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Aug 24 // Malcor

Wie Gehts!!!!!!

Hello I have come back from gamescom, and me being me, I sat next to Pew and asked do you mind If I do a blog post about the event. He said in his beautiful voice sure....I don’t see why not. This was good and bad, good becau...
Feb 19 // Malcor

10 games I would like to have remade

10. Dead ball Zone I would love for this game to be remade with higher quality textures and great new features. This was one of my first games for the PS1, and boy did I love it. I hated conventional football games, they didn...
Feb 17 // Malcor


Hello I am Roy this is an introduction blog, so if you don’t want to know who I am then exit now. I plan to actually write some blogs, but because of my lack of “Basic English” the writing will be terrible, oh and the spell...

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