Goes the Inquisition

Cblogs of 12/12/14 + Theisms: Steamworld Edition

Man, this was one uneventful week for me. I did manage to get the last of my Christmas shopping done for my wife. I took a mental inventory of everything that I got her and realized that I, despite being 29-years-old a...   more

Cblogs of 12/12/14 + Theisms: Steamworld Edition

A Memoir for my Hall of Fame Team

Dawwwwwwww! This is old news, but I recently beat Omega Ruby two weeks ago. The game itself was pretty amazing and met almost all of my expectations, but that's a blog for another time. What I'm writing today is a fictit...   more

Xbox FNF: 'Tis the Season

This has always been my favorite time of year.  Every year I always watch the same holiday themed movies and the classic TV shows.  I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff.   Two of my favorite Christmas movi...   more

Xbox FNF: 'Tis the Season

Cblogs of 12/04 + 12/11/14 + "We're breaking an unbreakable Nazi Shade"-isms

Sorry about last week you guys. I was (am) in the middle of finals, so I spent most of last week studying without much time to work on my caps. Alternatively, I could be talking out of my ass because there was something ...   more

Cblog Recaps of 12/10/14 and GUILTY STRIDERISMS

The end of 2014 is quickly coming upon us and I'm only just now realizing that I'm not sure how I'm going to compose my list. I hardly played any topical games on my 360 back when I had it during most of the year. And ...   more

Cblogs of 12/09/14 + Run-of-the-mill Scriptisms

Bayonetta 2 is AMAZING! I just started playing it this week after recently beating Bayonetta 1, and wow, the sequel really is better than the first game! Almost everything is improved: the combat feels more fluid, the g...   more

Cblogs of 12-7-2014 + Pixie-isms!

It has been a while since I posted about any of my weird dreams because there haven't been many memorable ones of late. Sunday was an exception since my mind saw fit to come up with some really weird shit and most of it...   more

Cblogs of 12/06/14 - Girl Meets Nostalgic Dreamgasms

I'm still playing , so I'm still crawling through dungeons trying to make it to the end with my squad. I gotta say, while the combat system is still as good as its been, I guess the repetition of gearing up, going out, ...   more

Cblogs of 12/06/14 - Girl Meets Nostalgic Dreamgasms

Cblogs of 12/5/14 + Theisms: 19 Days Until Christmas Edition

So remember a couple weeks back when I talked about how my wife got really sick and I had to take care of her for a couple of days? Well, that happened to me this week, but it only happened for, like, 12 hours. That, c...   more

Cblogs of 12/5/14 + Theisms: 19 Days Until Christmas Edition

Let's keep enhancing the Pokemon series!

I played a ton of Pokemon Alpha Sapphire this week, and it's quickly become my favorite Pokemon game ever! I've been loving the changes they've been making to the Pokemon games with X/Y and OR/AS. They've been adding wa...   more

Cblog Recaps of 12/03/14 and POKE-DROUGHTISMS

For a few months now, California had been declared in a warning state for drought. Living in civilized society tends to make me forget that I live in what used to be and still is a desert. A hundred years, where I live...   more

Cblogs of 12/02/2014 + Non-Specific Scriptisms

I’m so close to getting a job, guys. Last time I updated you, I was preparing to participate in the final stage of two job interviews. I was to participate in a group dynamic and, if I passed, I would have an inte...   more

C-Blogs Secret Santa starts now!

Ok, I'm back. Let's do this! First of, due to Steam's new policy on trading games, we'll no longer push through with the "secret" part of this little gift giving activity. While rules on gifting remain remain uncha...   more

Cblogs of 11/30/2014 + More Panopticon-isms!

I've been getting the Sunday recaps in a little late these last few weeks, but then, the whole last week was full of family, birthday dinners (yay for me getting older), Thanksgiving, gaming, that Black Friday thing an...   more

Short Story: Love Over Time

I met her when I was just setting out on my journey around the region. She was a scared little girl, attempting hiding her face whenever I glanced her way. I slowly approached her with an arm extended as though to offer ...   more

the "once great" Gamestop

It's funny to me how the Games stop with Gamestop! Ok that was lame, but it's an already lame and tired topic that I want to talk about today so why not be appropriate about it: Gamestop sucks. Well I just noticed ok! No...   more


Cblogs of 11/29/14 - Dreamgasming over Persona Q!

Like my fellow recapper , I too have been playing the recently released , and I'm having a blast! However, unlike her, this is my first foray into -style of gaming, and as such, my inexperience has been a bit overwhelmi...   more

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