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10 things to enjoy for your gamer Halloween

Over the years, I've gradually become the kind of person who enjoys Halloween in a passive sense. I no longer dress up and heckle the neighbors for candy (and then more candy), I'm no party-goer, I don't really make muc...   more

Hoffmann left the building

Disclaimer: #Gamergate has nothing to do with this.   I saw a lot cool people coming and going here in those 1 1/2 years on dtoid, well..lately I saw two fun ones getting banned and too many people leaving the site....   more

Retro Review by the HOFF: Spider Man:The Video Game

Spider-Man: The Video Game is a 2d Beat 'em up / brawler arcade game based on the Marvel Comic Books for 1-4 players simultaneously, developed by Sega It was released on the Sega-System 32 Arcade Hardware in 1991, and ...   more

Retro Review by the HOFF: Spider Man:The Video Game

For me..it is Tuesday - Blog Number #10 - Badass Edition

Another one bite the dust here on Destructoid eh? Goodbye Dale North and who knows..maybe that one reddit commenter there was right and he is leaving the sinking ship.   Anyway, this blog is about games released on ...   more

Some impressions of The Pre-Sequel from a dude more pro-420 MLP than Darren

I bought the original Borderlands, day-1. Loved it. Verbally assaulted anyone who felt differently.  Now that you know I'm an inherently more credible gamer than you are, you are going to read my impressions of Bor...   more

Strider's Smash journal of glory

200 matches later, more than 30 hours later, dozens of custom parts later, I can thoroughly say I've enjoyed Super Smash Bros. for 3DS. I've even enjoyed countless battle online, which is something I cannot say about Br...   more

Strider's Smash journal of glory

A Quick One About Bayonetta 2 Before The Eternal Worm Devours Connecticut

Low review scores of any AAA video game, especially games that are part of a series, tend to result in a lot of anger from fans. For instance, give a Legend of Zelda title anything less than a 9/10 and you'll be on the ...   more

So, I'm working on videogames now :D

How are you my friends? Long John here. It's been a while! (Even Steve Albini can't resist cats. And he pretty much hates everything.)So, I'm really busy. I got the job of my dreams: I'm working in a music recording stud...   more

The Evil Within: What It Is And What It Could Have Been

The Evil Within finally released last week and it met with some pretty mixed reception. Despite what a lot of the reception has been like or all of the criticism I'm going to lob at it today, I found the game to be pret...   more

The Evil Within: What It Is And What It Could Have Been

The Brave New World We've Won.

  At first games were held in contempt, a toy for children and nothing more, and to an extent they were right, but gamers and the medium grew up together and came into their own. When the moral guardians told them ...   more

Gotta find 'em all! The simple joy of an in-game collection

Sometimes I find myself thinking a lot about the little things in video games, things that other people might overlook completely, yet somehow, they stand out to me as something particularly unique and intriguing. One s...   more

The most important thing on the internet.

Yes, yes. Lots of scandal. So many SadBoners.   In other news, here's a comedy: That picture is more important than your shitty scandal-of-the-week.   Also that one.     Your leader, Zombie Orwell   more

The most important thing on the internet.

Crazy Game Crossovers Art Collab with YOUR Idea(s)..maybe

After the Anniversary Art Tributes and art collaborations about the Legend of Zelda and Super Mario enemies I want to organize a big crossover art collaboration for Game-Art-HQ in 2015. The simple idea is to illustrate a...   more

Crazy Game Crossovers Art Collab with YOUR Idea(s)..maybe

In defense of what is 'not okay'

You know why I'm here.  I normally stay clear of topics like this, especially within the games medium. It's no longer easy to be so motivated to take part in intelligent discussion when said discussions can so inno...   more

Funny Games and Violent Games

In 2007, Austrian film director and screenwriter Michael Haneke released an American shot-for-shot remake of his 1997 film Funny Games. The plot in both versions of the film was simple: two young men torture an upper-cl...   more

Operation Corgi Jelly Doughnut

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm sure you've all gotten the memo by now. There are forces out there conspiring and colluding to make us all want to feel bad for enjoying delicious Oreo cookies. Several weeks ago, people started...   more

Did you buy a PS4, WiiU or XB-One?

  Or are you planning to buy one of the three current gen game consoles?I for myself did not buy any of them but plan to buy the WiiU in December or January..alone already because Smash Bros 4 but Mario Kart 8, the...   more

Did you buy a PS4, WiiU or XB-One?

Its still Tuesday, and this made me smile

    For him...it was Tuesday, but for me..it was one of the funniest moments I ever had with Disqus on Dtoid when the message came up that this guy is only following Andy, Chris..and the guy with the Bison Ava...   more

Its still Tuesday, and this made me smile

Fangs for the Memories: What Isolation taught me about xenomorphs

For as much as I may tout my love for them, me and horror games go together like spaghetti and ice cream (I haven't actually tried spaghetti and ice cream simultaneously, but it can't be good). They're amazing in short ...   more

14.10...but for you..it was Tuesday! #9 - Shokan Edition

Damn that is a fucking nice October we have this year. The first two weeks at least were almost all sunny and it was warm enough to run around in T-Shirts, This is not every year like that in ze Germanic Empire of Doom ...   more

Strider's top 10 fetishes I can't believe I'm doing this

When this topic started making the rounds, I was hesitant to contribute. Look, let's not kid ourselves but Google gave us incognito mode for a reason, you feel me brah? I know my way around an +18 designated area. You d...   more

The Way You Play

We all have our little quirks in life, and many of us have them in video games as well. I'm referring to those little things that you do, consciously or otherwise, when playing different types of games. Maybe you roll e...   more

The Way You Play

Fangs for the Memories: Slender: The Eight Pages

When people ask me which videogame scares me the most, I could probably use a list of familiar titles like or and they'll nod their heads and agree... but the truth is, the game that gives me such a fright is one that...   more

Fangs for the Memories: Slender: The Eight Pages

Buying used 1-5 year old games..

  Lately I use around 40-50 Euro per month now to buy used games from a big German online shop where they sell used stuff as well as buying used stuff. Games..movies..books..music.   Now that the Playstation 3 ...   more

Villainthropist Voyage: Legend of Zelda and Metroid

It's been a long time since I did anything here. Considering recent events in the video game industry, I have not really been in a frame of mind to interact with it too much, whether it be the writey-all-about-it side or...   more

Villainthropist Voyage: Legend of Zelda and Metroid

game, what are you talking about?

It was the moment of the final confrontation between Kratos and the Hecatoncheir when I realized that what I was watching on the screen was essentially porn: a muscular white man (in shades of gray) rhythmically ope...   more

A Tribute to the first Playstation will arrive in December

That console was....the hammer back in the nineties. The Sony Playstation is almost 20 years old now..the exact Japanese release date was the 3rd December or something in 1994..have to check the actual date again. I sti...   more

A Tribute to the first Playstation will arrive in December

I call dibs on Margaret, the Velvet Empress!

Last week I called dibs on Pikachu, though I generously let Script usurp my Smash dibs. It was confirmed last week via a Nintendo Direct that Pikachu is now a king, but that's fine - I have other royalty to turn my atten...   more

Occam Thoughts: Level Up

Hello.   How have you been?  Well I hope.  Fall is here.  Well, "here" can be relative.   Its here in terms of the calendar but its still entirely too hot in my waking world.  I need i...   more

07.10...but for me..it was Tuesday! #8

Today is a rainy dark day for billions of gamers but today is also the day some great gaming gems like the damn awesome Nights..into Dreams, Marvel vs. Capcom, Viewtiful Joe, Darkwatch and Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow wer...   more

07.10...but for me..it was Tuesday! #8

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