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Aug 27 // BluFire

I Love Ubiquity.

Ubiquity is a new add-on to firefox that lets you do cool shit like highlight stuff and immediately send it to a friend through e-mail. It does other stuff, but one feature is that you can choose to edit any page you are on. Want some examples? And each one of those took me about a minute to do. No photoshop needed. I'm sure this existed before but I couldn't resist.
Aug 27 // BluFire

Dan Teasdale Throws the Shit Down on Nick Chester!

Dan Teasdale from Harmonix has challenged Destructoid's very own Editor-in-Chief Nick Chester to an arm wrestle. The battles are to take place after the "History of Harmonix" panel at PAX. Other challenges include him fac...
Aug 27 // BluFire

Guess the Game Brain Teaser - BluFire Strikes Back

These are brain teasers. The answers to all them are video game titles. Confused? Try looking at some of the previous sets of brain teasers. There are two from yesterday that did not get solved. I think, though, that they will be solved today. The rest are pretty easy. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
Aug 26 // BluFire

Guess the Game Brain Teaser - Passing a Ceiling Fan(=D) Through Your Vagina(=O) Edition

These are brain teasers. The answers to them are the titles of video games. Don't get it? Try looking at some of the previous sets of brain teasers. Once you see how these work you'll get it. I think that there are a few easy ones here, but I think I might be able to fuck Shipero up with one of these. Here's to hoping. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
Aug 25 // BluFire

Guess the Game Brain Teaser - $200 Price Drop Edition

These are brain teasers. The answer to each of them is a title of a game. Confused? Try looking at some of the previous sets of brain teasers. You'll figure out how this works. Guys, I think that these brain teasers will lea...
Aug 24 // BluFire

Guess the Game Brain Teaser - Child-Raping Teletubbies Edition

These are brain teasers. The answers to all of them are titles of games. You look at each of these six pictures to try and figure out what the game is. If you don't get it, try looking at some of the previous sets of brain te...
Jul 19 // BluFire

Guess the Game Brain Teaser - Dolphins With Rainbow Jumpsuits Edition

These are brain teasers. The answers to these brain teasers are names of games. They are different from DToid's Monday Mind Teasers in that these are plays on words, rather than silhouettes. Confused as to how you play? Try l...
Jul 18 // BluFire

They're BACK - Guess the Game Brain Teasers: Super Turbo HD Remix Edition

These are brain teasers. The answers to all six of these brain teasers are game titles. These are different from Fronz's in that they are usually some kind of play on words with the game's title. I've had some pretty genius b...
Mar 27 // BluFire

Guess the Game Brain Teaser - Not for the weak at heart this time.

FAP FAP FAP These are game brain teasers. They are brain teasers, and the answers are names of games. Get them right and you get to look smart. Get the hard ones right and you get to look smarter. Speaking of hard brain tease...
Mar 26 // BluFire

Guess the Game Brain Teaser FAP FAP FAP edition

There's nothing more FAP FAP FAP-related in these brain teasers than there were in the last sets... sorry. I've got six more and hopefully they'll take you guys a little longer than before. They're not as genius as "FE," but ...
Mar 25 // BluFire

Guess the Game Brain Teaser

This is the third set of brain teasers, all of which have answers that are names of video games. If you're confused as to how you would answer these, check out the other sets that I've done already. There's a little bit more fail in these because I'm running out of ideas: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.
Mar 24 // BluFire

MOAR Guess the Game brain teaser

So these brain teasers are like the last set I did. These are all brain teasers - they play stupid stupid tricks with you, and there is some kind of phrase or word associated with it. In this case, it's a game. I have six mor...
Mar 22 // BluFire

Guess the Game Brain Teaser

Check this shit out. So basically, these are brain teasers. There are six and you try to figure out the answer. Example of a brain teaser: ME NT The answer is apartment, because the word "ment" is split apart. Now that I...
Mar 21 // BluFire

Not my Turning Point gaming rig

I was under the impression that these were supposed to be about our computers - I noticed some with pictures of their HDTVs and stuff. Not that I care, though. I tried the best I could to put some effort into it. This here's...
Mar 18 // BluFire

Greenpeace strikes again: Nintendo isn't eco-friendly because we wouldn't know otherwise

Last November, Greenpeace posted their 6th Version of their "Guide to Greener Electronics." What made this such an interesting story was the fact that Nintendo was added to the list, coming in with a score of zero. At first...
Jan 25 // BluFire

Having some dignity when it comes to fake shit.

Wow. I'm a little disgusted. You know what I love about Destructoid? It's awesome. The guys and gals who write for this site are amazing. When I go to the main page, there isn't a bunch of shit posts vomited onto the page ...
Jan 22 // BluFire

Dirty, Disgusting Matlockery - Camelot Software Planning + Xbox?

I'm sure some of you remember the Golden Sun series from the GBA. I guess you could call it a series - that's how I think of it. In reality, it was just two games: Golden Sun and Golden Sun: The Lost Age. Both were developed ...
Nov 14 // BluFire

New Dtoid Member - Tiff! No, not that one!

There's a new Dtoider in town! She's named Tiffany, and she goes by Tiff for short. No, no, I'm not talking about the beautiful Tiff, I'm talking about a different one! Back off, horny matlocks! You're getting some pictures, ...
Oct 10 // BluFire

We are officially screwed, I think? US Smash date now TBD on Dojo

We know that the Japanese Smash release date for Smash Bros Brawl was pushed to January 24th of next year, so it's pretty obvious that we're screwed. There's no way that there can be a problem in only the Japanese version, so...
Oct 10 // SoulVision

Still alive [Cake anyone?]

http://www.junknews.net/portal_still_alive.mp3 This was a triumph. I'm making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS. It's hard to overstate my satisfaction. Aperture Science We do what we must because we can. For the good of all of us. ...
Oct 10 // SoulVision

[Non-Orange Box-Related News]Gods & Heroes: Rome Rising Delayed...no wait, CANCELED.

"The official Gods and Heroes website brings final confirmation from PE President and Executive Producer Chris McKibbin. Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears... Loyal and faithful community members and Bet...
Oct 08 // SoulVision

So if World of Warcraft meets Bioshock...

...this is what you get! Win?
Sep 23 // BluFire

Sorry for stealing your Wii; here's some weed

Like, woah man! In Calera, Oklahoma, some druggie stole some lady's Wii! Of course, being the rad guy that he is, he returned it the next day, offering some mary-jooanna as an apology. I guess that didn't work, because the ...
Sep 22 // BluFire

Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn official box art. Plus, Ike is fugly!

You wanna see some box art? I'll show you some box art. Woah, my bad! That's the Japanese box art. Here's the art for us 'Merricans. No big surprise there! Not that it's a bad thing. I could care less about the box art....
Sep 13 // BluFire

New 3rd-party Wii classic controller looks delicious, kind of.

Nintendo's current classic controller is pretty ugly. It's not as comfortable as some controllers can be, which is expected, because it's just an oval. Luckily, a somewhat more normal-looking controller has appeared. The T-...
Sep 13 // SoulVision

World Series of Video Games Gets Canceled

Effective immediately, Games Media Properties will no longer produce the World Series of Video Games. The remainder of the 2007 season in Los Angeles, London and Sweden is canceled. "The World Series of Video Games launched ...
Sep 11 // SoulVision

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock Coming to PC!

That's right folks, GH3 is coming to the PC. Being developed and published exclusively by Aspyr, the PC and Mac versions will match their console counterparts with explosive new content and features including a multiplayer a...
Sep 01 // BluFire

Apple Tries to Stick its Junk in a Car. No Inuendo Here, Folks!

The iPod franchise has completely infected our current world. People just seem to adore that cute little white (or red, green, light blue, black, etc) thing that can fit into their pocket, and continue to purchase DRM-raped...
Aug 26 // BluFire

Tom Nook + Smash Bros. Brawl = Sexmachine.

Isn't it obvious that Tom Nook will be in Super Smash Bros. Brawl? Smashville, go K.K. Rider... Who else could it be? Unless you want KK Slider to hit people with a guitar, Tom Nook is the best candidate. Plus, haven't you al...
Aug 22 // BluFire

Don't sell it to EB for 75 cents, use the CD Destroyer!

Perhaps you have recently purchased an awful video game, and then found it to be very dissatisfying. Before, you had the option to A) Leave it to collect dust, B) Sell it to EB for a price that rips you off, or C) Scam a 10-y...

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