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NVGR: Watching YouTube through the Rear Window

I watch a lot of YouTube on a regular basis, but since I've busted up my foot and find myself sitting around home all day, my dosage level has skyrocketed to Keith Richards-esq proportions. Som...   more

NVGR: Watching YouTube through the Rear Window

God help me, I read some MechWarrior books

I have a slap-slap-kiss-kiss relationship with the franchise. is a game I keep returning to even though I find it ridiculously underdeveloped and often completely frustrating to play. The un...   more

Burn everything, play in the ashes: What games should learn from Risk: Legacy

I haven't played since high school and I hadn't been interested to try it again since. But then again, regular old never had mech-suits and bear-riding future Vikings did it? Enter , which up...   more

Sweet Spanish booty: and other reasons why Capcom will never go broke

Capcom has finally laid out the release dates for the latest update/expansion of . More importantly, they've more or less finalized the change list, the little tweaks and nudges made to bring t...   more

Fuck the police! Anti-authoritarian games I have loved/hated

is coming out in a week, and I'm just not that terribly excited. But I should be. is the game I would have designed back in high school, back when I tried to paint in my -esq one-dimension...   more

Shifting through the ashes: The last secrets of Dark Souls

In an effort to keep myself sane as I wait for the PC release of (an idea that sounded good in my head a month ago, but has ended in nothing but jealousy and self directed rage since), I've be...   more

Titanfall Review: Bury me in my robot

I never got down with , the franchise Respawn's lead designers turned into a juggernaut before their messy public split with Infinity Ward. The heady fumes of dude-bro machismo associated with ...   more

Titanfall Review: Bury me in my robot

Wrench's Indie Game Love Giveaway - Winner

There are two kinds of ways of looking at love. The first is the kind espoused by the Beatles. This is the kind of feelgood generalized love that binds us together as a society, lifts us spirit...   more

Wrench's Indie Game Love Giveaway - Winner

Wrench's Indie Game Love Giveaway!

A few months ago, I held a game giveaway to celebrate my favourite holiday, Halloween. Now I'm throwing one to celebrate a holiday I have a considerably more complicated relationship with V...   more

My Characters Know How to Take A Beating

I've heard fighting games described as speed chess with punches. When you boil them down, fighting games are essentially a series of choices. They play out insanely fast, and you may not even r...   more

Wrenchfarm's Best of 2013

2013 was a weird year in gaming. Old consoles winding down, new consoles stumbling out of the gate, and Steam growing bigger, stronger, and all the time. According to all the previews, we have t...   more

Risk Of Rain Review: The Deluge

Harkening back to the day of the 8 and 16-bit platformer, is deliberately inscrutable roguelike that relishes in its masochistic difficulty curve. Skipping any kind of pretense of a tutorial...   more

Risk Of Rain Review: The Deluge

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Donate your body to science Winner!

OfPWpEKhgfk Last Friday I put out the call, looking for brave Destructoiders willing to defend Earth in our most desperate hour. Willing to go to any length to defeat the alien aggressors, to sa...   more

XCOM: Enemy Unknown  Donate your body to science Winner!

Win XCOM: Enemy Unknown! Donate your body to science

As you might know from the , I am a BIG fan of . I thought it was one of the best games I've played this year. And now I want to spread the alien blasting love. That's why I'm giving you the ...   more

Win XCOM: Enemy Unknown! Donate your body to science

Review: XCOM: Enemy Within

was my personal GOTY of 2012. Firaxis managed to do what seemed like an impossible task, reinventing the classic masochistic strategy franchise for a new generation, while staying true to its ...   more

Review: XCOM: Enemy Within

Massive Deal At Future Shop this weekend: AC4, CoD:Ghosts, or BF4 Free

I NEVER do this, but I have to post this super short spammy blog before I got off to work tonight, my Canadian brothers in frost need to know about this. Apparently, this weekend between the 8...   more

Massive Deal At Future Shop this weekend: AC4, CoD:Ghosts, or BF4 Free

Wrench's Spooky Halloween Steam Give Away WINNER!

v4IC7qaNr7I After writing each of the names of people who entered on a tiny scroll bound with human hair and casting them into a Jack O' Lantern with a spoopy ghost carved into it, I recited the...   more

Wrench's Spooky Halloween Steam Give Away BONUS! (Updated!)

Halloween is just about upon us and so are the results of my But much like the psycho killer in a slasher flick, just when you thought it was over, the undead corpse of my contest has sprung t...   more

Wrench's Spooky Halloween Steam Give Away BONUS! (Updated!)

Wrench's Halloween Steam Give Away!

CtgYY7dhTyE Halloween is just about my favourite time of the year. Talk about the perfect holiday, you get dressed up in whatever you want, eat a shit ton of candy, and maybe go to a party and g...   more

My gaming story: The Italian, the wimp, and the scientist

Videogames were an alien concept to me until the Christmas of 1989. Actually, to be completely honest, it was the Boxing Day of 1989. The traditional tag-along commercial holiday honouring the ...   more

To fly through space

The glossy 22 page reads more like a testament of faith than a sales pitch. The evangelical copy boasts the vehicle's impressive performance benchmarks and gushes over the many luxury features...   more

E3 Was Pretty Freaking Awesome

E3 this year was rad. Seriously, I can't remember the last time I was this engaged and excited by an E3 conference. The last few years on the tail-end of our current generation, E3 has felt c...   more

E3 2013: Bring back the love

It's been a bummer lately hasn't it? The Wii U was a bit of a disappointment, the internet has been on fire over the Xbox One's inscrutable DRM schemes, and it seems like there's been a differe...   more

Naked inflatable man: Dtoid sent me stuff!

About two months ago I got a message from Andy asking me what shirt size I wear, that Niero wanted to send me a little something for all the "badass blogging" I've done. Cool! A free Dtoid shir...   more

Violence: I want to have control

Before last weekend, I could honestly say that I've never walked out on a movie. That was before I went to see . I'm not going to sugar coat it or try to defend my delicate ego, I couldn't h...   more

Reborn for a new generation: Games that need a next-gen reboot

In the new generation of consoles, reboots and reinventions are in, and sequel numbers have become passe. Chopping off the number at the end of the title and adding a colon or subtitled to a ...   more

Asymmetrical Balance: The Spider and the Scout

The Spider is the most recent addition to the garage in . And people hate it. "It's useless. It sucks. Every other mech is better, pls buff it noa." Balance is a tricky thing in multiplaye...   more

Wrenchfarm's Best of 2012

It's easy to be a snob. It's easy to write 2012 off as a dud year in gaming. I mean hey, the consoles are winding down, releases are drying up, the Wii U landed rocky, and this was another year w...   more

The meaning of N.I.C

So I wanted to participate in this latest meme sweeping the toid. Turns out my name is associated with some racially charged slang that I just can't live up too. I'll just be sadly walking down ...   more

The meaning of N.I.C

Stompy Stompy: A new players introduction to Mechwarrior Online

is a game where 16 giant stompy robots fight each other to the death with laser guns and cannons that fire shells the size of an average family sedan. If that image tickles your heart, you owe...   more

Stompy Stompy: A new players introduction to Mechwarrior Online

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