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How balance (almost) ruined Halo

"Everyone, stick to the plan!" my teammate urges as the match begins. We all know the drill by now, though, a mere two days into the Halo: Reach beta, well enough to instinctively hop over the ra...   more

How balance (almost) ruined Halo

In Defense of FarmVille

FarmVille gets a bad rap, but rarely for the right reasons. As gamers, we harbor a justifiable helping of skepticism toward things that are different and new, especially things that appeal to s...   more

In Defense of FarmVille

Pre-PAX East: How to get into the games industry, with Major Nelson

Xbox Live's Director of Programming, known by legions of gamers as Major Nelson, spoke to a conference room packed with eager college students last Thursday at the Microsoft New England Research ...   more

Pre-PAX East: How to get into the games industry, with Major Nelson

PAX East: print finds its niche at "The Death of Print" panel

"Is print dead?" It's a question I asked several people this weekend, and one that journalists, publishers and lots of other random people have been wringing their hands over for years. A panel ...   more

PAX East: print finds its niche at

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