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I made a puzzle game in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. You can play it right now!

is a puzzle game that uses lamps and furniture from ACNL on an 8x8 grid. The goal of the game is to move from one item to another, alternating between  and  items of furniture, to reach the bo...   more

I made a puzzle game in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. You can play it right now!

Shoot the Breeze: Pineapple Cacophony

From the endless forest of scripture trees, all covered in the ivory ivy of time's filigree, comes the stirring of the Middle Gods, they, the Dixkin, who bespoke the sturdy lands of our wide wo...   more

10 Things Too Many About Beyamor

Yes, the blog you've all been waiting for has arrived. At last, ten things about ! Once you're done with that, feel free to wander back here, though I wouldn't encourage you to read the blog i...   more

A couple of silly Pokemon drawings I made when I was 22.

Tits amighty, I love a good whiteboard. The only thing more heady than the tremendous potential for illustrated imagination are the sweet vapours of the purple dry erase marker. It's taken me an ...   more

Shoot the Breeze: The Feed

Good god, that's more than enough blog writing for tonight. Jesus. Okay. There's words down there somewhere. All yours. Go get 'em. Are they edited? Pfft. . I'm going to go eat some pie. Where...   more

Zelda Week: Happy 25th Zelda, here's my musical tribute.

It's a performance of "Lon Lon Ranch", for solo piano! YouTube: Enjoy Skyward Sword, peoples.   more

Zelda Week: Happy 25th Zelda, here's my musical tribute.

Shoot the Breeze: I Hesitate To Explain

I mentioned reading break somewhere in the muddle above? I managed to make it home for a few days. I also managed to transfer a file using asynchronous communication across an unreliable netw...   more

Storyteller Review - Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

To tell you a story, a person will usually write it down and then read it to you. With games, the story is written down, then given to the to read. If the developer has given the player the righ...   more

Storyteller Review - Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

Shoot the Breeze: All Dressed Up and Nobody Cares

It's been some time since I wrote, hasn't it, dear reader? I hope you enjoyed the reprieve, but I fear the spell of serenity has been broken, the guileful spiderking of indolence fought from hi...   more

Vivi's Theme on Piano, and the Gallian Liberation Front!

Hey you! You like good games right? Then you should join the , who are always finding constructive ways to show SEGA that we would very much like to play Valkyria Chronicles 3. Pump yourself up...   more

Vivi's Theme on Piano, and the Gallian Liberation Front!

Oil on Water: Big Industry, Small Community (Response)

This is a response to on Shadow of the Colossus. Once, the gaming community revolved around brands and mascots - fanboys defending Nintendo, or Sonic, or whatever else. That phase is over now...   more

Oil on Water: Big Industry, Small Community (Response)

Storyteller Review: Deus Ex Human Revolution

This is a game review that focuses on how well a game performs as a It's not an analysis of the game's story itself, but rather a study of the "tools" the developer has given the player, to ...   more

Storyteller Review: Deus Ex Human Revolution

Shoot the Breeze: Oof

This...this feels strangely familiar. Have we done this before, friends? Some time, long ago perhaps? Back when young Time mewled alone in the crib of the early cosmos? Been a dicking long tim...   more

Punch contest; get code.

Happy Friday boys and babes. I may have misplaced my avatar. Such is things. Well, this is my last weekend of drinking away the all-encompassing loneliness and in celebration, Notch is getting...   more

Valkyria Chronicles Piano Pieces - Liner Notes (and a new video!)

have been out for over a month now and it's been received pretty well! There is a great review of it over at - and remember you can listen to some samples on the Also, don't torrent it pleas...   more

Valkyria Chronicles Piano Pieces - Liner Notes (and a new video!)

Let's Make A Story: The Director's Tools

When it comes to enjoying a good story, playing a game is not as straightforward as reading a book, or watching a movie. For most mediums, the quality of both story and storytelling is depe...   more

Let's Make A Story: The Director's Tools

Valkyria Chronicles Piano Pieces - Promotional Trailer

A whole lot of new information has been released today about the album. There's a , which talks about how I met Sakimoto and got the project started, plus some insight into the pieces I arranged...   more

Valkyria Chronicles Piano Pieces - Promotional Trailer

Shoot the Breeze: So Goddamn Dumb

my. The balance of the missions is really just screwy. I don't know if it's because you're expected to pursue more of the side missions, but my progress through the main story has been dogged ...   more

Terrible Tuesday [NVGR] [And sort of NSFW] [Also, kinda fail?]

Good god, what a day. I hate Tuesdays. They are, far and away, the worst day of the week, and are the worse for the lack of acknowledgement they receive on that front. They have almost all of the...   more

Shoot the Breeze: Don't Stop Bereaving

Thanks to Corduroy for the blog title. Alright everybody, let's- Hey. I know it's been a little while. Don't look at me like that. Come on, it's not like I meant for us to drift apart, I've just...   more

Groundhog Day: Holes in the Ground

Fitting, I think, that my musing about a game I keep coming back to concerns one I've already brought up or . Not necessarily because of the recurring theme of, well, , but because I'm somethi...   more

Shoot the Breeze: Beywatch

Much love to Rex for the title and Law for just being Law. I wrote this blog listening to . I recommend you do the same. Not, uh, the part where you write this blog. I mean, that's an out-and-...   more

Shoot the Breeze: Coolio Cooly Cool

Thank you, Xzyliac, Occams, Law, Corduroy and Mana for indulging my desperate bid for title tweets. Special thanks to Xzyliac for the current title and Turtle for "Much Ado About Muffin," becau...   more

Shoot the Breeze: All Hail Rex

Thank you, Rex, for a title so profound I can't believe I haven't been using all along. Fantastic mention to Turtle for ""Uncertainty: The Might-iest of All." Listen, it's about time someone w...   more

Shoot the Breeze: Pillow Talk

Thanks to Corduroy Turtle for this week's title. I'm playing around with my Windows task bar. Right now it's on the right side and hidden. This feels unintuitive, but so utterly made of . If I...   more

2010 Sucked: Writer's Block

Was that last one a play on Mount Rushmore? That was terrible. That physically harmed me. Listen, anonymous second party, I've had a long day and these people just want to get to the premi...   more

Shoot the Breeze: The Negazone

Well, my sexy, sexy people, how are we all doing this week? Bursting with vim and vigour and veal? Grand. Let's roll right along. I have no idea what to write about this week. I want to do vid...   more

Shoot the Breeze: Now With Hovercars

In two hours, I have to eat, pack, shower, catch a boat and maybe, just maybe, blitzkrieg a blog. Before we collectively shudder and shriek at the muse-spiders shooed from the cobwebs of my ...   more

Minecraft - Anniversary (Video)

What if the minecrafter wasn't always alone in their world? I wrote this piano arrangement and used my singleplayer world for the "set". Hope you like it!   more

Minecraft - Anniversary (Video)


Couldn't sleep last night. Hate-wrote the following. Don't know if it makes sense. Bye! ============================= Starring levelly at the elderly and altogether frail woman before him, as...   more

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