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Mar 16 // SlyKill

God of War: Ascension. I can't go on! (A call for community opinions)

*NO story spoilers. I'm not writing for style points here. I just want everyone's honest opinion about my qualms with God of War: Ascension. Am I way off base? Am I missing something? Does anyone feel this way? I haven'...
Mar 16 // SlyKill

I just typed an entire Blog on God of War: Ascension, and Mac deleted it.

I just typed an entire blog for hours, essentially reaching out to the community for feedback on GoW: Ascension, and my Mac detected a two finger trackpad gesture that directed me back to the homepage and erased all my progress. Who weighs more than 200 pounds and wants to stand on my head?
Mar 01 // SlyKill

Backtracking In Games (Relevant to Dead Space--Mild Spoil Alert)

I recently read Corduroy Turtle's "Buy It/Avoid It Report," and his Dead Space 2 review gave me an interesting topic to discuss. (Great article, Turtle! This isn't meant to slight you!) I'm actually a huge fan of backtra...

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