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Community  Long Blog:
Onyx Oblivion . Nov 03

Onyx Reviews: Uncharted 3

Standard stone-faced hero cover #4522 It's been a good year for PS3 games. With Killzone 3 starting the year off being a high-profile exclusive back in February, and inFamous 2 kicking off the summer back in June, they've ...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Onyx Oblivion . Jan 28

Ahead of It's Time - SaGa Frontier

Ahead of It's Time Blue, one of the 7 heroes of the 7 storylines, gets cover duty. Release Date: March 24th, 1997 First thing: Fuck you SaGa Frontier 2 and your beautiful watercolor painting graphics. You made it a pain in...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Onyx Oblivion . Jan 27

Ahead of It's Time - Legend of Mana

Welcome to my first review in what I hope to be a semi-regular review series. "Ahead of It's Time" will focus on games that were criticized in their era for some of the popular mechanics of today's games. Or just games that...   0

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