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Nov 20 // OlUncleWedge

A Modest Proposal (To IO Interactive)

Hitman: Absolution was released today and I've been playing a shit ton of it (despite impending coursework deadlines). Despite the fact that I've been really enjoying it, I've noticed that it only feels like a successor to Bl...
May 25 // OlUncleWedge

Hunter or Hunted?

Recently, I've been having problems playing Source based games on my computer. I have no idea why this has happened and how to remedy the situation. The whole problem has made me realise how much I actually want to play these...
Jan 17 // OlUncleWedge

Modern Warfare 2: My Love and Hate Affair

I bought Modern Warfare 2 on release day (although I didn't go to an opening like some people). I played the campaign for about five minutes, then the online until I realised I had to be up for college in 6 hours and finally ...
Nov 22 // OlUncleWedge

Ban Nukes

Why, because I was hit by one today. Those wounds will never heal. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bg5uOMg-wwI This is the definition of adding insult to injury
Aug 31 // OlUncleWedge

Batman: Arkham Asylum Collectors Edition... what did you expect?

Theres been a lot of stigma recently regarding the quality of the assorted "crap" in the collectors edition of the new Batman game. In response I wanted to ask the community at large, 'why is this suddenly a big deal?' Ever ...
Jul 15 // OlUncleWedge

Why I Can Now Never Replay Fallout 1 and 2

Now, I love both of those games. They give me a warm sticky feeling , like when I'm playing with my d... Well, not in that way, because that's just weird, but I basically like them, a lot. There was nothing more satisfying t...

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