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Community  Long Blog:
mikewa . Jul 08

OUYA: The Ultimate Girlfriend Game Machine?

If you enjoy games then I'm sure you want your significant other to do so as well. Playing together is fun. If you found someone already into games then great, but most gamers will admit that is the exception of relationship...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Snealiv . Feb 17

Starting Over: How I got "fired" from Press2Reset

Yesterday I was let go from my volunteer writing job at Press2Reset. I know that I probably shouldn't complain about a prior "employer", but my emotions are running high and I needed somewhere to vent. I want to preface this...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Snealiv . Jan 12

Challenges facing the Nvidia Shield

While the internal specs for the new Nvidia Shield are impressive, the device faces a significant uphill battle if it wants to be a worthy contender in the handheld market. The Shield needs to out sell the Vita...while mar...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Snealiv . Dec 31

Dear Mr. Sports Fan

Dear Mr. Sports Fan, One of us is weird, the other normal. The same media idolized one and vilifies the other. You may not know it, but we are just like you. So please stop treating us like some kind of cultural stain. Sincerely, Gaming Fans   0

Community  Long Blog:
Snealiv . Dec 30

A Year in Pictures

As they say, a picture can tell a thousand words, and each of these pictures tells one of the major gaming stories of 2012. Picture of Target store shelves at 10 p.m. on WiiU launch day. Bioware changes game ending afte...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Snealiv . Dec 25

Pour One Out: Wasted Potential of Mass Effect 3's Multiplayer

When I originally started the Pour One Out series, my plan was to spotlight various multiplayer games with interesting concepts that failed to find an audience. Multiplayer games or modes that at least tried to make some kind...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Community  Long Blog:
Snealiv . Dec 10

Pour One Out: Super Monday Night Combat

The Game: Super Monday Night Combat Release Date: April 19 2012 Super Monday Night Combat, sequel to the moderately popular XBLA game Monday Night Combat, was one of the first major attempts to bring first-person-shooter el...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Snealiv . Dec 06

2012: The Dangers of Exploration [Spelunky]

I skid to a stop inches from a ledge, guided only by the feint glow of my torch. I've been in this section for far too long, the ghost will show up any minute and negate all my progress. It's too late to turn back and look fo...   0

Community  Long Blog:
mikewa . Dec 03

PS All-Stars: A Short Commentary | The Game and a boy named Spike

PlayStation All-Stars has been one of my most anticipated games of 2012. Its also one of the few games I bought day one this year; the others being Borderlands 2 and Black Ops II. In short it has both exceeded my expectations...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Snealiv . Dec 03

The Gamer Stereotype

I have this big secret in my life that, up until recently, I’ve never really felt comfortable sharing with others. I say ‘secret’, but there were definite signs. Glimpses of my lifestyle occasionally slipped through the crac...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Snealiv . Dec 03

Metro 2033 Impressions Journal (In Progress)

I've started a new series of blog entries that I'm going to call Impressions Journals. In these articles, I will keep a faux journal of sorts in a stream of consciousness style as I'm playing through a game. It's very much a ...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Community  Long Blog:
Snealiv . Dec 01

Colour Bind Video Review

A video review of the Indie puzzle/platformer Colour Bind. Colour Bind is available on Steam for $9.99.   0

Community  Long Blog:
Snealiv . Dec 01

Giving Up: How ADD helps me critique games

I have never finished a Zelda game. The Zelda formula loses its appeal over the course of a 40+ hour adventure, and I stop playing after reaching a point of contentment with the game's story and mechanics. Each new Zelda ga...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Snealiv . Nov 30

Why THQ's Stock Bump Isn't Cause for Celebration

On Thursday THQ released their own Humble Bundle, a collection of AAA games sold together in a pack at a pay-what-you-want price. Later that day the THQ stock received a 40 percent boost to 1.61, which is quite impressive for...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Community  Long Blog:
Snealiv . Nov 18

My Girlfriend's Adventure into Gaming Black Markets

People often think of micro-transactions as small amounts of money spent on game items such-as powerful swords and character outfits. The most profitable free-to-play games optimize their gameplay and pricing structure to squ...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Community  Long Blog:
mikewa . Apr 17

Collaboration: Battle Stadium: D.O.N vs. PlayStation All-Stars

Companies SCE Santa Monica Eighting Q Entertainment Backup team:Q Games and Capcom. Why Them SCE Santa Monica: Because they get shit done. They also have collaborated with numerous other studios in the past with success...   0

Community  Long Blog:
mikewa . Apr 10

Dreaming: The Compilation

Dreaming is a wonderful thing. Here is a list of our dream games so far. Listen up developers; this is what we want. RPG/Action RPG Final Fantasy VI and VII Remake FF12 HD release or PS2 classic release Chrono Trigger se...   0

Community  Long Blog:
mikewa . Apr 09

Dreaming: Steambot Chronicles 2

I love and have faith that Level 5, Atlus, and Square-Enix will make sequels to the games we all want. It may take them years(maybe decades) but it will happen. Irem making a sequel to Steambot Chronicles on the other hand ...   0

Community  Long Blog:
mikewa . Nov 15

Favorite Uncharted Moment Recreated in Minecraft

Link: Recreated in Minecraft. All music and images belong to their owners; not me but Sony, NaughtyDog, and Mojang. Made fast so please excuse the roughness of the vid. Might make an expanded version one day of the whole sequence.   0

Community  Long Blog:
mikewa . Sep 30

Obscurity: Ribbit King

What is Ribbit King? Its a golf game called Frolf where you hit frogs instead of balls. For my second obscure review I picked another Japanese "sports" game, but this one my friends is a true hidden treasure left in plain s...   0

Community  Long Blog:
mikewa . Sep 26

Obscurity: Space Fishermen

Space Fishermen. I'm sorry let me say that again; SPACE...FISHERMEN! So yes this is Japanese and yes it never came to the U.S. but a demo did; and thats what I played. Back in the day, around 2003, I was still a student in...   0

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