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Oct 20 // Ramalho

This is why we can't have ツ

This is why we can't have ツツツツツツツツツ
Mar 27 // Ramalho

Contest: 2000 European Wii Points Card UPDATED

I was buying A LOT of VC games tonight and I remembered I had this Wii Points Card that I bought in France and doesn't work here in Brazil. So the logical thing to do? Give it away to Dtoid. It's a 2000 Points card and it w...
Mar 14 // Ramalho

Oh damn, I got 3 more blur codes to give away

I had 2 codes last week, well, they sent me 3 more. I'm tired of having this many codes and no one to give to, so here you go people: 9Y7N-FQMT-PHJ9-QTKA L9WL-UVF3-FGPQ-2KFH WJJD-C6MR-CC7J-Q32R Have fun. P.S: Use them in ...
Mar 08 // Ramalho

I got 2 blur codes to give out, have fun

I got one from gamespot and forgot about it, in the meanwhile I got 2 from destructoid and I'm giving them back. Take them: JDPT-QKJQ-XKUJ-NFXE V226-6JAG-WVXF-ML3K Of course, type them on the blur site, not on the XBOX.

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