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Jul 31 // wutangclam

On Subversive Multiplayer (or how I learned to re-love online gaming)

Earlier this year, I had a fascination with Crypt of the Necrodancer. I bought the game on a whim because I had an empty weekend in front of me. A couple hours after installing it, and I was hooked. Crypt of the Nec...
Jul 24 // Occams

Occam Thoughts: Quagmire

Ever get overwhelmed by choices?  350 channels and nothing to watch. A library of books, games and movies and nothing strikes your fancy. So what do you do? What helps you scratch that itch for entertainment when every t...
Jul 14 // Occams

Occam Thoughts: Little Moments

Quick note before you read: I tried to make the photos appear at the regular size but had no luck. In the interest of time and my growing frustration I present to you the blog with the monster photos.  Hello everyone.&nb...
Jul 14 // wutangclam

Clowns, Cage, and Fears

Apologies if this is showing up in the feed a second time, I'm not really sure what happened but anyway...   I have two main fears in life: clowns and David Cage games. Thankfully, I’ve managed to live a quarter of...
Jul 13 // wutangclam

Heroes Get Remembered, Legends Never Die

A couple of months ago, a fellow writer and I were discussing how fortunate the collective gaming world is in regards to its creators and their respective legacies. “We’re lucky,” he told me, “that mos...
Jul 10 // wutangclam

What We Talk About When We Talk About Loving Video Games

Sometimes I feel extraordinarily lucky. Other times I feel like a lost pet, confused about where I am but never knowing where I went wrong. I’m twenty-five years old, an age that would have scared me for a long time. No...
Jul 03 // wutangclam

Better With Age: Psychonauts

It might have been a yellow, goggle-sporting youth that changed my life. It also could have been a deranged security guard. Or a defeatist descendant of a legendary conqueror. Perhaps it was the allure of summer camp, or ment...
Jun 30 // wutangclam

Convention Coverage: An Afternoon at Too Many Games

Tinkerbell stood next to me as I burned my cigarette down to its filter. She looked frustrated, her time divided between irritated looks at the rainy parking lot and texting with the dual-thumbed fury of a person whose patien...
Jun 26 // Occams

Occam Thoughts: Tears of Joy

I am going to cash in some Destructoid cred here and write not only a short blog but also one that has nothing to do with video games.  You will forgive me but in my excitement I can't contain myself.     ...
Jun 13 // Handy

E3 Bingo: Where Dreams Come to Die

E3 is upon us once again, and so too are ridiculous predictions. Having exhausted every form of divination available in past years – tarot cards, coins, magic 8 balls – I was left with either the last resort...
Jun 08 // Luna Sy

May I have a word with you, Jonathan Holmes?

I didn't want to bring back my blog this way. I’m not the type of person who likes to swear. Not because I want to come off as some sort of innocent, goody two-shoes type of character, but simply because the &...
Jun 07 // wutangclam

Dark Souls 3: Leaks, Annualization and General Thoughts

Video game hopes and dreams are built upon leaks and rumors. The games industry is notoriously leaky, with insiders regularly tipping off journalists and media outlets about upcoming projects or close-lipped drama. This...
Jun 04 // wutangclam

Splatoon's Six Life Lessons

Splatoon is a really good game. I bought a Wii U earlier this week just to check it out and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. Being both a kid and a squid is a magical experience that has led me down an inky ...
May 20 // wutangclam

How to Talk About Video Games with Normal People - Publishers

I have a handful of friends that know nothing about video games. For whatever reason, they don’t have much of an interest in the industry. Some of them play a few titles each year, often based on my recommenda...
May 16 // wutangclam

Take Me Out to the Role-playing Game

With The Witcher 3 on the horizon, I have been thinking about role-playing games a lot. I’ve been spending a lot of time playing ArcaniA – The Complete Tale on my PS4 in order to drop a review next week, reli...
May 12 // wutangclam

Cheat codes, price tags and the gaming industry's evolution

Let’s get one thing out of the way first: Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night looks great. Almost every bit of the game that we’ve seen so far exudes a stylish vibe that, when mixed with Igarashi’s creati...
May 10 // wutangclam

Band of Bloggers - Have Heart, Will Listen

  "She dreams of freedom, and the decks of whaling ships fast after the beasts at sea. But alas, she is a woman." Plenty of video games allow you to steal. Games, stemming from darkly lit Dungeons and Dragons sessions, t...
May 08 // wutangclam

Survival and crafting peaked in 1999

Crafting and survival are two of the most popular terms in 2015’s video game lexicon. Each week brings the gaming world a new game built around crafting and surviving in an open world. Be it on a hostile island, a ...
May 08 // Steven Hansen

4 years of Destructoid: Mushy words from an about-videogames writer

('dis an anniversary post, not a goodbye post!)   Hello friends and sex bots. Four years it’s been now. Two as Features Editor. Long time, eh? When I started with Destructoid -- May of 2011! -- United States ...
May 06 // wutangclam

Good Things In Bad Games - The Crew

Time for some more Good Things in Bad Games goodness. If you didn’t check out the inaugural entry, go ahead and do that now. I’ll wait. Really. Anyway, today I’m going to be talking about a game that i...
May 04 // wutangclam

Good Things In Bad Games - Borderlands

The best part about the internet is that I have always found it to be a place that people can freely express their opinions and engage in conversation with others quickly and civilly. We can all thank Al Gore for this un...
May 04 // Occams

Hello, I'm Occams. Ask me a Question

I have enjoyed the past Ask Me Anything blogs posted by good and kindly folks.  So I would like to embrace this moment and put it to you, fair reader, to ask me a question.  It can be about anything, video game related or not.  I am an open book.  An open book with pages stuck together and coffee ring stains on the cover.  So fire away.  I am here for you.
May 01 // wutangclam

You Don't Want a New Tony Hawk's Pro Skater

Well, it looks like The Birdman hasn’t retired his digital skateboard quite yet. Recently, the gaming world was abuzz with rumors and speculations regarding the kind of, sort ofconfirmed Tony Hawk’s Pro Skate...
Apr 30 // wutangclam

I (inadvertently) stole one of my favorite games

I spent most of the PlayStation 1 era obsessed with Japanese role-playing games. I blame Final Fantasy VII, mostly, since it was the first game I ever bought with my own money, causing it to become the standard by which ...
Apr 24 // wutangclam

Westerado: Double Barreled | The Lonesome Crowded West

It’s difficult to think about the Wild West without some notion of romanticism. Despite the notoriously rough conditions of frontier life, cowboys, bandits and their ilk have become engrained in American culture, l...
Apr 13 // wutangclam

Daydreaming: Bushido Blade Meets Dark Souls

I spend a lot of time in school not really paying attention. The majority of my academic week is focused on workshops and critiques, generally giving me a lot of time to space out and think about anything other than what...
Apr 13 // Occams

Occams Thoughts: Mortal Kombat DLC Characters

Mortal Kombat X comes out this week.  The game looks fun in that "Steven Segal direct to video" sort of way and I’m looking forward to experiencing the story later this week the game arrives from Gamefly....
Apr 11 // wutangclam

I have no furniture and I must write.

I've been going stir crazy today, sitting in a near empty apartment, waiting for a group of movers to arrive and unload furniture. I can't wait. I just want a place to sit down. The internet and cable finally got set up...
Apr 09 // Occams

Occam Thoughts: Cream in My Coffee

It’s a slow day here on Destructoid and in the waking world.  It’s nice when things slow down but sometimes the quiet gets to be a little too much.  So you try to fill the quiet with sound.  So...
Apr 06 // wutangclam

Skateboarding shaped my taste in video games (pt.1): Useless Wooden Toys

I have been playing video games since I was five years old. I have worked in and around the skateboarding industry since I was seventeen. Bar none, skateboarding and video games are my two favorite things in the world. I...

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