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Mar 30 // brainderailment

Skepticality Podcast talks gaming, software usability.

I keep an eye on for the occasional updates. I like to argue with my family about their use of snake-oil and natural remedies, the site can give me some fresh ammo. In the least expected place, a podcast has been ...
Feb 26 // brainderailment

Response: Screw home consoles, time to go 100% portable

Hi I'm Brainderailment, I haven't posted a blog in a long time and I really haven't posted anything meaningful on this site in over a year. Small introduction to the peeps on this site, I've been here since the Summa days and...
Apr 06 // brainderailment

Successor to the PSP? review vid.

Hopefully the next time I'm on PCP I won't be tearing a baby from a woman's womb through her belly button. I can't wait to play Chanticleer Hegemony, it's gonna rawk my face. Fail blog is fail.
Nov 09 // brainderailment

Review: Rocket Fish PS3 Rapid Fire Wireless Controller

The Rocket Fish Gaming Playstation 3 Rapid Fire Wireless Controller looks like an XBOX360 controller, but it's made for your Playstation 3. If you're one of those people who has been playing an XBOX360 for a few years and r...
Oct 30 // brainderailment

PC gamer's are pissed about MW2, this won't help.

Ars Technica has a great article explaining why PC gamers are rightfully upset about the server situation for MW2. In the post is this video about COD4. This video makes me sad for my PC gaming brethren. I don't play a lot of PC games, but I know where they stand, and why they love their platform of choice.
Aug 29 // brainderailment

Win Batman AA for the PC Contest extended.

I recieved only a few entries into the contest, even though they are all great, there aren't enough of them. Remember they don't have to be Batman themed, or any specific thing, just awesome themed. Read here for the deets. You get one week, or else.
Aug 27 // brainderailment

Late night PS3 fanboy craziness (edit) reprobacy

PS3 fanboys have been losing their shit. Some guy going by the alias Super_Secret comes to N4G forums and posts a thread that claims to explain why there is no cross game chat on the PS3 yet. Naturally it blames a big (unnam...
Aug 26 // brainderailment

PC Batman AA Contest

Okay ladies and gents, I have a download code for the full PC version of Batman: Arkham Asylum. You can win it by coming up with the most epic, badass, crazy, over-the-top PS3 friday night fights header. I will pick a top few...
Jul 29 // brainderailment

My New Custom PC! [Pictures FTW]

I built a pc after having bought, loathed, and resold a laptop from Best Buy. I thought I got a sweet deal on a mid range laptop. I was fucking wrong, mostly because the internal wifi was incompatible with Vista and after ins...
Apr 04 // brainderailment

So, you like playing PS3, but prefer the 360 controller.

Solution! I found out about this adapter on the PS forums today and I thought I'd share it with you. I personally prefer the DS3 because of the stick fluidity and the fact that it doesn't make my hands sweat. But I total...
Feb 03 // brainderailment

Killzone 2 online gameplay videos to tickle your fancy.

Here is a playlist for videos of my friend, Gary, playing the Killzone2 multiplayer beta. These are not 10 minute clips, they are each one spawn-death. So the lengths vary. It's not in HD, but if you watch in high quality you get the point. Once again, this is not me playing, but my friend. It's beta footage, so don't expect the exact same thing when you pick up the game this month. Check it out.
Jan 25 // brainderailment

New Podcast, Now with less Suck!

Once again we decided to record a podcast while sitting around the radio station yesterday. This time we prepared and packed filled the podcast with actual content and less rambling. This week we went over this weeks stories ...
Jan 19 // brainderailment

As a result of boredom...

My good friend Gary and I whipped up a "podcast" for people who might like to hear the ramblings of two drunk guys. And I should say that we were drunk, so any inaccuracies we stated were most likely because we were plowed. F...
Oct 25 // brainderailment

Kratos Sackboy is real, bid on it you bitch! (show me on the sackboy where he touched you)

Because you are such a bitch, I thought I'd treat you like one. Go over to eBay and place your bids for my wife's latest ingenious creation. BTW, He's almost twice the height of any previous sackboy, he's Kratos, Kratos is huge.
Oct 14 // brainderailment

My wife's new project [Preview]

You've seen some great sackboys before, but soon we will unleash the "Ghost of Sparta" on Ebay. More info soon.
Sep 30 // brainderailment

Death Magnetic, my take. (NVGR)

I'm not a Metallica fan, but I find this small controversy interesting because I produce audio for 5 radio stations here in Nashville. (I don't produce music, mind you, but I produce commercials, PSAs and the like. Producing ...
Aug 04 // brainderailment

L2 R2, why are you so sloped? (a.k.a. Attn:PS3 owners)

Corak blogged about these things, but he got them off of amazon and paid $9.99 usd. I was at GameCrazy today getting my copy of FFVII buffed out and I noticed those clips behind the counter and without hesitation or knowledge...
Jul 31 // brainderailment

My favorite games for every system I've ever owned.

UnstoppableJuggernaut inspired me to type this up. I had to scrape the corners of my brain to remember some of them. But I think I have them all now. They aren't in any particular order, just which ones I thought of first. I'...
Jul 19 // brainderailment

Epic lolz at Ubisoft's expense (Probably NSFW)

Those who bought Ubisoft's Rainbow Six Vegas 2 for the PC via diskless download got an interesting prompt before playing the game. It asked them to insert the game disk to play. So what was UbiSofts solution? A patch, they...
Jul 14 // brainderailment

My wife did it again. (Ebay link)

My wife decided she saw enough interest on the innernetz for the LBP sackboy, that she would go ahead and make one specifically for Ebay. This guy is lighter in color than the previous one, and comes with a wig if you like transvestite sack people. Head over to ebay to see if you want to buy it, or tell someone you know who might want to.
Jul 07 // brainderailment

I have a (now complete) LBP Sackboy! *Update

Just wanted to make an update to show what my wife's home made sackboy looks like with it's final touch. The zipper! I can't wait to find a Boba Fett helmet to fit this guy.
May 31 // brainderailment

Looks like Bioshock Devs leaked InGameXMB vid.

Y0j1mb0 posted some info about in game XMB possibly coming in the Playstation 3's upcoming FW 2.4 update. Looks like it's probably true. Looks pretty legit to me. I am very aroused now. (UPDATE) ANOTHER! Note: Videos are not accessible, and videos don't pause when you press the ps button during playback. Also, I wonder what that "Signal Verification" is under the "Game" tab.
May 30 // brainderailment

MGS4 is D00MedZ0RZ!!!

Someone who shall not be named is apparently keeping track of the lowest review score for MGS4. Notice how many comments they got on that post? Sure brought a lot of traffic their way. Apparently they didn't get the memo ab...
May 20 // brainderailment

Gunmetal Grey MGS4 PS3 PreOrders Borked.

As if the Beta sign up system didn't jolt some sense into Konami, they still haven't learned from that debacle. Due to the heavy traffic on the pre-order page they seem to be having trouble allowing anyone to check out. The ...
May 11 // brainderailment

"6 Ways to justify your allegiance" Wii edition.

Continuation This post wouldn't be complete without this image. 6. What Nintendo does, they do it right, always. You should never EVAR criticize our mother for making an online system that requires you to use numbers to ide...
May 10 // brainderailment

"6 Ways to justify your allegiance" PS3 edition

Continuation This post wouldn't be complete without this image. 6. You may have to go out of your way and pay extra to get a rumble controller, but at least your console doesn't RROD. Obviously rumble at the same time as mo...
May 10 // brainderailment

"6 Ways to justify your allegiance" 360 edition

This post wouldn't be complete without tagging this image to it. 6. Use trite phrases like your life depends on them. Make sure when you read an article about either the Wii not having a hard drive option, or the Ps3 not ha...
Apr 28 // brainderailment

New TV in celebration of GTA4

Some of you may remember my other tv that I posted in my obligatory "my setup" post. Anyway, yesterday after buying an RCA (720p) tv for $898 I found out that it didn't display enough colors when I hooked up the ps3 via HDMI....
Apr 19 // brainderailment

MGSO Beta/Konami ID/GameID/whateverthef*ckID

I can't sign up even though the site is up. I keep getting this... It's pissing me RIGHT THE FUCK OFF!!!! Anyone having the same problem as I?
Apr 09 // brainderailment

360 repair: an update.

Some of you may remember my recent post about a 360 I purchased in order to repair. Well, here is my update, and final verdict. Here's how the repair went: I had a few things to cringe at once I pulled the machine apart. On...

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