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Jun 04 // Jinx 01

The Success of Nintendo’s Wii 2 – A Retrospective

A crash in Wii software sales led Nintendo to need a new console a full year before Sony and Microsoft’s new hardware releases. While this was an awkward situation, it was also an advantage for Nintendo. After seve...
Nov 08 // Jinx 01

Jinx's Most Wanted Games of 2015

Hoffman did a cblog a couple days ago about what upcoming games he was looking forward to. A lot of us responded with our lists as well, but I figured it might be fun to double-check mine and share it in little more...
Nov 04 // Jinx 01

Jinx's Week In Screenshots

I take a lot of screenshots, so I thought it might make for an interesting kind of blog to cover what I've been playing visually. With plenty of commentary, of course, and lots of relevant links in case anything catches ...
Sep 04 // Jinx 01

Time For Some Humor I Think

(HIGH BANDWIDTH BLOG, avoid if you aren't on wifi!) I'm having stress issues, so rather than commenting on the latest drama I decided to put together another compilation of my goofy memes, images, screenshots, etc. Yeah, I'm ...
Aug 30 // Jinx 01

Steam Grid View - Making and Using Custom Images

The Joy of Steam's Grid View I made several for this game... and I don't even own it yet. For years I neglected the "grid" view in Steam I preferred the "detail" view because it seemed easier to navigate. Last winter, th...
Aug 18 // Jinx 01

Square Enix - Sellout Sh*tbags

It was revealed this week that Rise of the Tomb Raider would be coming "exclusively" to the Xbox One. I put that in quotes because the phrasing of the announcement left it open for the game to release later on other platfor...
May 20 // Jinx 01

Transistor - Custom Images For Steam Grid View

I made a batch of custom images to use in the larger Steam grid view for Transistor. The default image is okay, but not terribly exciting: To use a custom image for a game in the large grid view, just right-click on it and...
Sep 29 // Jinx 01

The Steam Controller: Shut Up and Listen

Since the announcement of the Steam Controller last Friday, I don't think I've seen so many otherwise intelligent people say so many ignorant things. Just look at this moron. While I'm sympathetic to having a negative gut r...
Sep 14 // Jinx 01

A PC Gamer's Guide to Shopping Online

I've been meaning to make this guide for a long time. I get a lot of great deals on PC games, and I want to teach you how to do it, too! It's part strategy, and part knowing where to look. To that end, this blog starts off wi...
Sep 12 // Jinx 01

GTX760 4GB OC - Unboxing & Mini-Review

So I picked up a GTX760 4GB OC this Monday. I didn't really need it, but I tend to buy stuff for my PC when I'm badly depressed and September is a very bad month for me (no, not 9/11). If you came here to troll about PC ...
Aug 01 // Jinx 01

What PC Gaming Really Costs

I'm getting tired of people telling me how expensive PC gaming is. If it was, I'm pretty sure I'd know, seeing as I've been a PC gamer for 15 years. So I decided to write a blog to set the record straight. To that end, I tho...
Jul 30 // Jinx 01

Game Soundtracks Part 1: You Have More Than You Think

I've been on a game soundtrack kick lately. Since my ex-girlfriend died two years ago, I have had difficulty concentrating and it's made getting schoolwork done almost impossible. Listening to game music seems to help, thou...
Jul 23 // Jinx 01

Make Blogs Not War

This started as a blog about me personally, but I think what I've learned that blogs are a better place for debate than article comments applies to everyone. Those of you who know me well on here by which I mean fro...
Jul 03 // Jinx 01

Mortal Kombat Komplete PC - initial port impressions

So far it looks like a well-done port. Everything you expect is there, including improved visuals and local multiplayer. Online is one thing I did not get to test yet. I experienced performance issues on one stage, but have...
Jun 26 // Jinx 01

Sega's Classic Franchises: Could They Be Brought Back? (pt. 2)

Some of Sega's Classics Reimagined for Next-Gen If you missed it, you can check out Part One of this blog here. In it I talk about how Sega has abandoned a lot of great IPs, and some formulas that might be used to reboot t...
Jun 25 // Jinx 01

Sega's Classic Franchises: Could They Be Brought Back? (pt. 1)

Why has Sega abandoned some of its most popular older franchises? And what could they do to bring those classic series into the 2010s? The Genesis and Dreamcast, icons representing some of Sega's greatest work. One of my f...
Jun 21 // Jinx 01

Sweaty Hands & Gaming - An Actual Solution

One of the most frustrating things I've dealt with as a gamer is sweaty hands. I'm guessing it's a problem for a lot of people, considering companies have gone so far as to make controllers with fans in them to help keep your...
Jun 20 // Jinx 01

Kinect and Xbox One - Problems and Concerns

While Microsoft has done a 180 on its DRM policies for the Xbox One, Kinect remains a pack-in item that is required for the system to run at all. Yet very few games have been announced for it, its non-gaming uses are dubious,...
Jun 11 // Jinx 01

PS4 Saves Consoles For One More Generation?

After Microsoft's wretched handling of the Xbox One, I wasn't surprised to hear that Sony "won E3" today. But I don't think that's the biggest story. Looking at the PS4 as a complete package, what's broadly important is that...
May 27 // Jinx 01

Complicity: The Unique Storytelling Power of Videogames

*Spoiler warning* This article contains major spoilers for Bioshock Infinite and minor spoilers for Tomb Raider. Can videogames tell stories as well as books or movies? If so, do they have their own unique strengths in tha...
Apr 14 // Jinx 01

Original Memes, Humor, & Closeups by Jinx

Over the last couple years I've ended up making quite a few game memes. Since they are original and most of you haven't seen them I figured it might be fun to share. They are slightly biased toward PC gaming, but... well, the...
Mar 22 // Jinx 01

Indie Gems by Jinx - Steam Indie Spring Sale Edition

With Steam's Indie Spring Sale going on, I thought I'd highlight some great indie titles I've played that seem to get overlooked. I have included mini-reviews for each, plus media and links to make checking them out quick and...
Mar 15 // Jinx 01

PS4: What Does 8GB of DDR5 Mean For The System?

While most of the system's specs leaked ahead of time, the big surprise at Sony's PS4 event was the inclusion of 8GB of *DDR5 RAM (GDDR5, actually; I abbreviated it for this article). While the quantity was a surprise, the ...
Mar 14 // Jinx 01

The PS3's RAM Bottleneck

(This article was originally posted under my old nick, Cryotek, around August 2010. I'm reposting it because it still has relevance and anticipated the PS3's issues with Skyrim in a way. It also leads into an article on the P...
Sep 09 // Jinx 01

The Wii U GamePad Conundrum

From Nintendos Wii U page. Apparently the console exists only to prop the GamePad up. Pedrovay wrote a short blog earlier today regarding the Wii U's controller, asking us to stop using it to criticize the system (you mig...
Jul 08 // Jinx 01

Why Next-Gen Development May Be Cheaper

*rework of previous blog I did under the nick cryotek* A frequent argument against new console hardware is that it would put a huge burden on developers. Many AAA titles already have budgets in the tens of millions, and ...

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