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Jul 04 // Stealth

Top 10 Under-Rated PS2 Games

The PS2 has one of the most diverse and stacked gaming libraries in the history of gaming. However because of this many games continue to either be under appreciated or unnoticed entirely. For a brief moment I would like to s...
Jul 01 // Stealth

Vita Game Guide

As we approach the 2 year anniversary of the Sony Vita, I think its important we highlight some of the games that have made its short life special. We all know vita is not selling well, but that's not to say its impossible fo...
Jun 17 // Ev777

The Shattered Podcast, Ep. 4: Neo-Nude Detroit

It's that time again, boys and grills. Time for some Summer lovin'. Make it sweet like honey. And don't forget, "GIVE ME MONEY." On the podcast today are: Ben, Everett, Elliot, Kelso, Pedro, and Jay. Intro music is: ...
Jun 10 // Ev777

The Shattered Podcast, Ep. 3: Little Brazilian Boy

Love your body. Love yourself. Chicken, Chicken, Chicken, Chicken, Chicken, Chicken, Chicken, Chicken, Chicken, Chicken. I love your American love. On the podcast today are: Ben, Everett, Elliot, Kelso, and Pedro. Intr...
Jun 04 // Ev777

Taco Tuesdays, Ep. 22: Young Justice

That sweet smell.† The sticky air.† Yes, it's us again.† No, go away.† With us today are: John, Jonathan, Robin, Everett, and Colton.† Music is Monolith by T. Rex.† SUBSCRIBE HERE:
Jun 03 // Ev777

The Shattered Podcast, Ep. 2: Sammy Barbeque

We're back everybody.† Awaken the elder gods and sit down with Cthulhu.† Tonight's the night, and there are plentiful souls available.† On the podcast today are: Ben, Everett, Elliot, Kelso, Pedro, and Jay.† Intro music...
May 27 // Ev777

The Shattered Podcast, Ep. 1: The Hotdog Cenobite

Here it is, the first episode! This is the beginning of the end. The apocalypse is now. We are the Shattered, we are the world. Listen Here: Subscribe on iTunes:
May 25 // Stealth

Looking Forward - Second Half of 2013

With the second half the year rapidly approaching, I thought it might be fun to look ahead. See what might be exciting from my perspective and any potential buyers of video games. So far this year we have seen such a variety ...
May 15 // Ev777

Taco Tuesdays, Ep. 21: Masturbating to iDOLM@STER

Hey guys. We say bad things. Put us in jail, please. With us today are: Everett, Jonathan, Colton, Chad, John, and Robin. SUBSCRIBE HERE: ...
May 03 // Stealth

RPGrinders EP 240 Sex Shaming

Members Stealth Eric Frank Breakman Summary This episode we sexualize women AND men. †A short news week gives way to discussions on accusations of domestic abuse in hospitals, the sexualization of characters in video games,...
May 03 // Stealth

3ds Game Beginner Guide

The 3ds did not have the best beginning. Some would say downright horrible. But I think its time to acknowledge this 2 year old system has the games, the features, and ability, to be a very cool system for years to come. Thi...
May 01 // Ev777

The Art Gallery 5/1/13

YES, YES CHILDREN. WE ARE BACK AGAIN! BACK IN, THE ART GALLERY The Sexy Criminal: Swishiee is Dumb: Swishiee is Dumb 2.0: Josh is Dumb: Colton is Dumb: Shit Jesus: Bakugan Fucker: Sexy Troops: Jesu...
Apr 30 // Ev777

Taco Tuesdays, Ep. 20: I Heard He Got in Trouble with the Dog Police

We're back! Did you miss us? Probably not. With us today are: Everett, Jonathan, Colton, and Robin. Music is I Love All the Girls by R. Stevie Moore. SUBSCRIBE HERE:
Apr 27 // Ev777

Taco Tuesdays Extrasode #4: An Interview with Johnson

Apr 27 // Stealth

RPGrinders Ep 239 Role Playing Excitement

This episode we are news lite but nonetheless we bring the latest and greatest in RPG's from around the web. This week is also our monthly 'free for all' with topics like Nintendo's new approach to 'pressers', orange throwin...
Apr 20 // Stealth

RPGrinders ep 238 Mayonnaise Sploogin

This episode the Grinders wade thru a slew of jrpg news, Break Man condemns new Ohio laws, Stealth condemns the new gun control law proposals, and the crew discusses the new boy scout proposals. A much funner episode than the description!
Apr 13 // Stealth

rpgrinders Ep 236 - Special guest stealth This episode we welcome in special guest Stealth to bring insight to a ton of burning jrpg/rpg questions. After the news we talk wrpg v. jrpgs, jrpg tropes, imports, jrpgs as they stand today, and finally a very interesting would you rather!
Apr 12 // Stealth

RPGrinders EP 237 - Open Borders

This week we add Stealth as a permanent fixture on RPGrinders, Break Man is a smooth RPG news talker, and DerrickH calls in to talk the presidency, immigrant voting rights, and how insane we are. All this and more on another...
Apr 09 // Ev777

Taco Tuesdays Extrasode #3: 2 Chainz and His Grandmother

2 Chainz is a sophisticated man. Everett performs his one-man show, but Colton said he was in this. SUBSCRIBE HERE: AND HERE: http://child...
Apr 03 // Ev777

Taco Tuesdays, Ep. 19: Nick Cannon Was Born In a Test Tube

You can't dispute the truth. Welcome our new overlord. With us today are: John, Jonathan, Chad, Robin, Colton, and Everett. Music is Mellow My Mind by Neil Young. SUBSCRIBE HERE:
Mar 26 // Ev777

Taco Tuesdays: Let's Play or Something

Hey everyone, there's no episode this week. So instead, Colton and Everett decided to do a few Let's Plays. SUBSCRIBE HERE: AND HERE: http:/...
Mar 19 // Ev777

Taco Tuesdays, Ep. 18: The Nacho Man

The cheese. The cheese just rises to the top. With us today are: Robin, Jonathan, Chad, Swishiee, Everett, and the Nacho Man. Music is Love for Sale by the Talking Heads. SUBSCRIBE HERE:
Mar 09 // Ev777

Taco Tuesdays, Destructiod Movie Club: A Talking Cat!?! Commentary

This is a movie commentary. Please enjoy the hilarity. I don't own shoes. Also, this commentary features: Swishiee, Everett, John, Johnathan, and Robin "Nightwing" Edgar. SUBSCRIBE HERE: AND HERE:
Mar 06 // Ev777

Taco Tuesdays, Ep. 17: Hold the DaPhone

This is it guys. This is the one you've all been waiting for. Get ready for the darkest recording yet. Also, Jim Sterling, please don't sue us. With us today are: Jonathan. John, Robin, Everett, and Swishiee. I do...
Feb 28 // Stealth

Vblank Entertainment: Nintendo is "Great To Work With" (With my help) I didnt even know about this but I want it preserved in the annals of time, as the day Stealth played reporter to get the answers ...
Feb 26 // Ev777

Taco Tuesdays, Ep. 16: I Only Have a Potato (ft. Special Guests) - See more at:

Welcome one and all, to a very special episode. It's filled with very special boys. They won't mind if you just look. Go on, do it. With us today are special guests: Everett, Colton, Chad, Jonathan, Robin, and Swish...
Feb 19 // Ev777

Taco Tuesdays, Ep. 15: Iíve Been Stapling Cardboard to My Walls

It accentuates my eyes. Don't tell me what to do. I'm a cardboard boy. With us today are: Everett, Josh, Chad, Jonathan, and Colton. Don't worry about the fucking music. SUBSCRIBE HERE: AND HERE: And remember, watch out for those kids.
Feb 05 // Ev777

Taco Tuesdays, Ep. 14: Community Fistacular

HAVE YOU SEEN MY PENIS? THIS IS MOST AMAZING EPISODE. LIKE IT YOU FUCKERS. WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME???????? With us today are: Jonathan, John, Chad, Colton, Everett, and special community guest: Jeff (Beartato,) Josh (...
Jan 29 // Ev777

Taco Tuesdays, Ep. 13: They Win More Money In Prostitution

I'm a glam rock princess. Open your mind to the world of fabrication. You can be anything and everything. With us today are Colton, Jonathan, Robin, Chad, and Everett. Music is Needles in the Camel's Eye by Brian En...
Jan 24 // Stealth

Cross Over Delight

This gen we have seen many cross over games. Some were fighters like street fighter x tekken. Some were crossovers within the same series like final fantasy theatrythm. Others were srpgs like cross edge, project x zone, pokem...

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