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Dec 31 // Furyfire

Fury's Top 5 Game's of 2012

Well, a new year approaches... and of course all the game of the year awards have be, or will be, handed out. It is no surprise that The Walking Dead is being handed every award, though it is my personal opinion that I'll nev...
Oct 06 // Furyfire

Halloweenie: Horror and Survival Horror.

Artwork by *mashi. With Halloween coming, I figured it is a good time to discuss how horror games were over the last 20 years or so. To start with more recent games, survival horror is starting to become more and more actio...
Jul 09 // Furyfire

Fighting Games: Scrub, Pro, it's all the same to me.... - An Opinion.

Note: The stance in this article is that opinion of the author alone. I was actually afraid to post this.. but you know what. Fuck it. Over a year ago, I got into a argument with a 'friend' over Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and he ...
Jul 01 // Furyfire

Voicing Your Opinions - An Opinion.

Note: The stance in this article is that opinion of the author alone. Yes, I am going to touch on this subject as it is bothering me quite a bit. A more serious matter that affected Destructiod recently was the opinion of...
May 09 // Furyfire

Machinima - An Opinion.

Note: The stance in this article is that opinion of the author alone. Machinima is 'seemingly' in trouble with the gaming community, at least at this point in time. One of their more popular video creators, Braindeadly, si...
Mar 13 // Furyfire

BioWare and CapCom know EXACTLY what they are doing. - an Opinion.

Comic copyright: Nerf Now, 2012 Note: The stance in this article is that opinion of the author alone. After weeks and weeks of people complaining about on-disk and day one DLC, so-called boycotting of the companies, and t...
Feb 28 // Furyfire

Sexual Harassment and Video Games. - An Opinion

Note: The stance in this article is that opinion of the author alone. With the recent outburst that happened on Cross Assault between Super_Yan and Aris, it has come to a forefront that women who are into video games, I be...
Feb 21 // Furyfire

Endings: New Beginnings

I've beaten plenty games, I also haven't beaten many games. Those games I have beaten, vary. Some endings I enjoy, some endings I don't understand... then there is the 'sequel' ending, or the 'bad' ending. Those endings th...
Nov 16 // Joe Burling

I finally <3 my PS3

I never really felt like I had a good reason to boot up my PS3. Playing Disc Golf in Sports Champions w/ Move has given me that reason. I wish this was a full retail game.
Nov 13 // Furyfire

Nostalgia: Splatterhouse Series

I figured with the new game coming up soon, I might as well post something about the old games and how awesome they were. Though to start off, I never did play the original arcade one. I probably never will, at least unti...
Sep 10 // The Incredible Edible Egg

Late Dreamcast love!

First off, I'm late today cause I was playing Beatls Rock Band wih the great Adam 'Welkstar' and Bryan 'Tazar the Yoot'. Second, I was late picking one up cause at the time, I was 12 years old. Being a 12-year-old with very ...
Sep 01 // The Incredible Edible Egg

Weekly Musing: Suck less, Smoke more!

Note: The author does not condone the consumption of illegal substances, masturbating in public, or pedophilia. Sometimes, you just gotta do what you do though, except those pedos. Burn in hell! Everyone knows that there's a...
Aug 28 // Dyson

It's been awhile snce I posted anything, and King Friday will be at PAX with me this year

What was my last Cblog? Something about ramen or something? Whatever, it's been too long no matter what nonsensical Cblog post was my last one. Too keep it video game related, since I didn't use the awesome NVGR precursor in...
Apr 24 // Dyson

Get your game trading on in the RFGO! forums!

-- Picture totally unrelated, but hot -- So, as I once remarked to my past version myself (also know as "Droobies"), we really need to get the community involved in some hot game trading action. We may eventually make a wh...
Apr 12 // Joe Burling

Gaming Bed 2.0

I am proud to announce that Gaming Bed 2.0 is complete! It started as a dream... a dream where I was able to play all of my video games from bed in both comfort and style. As you can see, there are only input and output...
Mar 30 // The Incredible Edible Egg

insomniatoid: spark of nostalgia

writers note: I'm tired and sometimes it helps me to sleep if I get this out of my head. I'm not in a mood to edit any of this, so I apologies for any grammatical errors, redundant points, and lack of pictures. Wheres The gHo...
Feb 27 // Dyson

Watchmen + Futurama = Extreme Awesome!

Brought to my attention by J. L. Hardin, the foremost international player of iPhone Risk.
Feb 25 // The Incredible Edible Egg

I'm Spartacus Workman!

First off, I'd like to state that I am now and always hate being ignored. I'm right here and I have an opinion based on my own experiences and I would appreciate if I can ask a question. At no point did I ever talk to Workman...
Feb 23 // The Incredible Edible Egg

A rebuttal to Destructoids review of Halo Wars

I read the review for the upcoming release Halo Wars and there were a few things that bothered me while reading it, so I decided to do some research to check on my suspicions. Odd, I would imagine that you would get a bit ...
Feb 05 // Furyfire

Adam Sessler rips Fanboys a new one.

Looks like, after the 5 out of 5 stars review of Killzone 2, X-Box 360 fanboys went into a foaming rampage on their boards. Safe to say, Mr. Sessler had it with said cry babies. Literally ripping them all a new one for even speaking such stupidity. Bravo.
Jan 25 // Dyson

Upcoming AWESOME prize for RetroforceGO! winner

Don't know which show, but you'll get a heads up the week before. Dyson loves you.
Jan 25 // Dyson

I hate cleaning. Also, RFGO! twitter.

So, yeah. Yesterday was my one day of doing stuff normal people do. I woke up non-hungover on a Saturday - something I can't remember for many a moon - and decided to clean the electrical nightmare that is my living room TV...
Jan 04 // The Incredible Edible Egg

I Hugged Metal Slug...

...with some help from him. Also, my sister made this for my birthday. Aint that nifty?
Jan 01 // Joe Burling

Most ironic gaming moment of 2009

While playing Call of Duty World at War with Nino, I realized something a little ironic about our scores on the world leaderboards. Then it got even creepier... I know what you're thinking: There was no way. [Editors note: The use of the word "ironic" in this cblog is not the literal meaning of the word, but rather a product of 90's pop culture and slang.]
Nov 26 // The Incredible Edible Egg

Happy Birthday The Fantastic Fur! NVGR

Happy Birthday and I hope this crappy movie is to your liking. I regret nothing.
Oct 31 // The Incredible Edible Egg

The Fear of Sequels

Like a good Christian, the idea of change scares and offends me. I don't like the idea of someone I don't know messing with the innards of my car, nor do I like em screwing with games that I love. As most other gamers, there ...
Oct 24 // Dyson

Goodwill is Ready to Friday for Dyson's Birthday!!!

How 'bout them apples? Walking into Goodwill today yielded a higher bounty of awesome than usual. Maybe the retro god that lives underneath the store is giving me an early birthday gift (my birthday is tomorrow the 25th), o...
Oct 15 // Dyson

ParaParaKing is AWESOME! <3!!!

Coming home from a long, long day of working in the salt mines, I found an overseas package in front of my bedroom door. The small package had been sent from Japan and was labeled to contain "juice." Who would send me somet...
Oct 12 // Dyson


Yesterday was the big celebration for King Friday's birthday. You may know him as John Kopp, or Cape Guy (you PAX attendees understand :), but if you don't know of him, then all you need to know is that he's the most royal member of Team Awesome. More pics to follow!
Oct 08 // The Incredible Edible Egg

The Fear! Attack of the Plants!

My last article, I centered my topic around the young gamers bedtime. A fear most of us know, but not related to everyone and its not in-game. This week I'm going to cover something much more sinister. The fear of plants! ...

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