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Feb 17 // emile


Bonk It's about damn time Valve! Valve appears to be releasing info in the style of the heavy update; little by little. I already don't like what I see though. The first weapon they are showing is "the Sandman". It's a...
Jan 31 // emile


Part 2 of a documentary about the L4D boomer and his everyday life. It's pretty tops. Part 1 for those of you who haven't seen it yet: EDIT: Oh wow, embedding not working? Help?
Jan 28 // emile

Team Fortress 2 Scandal! Scout update is actually new Honey Bunches of Oats flavor? Gabe Newell as 10th class?

Valve decides to speak: I hope the new scout update will have a lot of content, because people are losing interest in the game. Hopefully the unlocks will be less fail than the...
Jun 25 // emile

Find your wallet! Katamari Damacy the shirt!

Drink in the goodness. All the Katamari shirtified goodness. It's all at: FUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZY
Jun 22 // emile

Forget Hybrids, Yoshi is the way to go

Collegehumor makes me laugh once again. A funny video about a man and his ride.
May 25 // emile

Onigiri Riceball: The game

I found this sweet little game where you are a riceball with a seaweed hookshot thing. The objective is simple, with your only goal being to reach the magical white door. What is behind that door? Well, there are some qu...

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