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Jun 15 // Jonathan Holmes

(NVGR) Why I quit The Dismal Jesters

As some of you may know, I was doing a Podcast with former Dtoid writers Conrad Zimmerman and Jim Sterling called The Dismal Jesters. It was more-or-less a continuation of the version of Podtoid that Jim put together in 201...
Jun 01 // Jonathan Holmes

Sup Holmes returns today at 4pm with Mike K from Ludum Dare

Hello! Thanks again to everyone that supported the Sup Holmes Kickstarter! We made almost 3 times our initial goal. We totally won.  The show is coming back today with Mike Kasprzak, one of the organizers of the Ludum Dare ...
Mar 03 // Jonathan Holmes

Why I love videogame magazines

As some of you may know, Dtoid Reviews editor Chris Carter, former Dtoid powerhouse Tony Ponce, and myself have been working with a conclave of nerds and videogame experts on making a print magazine called Nintendo Force. We ...
Feb 25 // Conrad Zimmerman

New Daily Runs of Spelunky, Nuclear Throne, and Risk of Rain

This week, I've started posting daily runs of some of my favorite procedurally generated games to my YouTube channel. Today had a rough start to the morning, with a little bit of disappointment over reading reviews for Castl...
Jan 25 // Johnel Lance

RWBY Episode 13+14 Review: Forever Fail

You know I'll admit sometimes being the negative review guy of RWBY is kind of like being a small beetle trying to shout at a tornado... in space. Still I do hope someone out there realizes just what is wrong here. What is ...
Jan 12 // Johnel Lance

RWBY Episode 12 Review: PFCC

Yes after a long break of family, peers, work, and college I'm back to once again review RWBY. Well ok this is a long overdue rewrite of some initial thoughts I wrote on tumblr but Destructoid's always been so finicky when ...
Dec 15 // Jonathan Holmes

New Podtoid animation

Classic Jim stuff. It's goooood. 
Nov 09 // Jonathan Holmes

New Jim Sterling Podcast, Teenage Pokemon, other stuff

Hi everybody! I've been working on a lot of stuff. Here is some of it! Jim Sterling, Conrad Zimmerman and I used to host Podtoid. Now we host a show called The Dismal Jesters. It's almost exactly like how Podtoid used to b...
Nov 08 // Dale North


God. Normally I don't respond to the fucking stupid comments I see along these lines, but today is the final fucking straw.  Look, I've been working 12+ hour days for about two weeks straight, pulling all nighters to put c...
Nov 01 // Johnel Lance

RWBY Episode 11 Review: The Boulder Feels Conflicted

So I finally in some candy based insomnia got to watching another episode of RWBY to review. I watched episode eleven and the thing is despite being Juane focused well... The issue is despite there being things I like th...
Oct 31 // Johnel Lance

Halloween: Memories of a Very Strange Time

[font=Times New Roman][/font] [font=Times New Roman]Ok Destructoid is messing up all my text right now that I pre wrote so just go look up the article here...[/font] [font=Times New Roman]I'll get this fixed eventually.[/font]
Oct 21 // Jonathan Holmes

Top Ten things I like Pokemon X/Y

10)  New trainer 2D art. It's a little sterile, and doesn't fit with the rest of the game, but as stand alone art its pretty charming. 9) Some of those Mega Evolutions. They look pretty neat.  8) Pokemon Amie. It gets borin...
Oct 20 // Johnel Lance

Update for October

Yeah so I admit there have been a chunk of RWBY episodes coming out and I haven't been reviewing them but there is a reason. College has started back up and I have a job now so over all my time has been less. Then when I get ...
Oct 08 // Johnel Lance

Barenaked Ladies "Odds Are": Johnel Gushes About Stuff He Likes

So the Barenaked Ladies have a new music video and it is coming to us through Rooster Teeth. Now I could try and do a long form analysis of this song and meaning but instead I'm going to talk about my love of BNL and the co...
Sep 28 // Johnel Lance

RWBY Episode 8+9+10 Review: President Taft or Yo-yo Character Growth

So back again into the world of RWBY to review another three episodes in a row. Now lately I've been getting exposed to more anime and some more current series through an anime  night they do at the local card shop I frequent...
Sep 20 // Johnel Lance

Update: Next RWBY Review and Apparently 14 Year Olds Can't Cry

So yeah first things first RWBY will have the next review when Episode 10 hits Youtube and will cover 8 and 9 as well for the one sea sponge waiting on that. Now I thought about doing a long form paper on this but it is lat...
Sep 17 // Johnel Lance

Lance's Burning Dawn: Sayo and Savers Three

Ok so going to be an interesting post today but first on with the boss fight. What is interesting about this fight is that my mascot starter didn't die this time. Which is harder than you think for the AI seems to prioriti...
Sep 14 // Johnel Lance

Lance's Burning Dawn: Spam TriRevolver Got It

So where were we. Oh yeah got to go meet the chief and enter the tourney. So anyways meet Chief Glare and Ophanimon. They appear to have been in the middle of giving a pep talk to a bunch of characters we don't care abou...
Sep 14 // Johnel Lance

Lance's Burning Dawn: Update

Hey remember that Digimon World Dawn thing I was doing? Well in between writing about RWBY I finally decided to get my software working again and am brining the run back. Though with a different starter team this time for I f...
Aug 30 // Johnel Lance

RWBY Episode 5+6+7 Review: Want to see my aura snake?

[Note: As always there is a nickname guide at the bottom of this post so you can keep track of what I'm calling everyone.] Yes After all this time I decided to straight up do three episodes of RWBY at once which is beyond ...
Aug 21 // Johnel Lance

RWBY Review Update

Episodes 5 and 6 will be in the same review so that is why one hasn't shown up this week. For like the -2 people that care about me reviewing these episodes so yeah.
Aug 13 // Johnel Lance

RWBY Episode Four Review: Wonderful Wizard of Washington

I'm back for another round of review and diminishing viewership. So the fourth episode is out and it seems my habit of finding more characters to latch onto in the supporting cast continues. Also after looking at number o...
Aug 03 // Johnel Lance

RWBY Episode Three Review: With the Socks on that Motherfucker

Okay so third episode of RWBY is out and some things I do find my self liking while others are staying about the same in my eyes. Though first things first I would like to point you towards those terrible walk cycles at 3:...
Aug 03 // Jonathan Holmes

Pikmin 3 audio review, Teen PKMN merch, essay and free underwear

Hello! First, here is a audio review of Pikmin 3. It was going to be used for a video review of the game, but in the end, it wasn't. Some people like it.  Is this a thing you'd like to hear more of? Also, feel free to make ...
Jul 26 // Johnel Lance

RWBY Episode 2 Review: Get in loser, we're watching anime

So yeah the second episode is out and I'm starting to think that I might be having a different opinion than most if what's said in the comments section on Rooster Teeth is anything to go by. In other words I wasn't thrilled...
Jul 26 // Johnel Lance

RWBY Episode One Review: Cortana is My Navigator

[Note: Updated to have the video in the article.] Okay seeing as I have been the person following the trailers for now I might be becoming the guy for this series on this site. Whether that means I should expand to talking...
Jun 28 // Dale North


How important are MOBAs to you?  For the people that make them, play them, or promote them, Multiplayer Online Battle Arena games are the biggest thing since corgis. I know they're a growing segment, and I've seen the playe...

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