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May 08 // Rahmier

Shedding a Dry Tear: My thoughts on Neverwinter.

I wanted this game to be something that I could sink my teeth into and be an experience that brushed over the weak points of 4th edition while bringing the good points to light. What I got was an experience so generic and uni...
Mar 15 // Don Cairo

DToid.TV March Madness Bracket Group

What's up everyone! I am Don Cairo & I host the Tailgate, a sports oriented show on DToid's Twitch Channel. If you're already familiar with how March Madness brackets work Click Here Password - dtoid Prize info is near t...
Feb 12 // Rahmier

Sewaddle is the most perverted pokemon.

Spencer, who runs Dtoid's sister channel Streamtoid on, is wrong about Sewaddle. 1. It has balls on its head. The pokemon starts off with tackle and considering the animation is a lunge forward means that ...

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