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[Short Blog] Elsa's on Reddit!

Not sure if anyone has seen this yet, but there isn't a blog about it on the community front page. I just thought I'd get this in there while it was still on the front page of reddit. Sorry for the short blog. But I thought ...   more

C-Blog CRPG Update: Perlenspiel

I'll probably have more of an elaborate Perlenspiel blog later. But for now I'm just going to jump right into this. I usually adhere to my own rule of one blog a week, but I wanted to get a lot of this stuff out there. My bra...   more

C-Blog Fan Fiction: Dangerous Path

Hey guys. This is just a little experiment I want to do to practice for... something I want to start doing on the c-blogs in the future. For a while you guys might see some weird blogs from me. Just hang tight, feel free to t...   more

Fame Designer C-Blog RPG Update

Been a long time Destructoid. As you know, it is PAX prime time. I look forward to seeing some of you there. In fact I look forward to seeing some of you tonight at 9:00pm. I'm going to try to take it easy this year and not...   more

C-Blog RPG Player Movement 2

Hello again everyone. This blog should be short, but we have a lot of progress this week. My buddy Chris and I have been working on our separate parts of the character movement. Iíve taken on some of the character stuff, wh...   more

C-Blog RPG Player Movement 2

C-Blog RPG Player Movement

Hello Destructoid. Itís Friday and I have another update for your consideration. This week, I found that it only took a few hours to get something going in Unity3D (our development tool). Thanks to the help of some of my fr...   more

C-Blog RPG Player Movement

C-Blog RPG Introduction

Hello Destructoid. A while back I started to tell people that I was going to start working on an RPG game. I said that I would update all of you, so here I am. I wish I could say that I had done more work in the past month....   more

10 Things Iím Not Famous For

I've had some very personal blogs. So a lot of the things I could have put on this list are all gone. You guys already know a lot about me. I lost one of my brothers in a tragic accident when I was 21. You never get over so...   more

Why do we fall sir?

Andy Dixon recently blogged a 'state of the c-blogs' found here. And I realized that I've wanted to see some improvements here as well. There are actually plenty of people here that I enjoy. Elsa still stays pretty consiste...   more

Happy Mass Effect Endings

Please continue if you are okay with hearing about the endings to Mass Effect 3. There are spoilers ahead. I was actually writing this in response to an earlier post, and it got a little too long so I decided it was a blog...   more

Happy Mass Effect Endings

Home dude be dissin' my Role Playing Games

Torment I am a fan of Role-Playing Games and will probably doing design work on them until I die. I spend most of my time thinking about them. I try to see the potential in them. Ever since I knew about Zelda I was charmed ...   more

Talking to women about TtWaV

Jonathan Holmes has a video coming out about once a week called Talking to Women about Videogames (TtWaV). I love it. The videos have this quirky/friendly quality right out of the box. They have a lighthearted humor to them...   more

C-Blog Fan Fiction Chapter 24: Beyond

It's finished!!!!!! Before we start, let me say that PAX has been amazing. I had the honor of reading this chapter to quite a few Destructoid members that were in the story. I wonder if people I don't know, like Anthony and ...   more

C-Blog Fan Fiction Chapter 23: Death

Just one more chapter to go. I will be posting the last chapter on Friday, the first day of PAX. I hope you all have enjoyed the story. Forgive me once more for the lack of art, but we have to get this story done! I promise m...   more

C-Blog Fan Fiction Chapter 23: Death

C-Blog Fan Fiction Chapter 22: Crossroads

Happy Monday Destructoid. The story is all falling into place. Two more chapters left. Not much to say right now. No art this week because... First, no new characters. Second... Action scenes are hard. I'll have to think of s...   more

C-Blog Fan Fiction Chapter 22: Crossroads

C-Blog Fan Fiction Chapter 21: Scheduled Meeting

There are a few people still that we haven't seen in the story yet. There are people I wish I could stuff into the story here or there because they're awesome, but there are some of those people I will not be able to write in...   more

C-Blog Fan Fiction Chapter 21: Scheduled Meeting

C-Blog Fan Fiction Chapter 20: Looks

Hello friends. Another chapter as promised. Four more to go. I didn't have a picture or a reference for Handsome Beast - but later on I have a list of pictures that I need to add to some of the existing chapters, so I'll be t...   more

C-Blog Fan Fiction Chapter 19: Found

It had been a while since Crime had started looking, but he found the designerís lair. For the amount of area he covered trying to find it, it seemed as if it was a little too easy to find. It seemed like it was his destiny...   more

Chapters 19 and 20 are written.

It's been a while Destructoid. PAX is coming up. I'm going to be there and I hope to see all of you. My girlfriend is a member of the PMS clan (Pandora's Mighty Soldiers), and she is hoping to meet her fellow clan members ...   more

PC Game of the Ever: Planescape

My favorite PC game is Planescape: Torment! Done! Well, not quite. Let me elaborate (Bonus: This is a spoiler-free article, please read it): I really do believe that itís almost impossible to pick one game as your favorit...   more

PC Game of the Ever: Planescape

C-Blog Fan Fiction Chapter 18: Scars

It's been a while my friends. I am past burnt out. I'm way past it. But I promised someone a chapter this week. And I will do it again, and again, until there is an end - the end I've been thinking of from the moment I concei...   more

C-Blog Fan Fiction Chapter 17: Sympathy

ďUnfortunately you donít know what youíre asking right now.Ē Anthony said. Anthony, upon healing himself, now looked as if he was in his fifties. He had streaks of grey hair and his skin was saggy and wrinkling in places. ...   more

C-Blog Fan Fiction Chapter 17: Sympathy

Afford What Has Value To You

I watched Jim Sterlingís video about piracy too. Something had been bugging me though, well before Jimís video. Iíve been reading plenty of articles and watching plenty of videos about it. Iím not saying that I know ever...   more

Afford What Has Value To You

C-Blog Fan Fiction Chapter 16: Beyamourning

Hey again all of you. Thanks for your support. I have a plan now. The game I'm going to produce is nearly finished being designed. I will start coding once the fan-fiction story is finished. And only after I have caught up on...   more

A Game Designer No One Knows About.

I've never really had writerís block. I have too much to say Ė too much to write about to have writers block. But I havenít written anything in a while. And Iím not focused enough to do another chapter of the fan-fiction qu...   more

C-Blog Fan Fiction Chapter 15: Crime

I am super tired. I know that part of it is that I'm lazy. But I know that part of it is that I also am burnt out on programming. I struggled hard to get this episode out. Again, sorry for the lack of art. I don't know. I've ...   more

C-Blog Fan Fiction Chapter 14: No Mercy

I almost didn't get to write this between work and the holidays. Things are crazy now. I 'will' keep the story going. And I will get to all the art that I've been promising. But, things went so awesome with the 'opportunity' ...   more

C-Blog Fan Fiction Chapter 14: No Mercy

To SephirothX [shortblog] [bad singing]

I am not Andy Williams. This is in response to a SephirothX post. Regarding: It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year (Destructoid Edition) Yes it is bad. But it had to be done. I really have nothing to write. this Go ...   more

To SephirothX [shortblog] [bad singing]

C-Blog Fan Fiction Chapter 13: Split Up

I've had a lot of work to do. I think this weekend I might have a career changing opportunity - sort of a make it or break it kind of thing - except with no gymnasts. Sorry I couldn't make it to FNF also. I think we will be p...   more

Happy Holidays: Remembering Friends and Family

Every year around the holidays I am more thankful for what I have been given. Even before Christmas and the traditional opening of presents I love the atmosphere of winter in Seattle and the promise of a traditional gathering...   more

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