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Nov 26 // JRisJunior

Is Homefront story a little too accurate as of late?

If you haven't heard about Homefront's story and would like to watch the dev's talk about it, go here. If you don't want to, I'll sum it up for you: N. Korea takes over S. Korea and becomes one solid "Korea." More countries ...
Jul 27 // Eschatos

Herp de durp

Mar 11 // king3vbo

My Top Ten Most Hated Members of the Community

I'm delaying my blog about Yakuza III's potential to change the entire gaming industry to get this out of the way and quickly. 10. Jim Sterling. I was here before him, and he took my fat guy shtick. HEY JIM I WAS THE ORIGINA...
Jan 13 // king3vbo

Sweet Mother Of God, It's Time For A Belated Secret Santa Post

Look at that. That's right, look at that shit. Your jealousy knows no bounds. You can only stare at the pure, unrequited glory that is a 50 Cent: Blood On The Sand Ultra Special Edition. I mean, just look at that ball-smash...
Oct 03 // JRisJunior

Damn you Borderlands minimum system requirements...

So, finally, after owning my XPS M1530 Laptop for about, oh, around 6-9 months now, it is now out of date, thanks to the system requirements of Borderlands wanting a GeForce 9 series to run it. Thank you oh so much Borderlan...
Aug 25 // king3vbo

Why I Love Destructoid

-idk my bff Dennis -I can make posts that utilize my unique (aka akin to a 12 year old) sense of humor -Stupid videos -PAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAX In all seriousness, Dtoid has been an outlet to express my nerdiness for years now, and I absolutely love it. I also love every one of you. Except Necros. Fuck that guy.
Jul 09 // Rockvillian

Harvest Moon: It's Real Life!

HEY GUYS! :D Been very crafty lately. I made these over the weekend for my brother and sister-in-law ( and their dog ) for regular garden use, and they consist of acrylic paint, semi-gloss, and some pretty nice quarter inch hickory. I had to hold myself back from burning out and jigsawing the whole farm... D: Oh and be glad you don't farm lettuce for a living. That stuff is bright man.
May 27 // JRisJunior

STRANGE things experienced while playing inFAMOUS

Before people get all fanboyish (or after even), I enjoyed this game. It truly made you feel like the sort of badass that anyone that gained superpowers after being normal for a while would feel. These are some random encount...
Apr 22 // JRisJunior

I just found Chad Concelmo's new favorite game...

chad explosion in 3.....2.....1.....
Apr 15 // JRisJunior

So what exactly is the difference between alpha and beta?

This may not be the right place to ask this question, although I could definitely use an answer to it. I may or may not be doing a presentation about videogame beta testing in my technology class on thursday (which is technic...
Apr 08 // JRisJunior

(NVGR) Never trust your service provider for up to date news

I don't understand it. They have a built in feature that allows you to view videos that (you believe) are up to date. They give you links to stories that (you pray) are current. Now can someone tell me why and pro...
Apr 08 // JRisJunior

Brilliant: Pirates director jumps "ship" to direct Bioshock movie so apparently the guy that directed all 3 Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Gore Verbinski, has decided to focus on the upcoming Bioshock movie. Not a t...
Mar 16 // king3vbo

Glad Tidings Of Birth For Samit

Keep fighting the good fight, Brostation
Mar 07 // JRisJunior

the watchmen debacle cleared up by yours truly

If you HAVE read the comic: -you may enjoy it -you may hate it both are valid opinions since you have the FULL back story and watched the movie. If you HAVEN'T read the comic: -you'll probably be confused -you might hate ...
Feb 14 // Eschatos

It's my birthday!

It's been a while. About a year I'd say. Now it's been almost two years since I joined Dtoid. So much awesome shit has happened since then. I've made tons of cool friends and almost met Mr. Destructoid.(damn you work) Thanks to all you terrible people at Destructoid for making it an awesome one. Here's to another year of awesome vidjagaming.
Feb 01 // JRisJunior

10 things you definitely didn't know about FLeet

1.My brother is Clockwork. Yes indeed, my brother is he. He's actually bigger in the picture than I am. I'm in the small window below his gigantic nose and eyes. He's pretty cool. 2.I'm scared that acting will get in the...
Jan 03 // king3vbo

My milkshake brings all the 'toids to the yard

My milkshake brings all the 'toids to the yard And Coon's like "KING MAKES ME HARD!" Also, Pew and Hollie are tards I can beat them, I've got a Charizard
Dec 20 // Eschatos

Mercenaries 2 Lulz

Mercenaries 2 had more than its share of problems, but at least they know how to poke fun at themselves. Bigger For some context this mission appears fairly early on as part of the UP missions. You have to escort a UP executive as he destroys a bunch of documents. If you kill him yourself he says this line.
Dec 17 // JRisJunior

(NVGR) Seriously, WTF?

first, That story is about the New York govenor wanting to put a tax on downloadable music, such as iTunes. He's calling it the "iPod tax." How original....
Dec 11 // Rockvillian

It's December 11th, and L4D Infected Wallpaper is Here!

As promised for all you 'toiders this season... my gift to you! I sort of ran out of Steam halfway through (haaaaaaaaaaaaaa), so to make up for the lengthy creation process, I threw in a special L4D Christmas Special. Also...
Dec 01 // Rockvillian

It's Dec 1st! Let's start with some Left 4 Dead wallpaper.

Hey 'toiders! First let me get out the bad news. No Advent Calendartoid this year due to the company I work for launching our product in the next few weeks. I was planning on doing one, but I'm sure you all know how dual ou...
Nov 19 // JRisJunior

(NVGR) It feels awesome to finally have a major

College is crazy. There's a crap ton of work to be done, homework to finish, people to meet, parties to go to, food to eat, and plenty of breststesses to stare at. But all of that is for naught if you don't have a direction. ...
Oct 30 // king3vbo

Banjo-Kazooie Demo Impressions From A Rabid Fan

I am a rabid Banjo Kazooie fan, as most of you know, and therefore I was really excited to get my hands on the Nuts and Bolts demo last night. I've been waiting so long to play a new BK game, and I'm really interested in ho...
Oct 13 // JRisJunior

i feel very cut off from new games

I haven't blogged in a while, but there's a good reason for it. I've had nothing to play as of recently. I've pretty much been waiting for the later part of October for the release of Fallout 3 and Fable 2 to consume the enti...
Oct 09 // king3vbo


Thank you Bethesda for this honor, I will do my best to be a good character in Fallout 3. I hope to continue to be in your games, and I pledge to be the best NPC I can be.
Sep 30 // king3vbo

Feel The Hatred: Yashoki and his Special Day

Yashoki? Fuck that guy. Look, I hate Yashoki just as much as any other person... probably even more since I have to talk to him on a weekly basis, and play The Ship with him every Thursday night. But once a year, he gets ...
Sep 03 // Rockvillian

Cowzilla3's True Identity: Matt Hazard

Hello strangers, I come back from the nether worlds! My good friend Cowzilla3 has a sordid past, actually confusing past since I thought he graveyard shifted as a giant lumbering human Godzilla. I was wrong! His true identity? MATT HAZARD (vague link from BlindsideDork about Matt Hazard)
Sep 01 // JRisJunior

Opinion on Mercs 2: World in Flames

Starting off, the first one was better. With that said, there are some things that are better with the sequel. First off, the explosions are much more explosive-y. they look great, sound great, and you really get the feeling...
Jul 11 // Eschatos

A cast of thousands: Gordon Freeman

This might seem a little bit unorthodox. Some would say "How is Gordon Freeman an awesome character? He doesn't even talk!" To this I will simply reply with a "Fuck you and get out of my house". Our lord and saviour G...

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