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May 07 // Isay Isay

Borken Age Part 2 Review

In cese-a yuoo meessed it, pert 1 is here-a Vhee ve-a lest lefft oooor intrepeed herues, tvu seemeengly deefergent vurlds vere-a mure-a cunnected thun ieezeer cherecter cuoold beleeefe-a. In Pert 2, Shey und Fella deel ...
May 05 // Isay Isay

AMA AMA with Isay Isay

Well since all the cool kids are doing them...  Go ahead and feel free to drop in any question(s) you want and I'll try to answer.  
Mar 31 // Isay Isay


You Can't Go (Playstation) Home Again [Giant Bomb]
Feb 18 // Isay Isay

SOURCE: Pokťmon Shuffle part of new vitality initiative

So there’s been a kerfuffle over Pokémon Shuffle’s game mechanics. To get some answers, I reached out to my best friend’s uncle who TOTALLY works at Nintendo.  Q: So was the waiting/mic...
Aug 18 // Isay Isay

I've been Huge for almost a year now

LadiesÖ So we are closing in on the one year anniversary of Huge.† Itís been a controversial year since the original announcement to be sure.† There have been some interesting†responses about the†direction Dtoid is†heading....
Jul 28 // Isay Isay

Fans of Battleborn never noticed this

Did you know Battleborn is an anagram for Lt. Boner Bat? † Clearly, itís a spiritual successor to Bonerquest. † #Journalism
Jul 27 // Isay Isay

What if Ganondorf and Link were...

beef spare ribs? Would you eat them?
May 08 // Isay Isay

10 things about Isay Isay

1. I do a crossword/jumble everyday I attribute some of my love of wordplay to completing those puzzles.† You never know when you'll need to know what a wax covered Dutch cheese is or what Tokyo was named once. My grandmother...
Jan 29 // Isay Isay

Puppy Bowl X Preview

Time once again for the unofficial Destructoid Puppy Bowl Preview.† Last yearís pick of Aurora was looking good until she threw a crushing pick-6 near the end of the game. Who will take the MVP title this year?† Letís look ...
Jan 15 // Isay Isay

Borken Age Part 1 Review

Duooble-a Feene-a hes elveys beee a foonny stoodeeu (feegooretifely und leeterelly); ixcellent pedeegree-a, interesteeng idees, uneeqooe-a style-a, creeticel sooccess boot elung veet thet zee inebeelity tu feend cummerceee...
Mar 19 // Isay Isay

Dtoid Memories: A Descent Into Madness

ďBe funny, donít be not funnyĒ This was the advice from the KissingSuzyKolber guys when they were over at Deadspin and itís basically been my commenting philosophy ever since. Deadspin was (and still to an extent) an unfilte...
Mar 05 // Isay Isay

Great Strides Cystic Fibrosis Walk (NVGR)

Cystic fibrosis is a devastating genetic disease that affects tens of thousands of children and young adults in the United States. Research and care supported by the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation are making a huge difference in ...
Jan 28 // Isay Isay

Puppy Bowl IX Preview

Puppy Bowl IX is just a week away so letís get a good look at the competition (Note: if you want to say goodbye to your productivity, just pull up the live look in stream found here Name: Agatha Breed(s): Miniature Pinsch...
Dec 27 // Isay Isay

Isay Quest 2012: Every Ratchet & Clank game ever (Update)

UPDATE: Well, still no update on the Deadlocked HD. This is going to trickle into early 2013 (hopefully). Post-impressions added for Up Your Arsenal, A Crack in Time, and Full Frontal Assault WHY? Zelda? You played one y...
Nov 01 // Isay Isay

Isay Quest 2012: Every Ratchet & Clank game ever (Update)

UPDATE: Well, still no update on the Deadlocked HD. This is going to trickle into early 2013 (hopefully). Post-impressions added for Up Your Arsenal, A Crack in Time, and Full Frontal Assault WHY? Zelda? You played one y...
Aug 15 // Isay Isay

I say, in the arms of an angel...

Hello PAX attendees, Iím a simple man. Iíve been blessed with a lovely wife, 2 kids, and 2 wieners My life and my current obligations prevent me from going to PAX anytime soon. So the possibility of havi...
Feb 21 // Isay Isay

VanDomination (shortblog)

Story Link Over the weekend, competitors in the Bassmaster Classic witnessed history as Kevin VanDam caught 28 pounds of fish, his biggest limit of the world championship, and collected a record-tying fourth Bassmaster Class...
Jan 04 // Isay Isay

Joining the current gen and resolutions

While I was disappointed the wheels on my car didnít magically disappear and be replaced by hover jets, I did finally got with the times Ė In terms of resolutions for 2010 - I hope to get through at least 50% of my backl...
Nov 19 // Isay Isay

Wal-Mart Black Friday Deals [shortblog]

A couple quick things- 1) That PS3 bundle looks tempting. Not wake up at the ass-crack of dawn tempting, but that is one heck of a deal 2) If you can find Lock's Quest for $7, you have no excuse not to pick that up. Anything else jump out to anyone else?
Sep 25 // Isay Isay

The Forgotten: The other SMT game

[WARNING: Here there be minor spoilers!] Most everyone around here knows about Persona 3/FES/4 and Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne is a hardcore RPG loverís dream, but there is another Atlus RPG that tends to get lost in flood...
Sep 15 // Isay Isay

Adventures in gaming Ė Proud papa year 1

So last week marked the end of my first year as a dad and I thought I should reflect on how my gaming life has changed in that time. I will note that I wouldnít change anything that has happened during that time and if I ha...
Jul 20 // Isay Isay

To Episode or not to Episode : Tales of Monkey Island thoughts

So I finished chapter 1 of the Tales of Monkey Island and it made me rethink episodic gaming and how it should be implemented. Did I have fun with Tales? Sure, it was an enjoyable couple hours, but I canít help but feel a l...
Jul 15 // Isay Isay

Rumor: Sony working on their own virtual gameshow?

According to a source close to the situation, Sony has secured the rights to a little known game show to hopefully implement in the vein of 1 vs. 100 on XBLA. Here's the only clip I could find on it: So how do you think t...
May 29 // Isay Isay

Mother must be so proud (NVGR)

Allow me to pimp the fine works of my brother Thomas - That's him in the orange go-go boots. The one whose top falls down. The one with the extremely hairy back. You might have seen him as the guy in this: I'm a proud older brother to see his comedic talents being used and God bless him for what he's willing to do.

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