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GaymerX brings out the worst in the Dtoid community

The articles that Destructoid has run recently about have made me kind of sad and worried about the current community. The themselves are great, mind you. The staff is clearly welcoming of pe...   more

Contest Time Bro - Steam Only

Suppers brahs and brahettes. Been awhile since I ran a contest time and I'll be damned if this game didn't inspire me to run another. I'm of course talking about . This game has been giving more ...   more

Here's stuff what I have been doing a bit - the daring sequel

F92_NPBYoS0 One of the last things I was some dumb video gaming content I've done for a Student Television Station. Here is some more of that. There'd be more, but I'd like to graduate (and get...   more

Here's stuff what I have been doing a bit - the daring sequel

Radio D 034 - ConorElsea.com

Here's Radio Destructoid Episode 034 - ! In this Native American-themed episode: Aaron sticks it to Verizon, Kyle has been luftrausing, Conor has a new homepage at , and guest host JackShadow sha...   more

I'm Not Dead, Just Really Bored. And This Is What I Did.

Oh, hello. †Do you remember me? †It's been awhile since I've posted anything, you know, and I really hope you didn't forget me. †I mean I did buy you that pony you wanted for Christmas and everyt...   more

Radio D 033 - Race the Flush

Here's Radio Destructoid Episode 033 - Race the Flush! †In this episode: Aaron terrifies his child, Kyle has Dark Souls II madness, Conor is done with corgis, and returning guest host BobbyRobbBo...   more

Radio D 033 - Race the Flush

Radio Destructoid Episode 032 - Songs for Suicide Girls to Strip To

Here's Radio Destructoid Episode 032 - Songs for Suicide Girls to Strip To! †In this episode: Aaron tries not to starve, Kyle demands more mountain goats in games, Conor is still talking about Wo...   more

Radio Destructoid Episode 032 - Songs for Suicide Girls to Strip To

Why I love videogame magazines

As some of you may know, Dtoid Reviews editor Chris Carter, former Dtoid powerhouse Tony Ponce, and myself have been working with a conclave of nerds and videogame experts on making a print magaz...   more

Why I love videogame magazines

Radio Destructoid 031 - Bad Secret Santa

Here's Radio Destructoid Episode 031 - Bad Secret Santa! †In this episode: Aaron blursts all over Minotaur China Shop, Kyle has no idea how to MMO, Conor tells us about his days spent as a galley...   more

Radio Destructoid 031 - Bad Secret Santa

[NVGR] Prepare yourself, Idaho: I'm about to come inside you

Due to an uninteresting series of events, my family will be moving to Boise on March 8th. I will continue working at my same day job (from home) and also performing my Dtoid duties (hehe, dood...   more

Radio Destructoid 030 - COMMUNITOID evolved into RADIO D

Here's Radio Destructoid (nťe Communitoid) Episode 030 - COMMUNITOID evolved into RADIO D! †In this episode: Aaron got an awesome hoodie, Conor experiments with adulthood, Kyle has a pretty voice...   more

Is Senran Kagura Secretly Brilliant?

Hey, happy Valentineís Day.† Letís talk about breasts. A while back, I was on The Escapist sifting through the forums -- something I donít do all that often, unless thereís an interesting topi...   more

Communitoid Episode 029 - Romcom Voltron

Here's Communitoid Episode 029 - Romcom Voltron! †In this episode: Andy cheats on us with Podtoid, Aaron rabbles about almost-frozen Cokes like an insane person, Conor has the MAGFlu, new regular...   more

Girly Guys and Manly Girls

Fair warning: this is probably going to be the stupidest post youíve ever read.† Or if not the stupidest, then the one thatíll draw discussion away from the topic and put me under (or on) fire....   more

Communitoid Episode 028 - Live from MAGFest 12

Here's Communitoid Episode 028 - Live from MAGFest 12! †Conor and Aaron talk with bunches of Dtoiders (and the occasional random stranger), smoke with cigarettes, and get progressively more drunk...   more

Is Toad Middle Eastern?

First, we discovered that the clouds and bushes in were using the same sprite.† Later, mankind theorised that the entirety of 3. was actually a stage play. And now, I have unearthed the next ď...   more

Lightning Returns: One Last Battle

I donít think Iíve had an existential crisis this bad since I watched Transformers: Dark of the Moon and legitimately wanted to bash my head against something until everything went black.† Just...   more

Lightning Returns: One Last Battle

The hunt for the missing NES game

Something really cool happened this week, and while it might not be the most exciting story to some, it was still very exciting for me. So, growing up, my family had several gaming consoles that...   more

The hunt for the missing NES game

Occams electric toothbrush is your new Cblog Manager

It's been a long time coming. (Like my wiener!) As my daily duties direct my attention elsewhere and I find myself being pulled in more directions than my penis when my wife and kids are gone ...   more

Occam Thoughts: Summons

Summons in role playing games.† There is something so wonderfully appealing about calling forth a terrible monster to do your dirty work for you in an RPG.†Most of us can recall with fond remembr...   more

bbain's 2013 gaming awards

Hello, everyone! There have been so many Best of 2013 blogs already (which is awesome!), and I'd like to throw my own list into the mix, even though it's a little late. I also thought I'd add a f...   more

Communitoid Episode 027 - Touched by an Uncle

Here's Communitoid Episode 027 - Touched by an Uncle! †In this episode: Andy's bitter that he's dead, Aaron talks about the time he narrowly avoided a probable monkey attack while dressed as Sant...   more

Communitoid Episode 027 - Touched by an Uncle

2013 in Gaming: Better/Worse than Ever

What a year, eh? Another triumphant year for current gen consoles, the introduction of the next generation, the higher standards of AAA experiences and the greater exposure and availability of in...   more

Dtoid GOTY 2013: Chris Carter's picks

†to play videogames. This year,†I've played around 270 new games. That's new in 2013, as in, newly released this year, and doesn't include replays or retro titles. So as you can imagine, I had a ...   more

And now a special message from PhilKenSebben.

Merry Christmas you sacks of garbage. I love some of you, I hate most of you, but I'll fuck every God damn single one of you. I hope you all have a great day, I'm grateful to know and inter...   more

Merry Christmas from the Dixons

I just wanted to take a moment to let you all know how much you mean to me. If it weren't for Destructoid, I wouldn't be half the person -- half the husband, half the father, half the man -- ...   more

Communitoid Episode 026 - Social Justice For Camels!

Here's Communitoid Episode 026 - Social Justice For Camels! †In this Giant-Size episode: Aaron is too much of a wuss to play Team Fortess 2, Joanna is a quitter, Conor sings us the song of his pe...   more

The invisibility of the older woman...

I'm currently 51 and frankly, when I hit 50... shit happened. †I stopped dying my hair only to find out that I no longer had dark brown hair, but instead when the sun hits my locks, you could b...   more

New Podtoid animation

Classic Jim stuff. It's goooood.†GpfKIcO7lZs   more

Stuff...but more importantly, Happy Holidays

Hola. It's getting to be Christmas time. Hope you had a nice Chanukah. I know nothing about Kwanzaa, so if you celebrate it or any other tradition this month, good will to you. Anywho, it's ti...   more

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