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Goodbye Robin

I just wanted to take a brief moment to say goodbye to a man who taught me how to laugh and the your eccentricities are a strength rather than a weakness. Yesterday, as I'm sure most of you know ...   more

Occam Thoughts: Youtube

So letís see.† Itís been a while since I wrote one of these.†Whatís new with me?† Iíve been engaging in all kinds of media lately.† † Iíve been playing a silly amount of Final Fantasy IV: A R...   more

Occams Thoughts: 10 Things About Me

Top ten lists are a lot of fun. †Its a great chance to get to know the community and present yourself a bit. †You can let down your guard and get some community love and return the love in quick,...   more

Occam Thoughts: Summons

Summons in role playing games.† There is something so wonderfully appealing about calling forth a terrible monster to do your dirty work for you in an RPG.†Most of us can recall with fond remembr...   more

Occam Thoughts: Prints (NVGR)

Art.† I love art.† Art ART ARRRRT!† Fun to say, fun to collect.† So as a creature who relies almost solely on visual memory and who works in a gallery, its no big shock that my collecting procliv...   more

Occams Thoughts: Debate

I'm all for healthy debate.† Debate is a hallmark of human communication.† Its one of the many ways we learn and grow from one another.† There are debates that are super important, like the de...   more

Occam Thoughts: Four Years

April 1st, that special day in which Destructoid falls under the spell of the blood moon and transforms into the Foolish April Beast. It's a day I look forward to every year, not only for what t...   more

Occams Thoughts: Art Books

Iíve always been a picture guy. Iím a visual learner almost to a fault (math is hard) and the way I recall memories is by shuffling through pictures in my head until I find the one I am trying t...   more

Occam Thoughts: Gaming Moments of 2012

Let's take a journey together and read about my gaming moments of 2012. I hope you enjoy them. My gaming moments of 2012: I was so excited for NeverDead. Neat premise. Ridiculous comb...   more

Occam Thoughts: Music in Video Games

Music. We like it. We love it. We want some more of it. It feeds our mind thoughts and helps grease the wheels of life. The right song at the right moment can make a lasting memory or sour y...   more

Occam Thoughts: Stuff and Things and Games

Hello everyone. How have you been? Lots of new and exciting things going on around here. I'd like to share some thoughts with you today. Its some random things. Just whatever I can pull out ...   more

Occam Thoughts: Community

The time is 1:56 am in the morning here in the waking world. I'm a few glasses of wine relaxed and have been thinking a bit about the site. I don't often have an outlet to just speak my mind in...   more

Occam Thoughts: Dragon's Dogma

To quote Staind, the only band I want to play at my wedding and my funeral, This started out as a regular Occam Thoughts and then I wrote a bunch of words about Dragonís Dogma. So I guess Iím ...   more

Occam Thoughts: 10 Things About Me

So Bbain wrote this really badass post talking about 10 things we didnít know about him. Apparently this was a thing on the blogs many moons ago. It was warm and heartfelt and overall let us ge...   more

Occam Thoughts: Friday Leavings

When did kiddy pools not become a thing anymore? I used to love those when I was young. Then as I entered college they became associated with drinking and tomfoolery. Though I think the idea ...   more

Occam Thoughts: Things I Cherish

Hello everyone. How are you? How's the weather where you are? Its cold here. I'm wearing a robe currently and sipping a Bud Light Lime. I feel like a metrosexual Nescafe commercial. A while...   more

Occam Thoughts: A Warning

I feel like I need to warn you. was recently released for consoles and itís bad. Very bad. Iím talking changing uncle Peteís diaper bad. I Gameflyíd it hoping for a fun if somewhat silly a...   more

Occam Thoughts: My Year in Haiku

My mind is a piece of bologna with a cigarette put out on it. In the spirit of that statement and all that it implies, I give you my year in video games in haiku form, Oh, quick aside, thank yo...   more

To Randal Marshal Magembay Oswaldt Sarah Jessica Parker Dixon

To Montgomery Albatross Ayn Randy Gimme a Handy Dixon: You are our friend. You are our compatriot. You are an asset to Destructoid and help make this e-house and e-home for so many o...   more

Occam Thoughts: NASCAR Lovin'

Hello all. How have you been? Iíve been busy. Not that good kind of ďTHE SWORD IS ALMOST COMPLETEĒ kind of busy but that ďI need that report by tomorrow morningĒ kind of busy. Oh well, thatís...   more

Occam Thoughts: God's in the Details

Hello. Itís been a while. Aside: Anywho, I played some games, bought an arm, and rearranged my shelves. I have pictures. Would you care to see them? Letís take a walk together, shall we? ...   more

Nostlajourney Episode 07 - Duke Nukem 3D

In this episode we bring in Max Scoville to go back and play Duke Nukem 3D, plus compare it to Duke Nukem Forever. We had 7 people on this time, making it probably the largest episode we've do...   more

Nostaljourney Episode 07 Casting Call

With Duke Nukem Forever already out, we've decided to tag along with Max Scoville and revisit Duke Nukem's glory days. Welcome back to Nostaljourney. For those of you who don't recall, Nostalj...   more

Nostaljourney Episode 07 Casting Call

Nostaljourney Episode 06: Resident Evil 2

In this episode of Nostaljourney Jonathan Holmes actually shows up to record! In HONOR of this we... HONOR him with a staged performance on the show. In anticipation of Resident Evil: Operati...   more

Nostaljourney Episode 06: Resident Evil 2

Occam Thoughts: Assistant Manager at Wendy's

Oh my. Summer moves forward with a creeping warmth like the sound of leather moving across skin as your uncle unbuckles his belt. Have I mentioned how much I hate the Summer? Itís so . Speaki...   more

Wryviews: Shadows of the Damned

Shadows of the Damned is such a weird, mixed bag that it's hard to even know where to begin. How's this for a start: There's one segment in the game where you use a giant stripper's cleavage ...   more

Wryviews: Shadows of the Damned

Nostaljourney Episode 06 Casting Call

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is on the way and it looks pretty damn cool. In celebration of this we'll be playing and discussing Resident Evil 2, that game where the actual Raccoon Ci...   more

Nostaljourney Episode 06 Casting Call

Nostaljourney Episode 05: Deus Ex

In anticipation of Deus Ex: Human Revolution we play and discuss the original game and have a hell of a lot of fun cracking jokes at the game's expense. Today's episode is particularly diverse...   more

Wryviews: Alice Madness Returns

Alice: Madness Returns is an oddity of a game; the kind where a numbered review score doesn't really help say anything about it. I knew I had to have this game as soon as it was announced and ...   more

Wryviews: Alice Madness Returns

Wryviews: Dead Rising 2

I've heard a lot of people foolishly try to describe Dead Rising in one sentence. "You kill zombies with lots of stuff." I'm serious. That's all a lot of people have to say about it and it's...   more

Wryviews: Dead Rising 2

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