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Jun 14 // Scissors

What Is Going On With Retro Studios?

Earlier today I read a blog by Emily Rogers about Retro Studios. I think she did a fantastic job at detailing what past staff member have moved onto. If you've yet to read her write up I'd suggest you go do so now. Howev...
Dec 21 // Ulicies

Kingdom Hearts: DDD 8 MINUTE Trailer + In-depth Analysis.

Here's some epicness for you guys to spaz out on. Also, someone please post this trailer on the main page! I'll go through the video and categorize my analysis by video sections. Enjoy! 1:09: Shiki mentions "I'd be in...
Sep 04 // Scissors

[Improvements] Bringing Back The Old Cblog Sidebar, and Why It Was So Important

What my blog focuses on has been touched upon by some previously written blogs, but I'm going to give you detail on why enacting these changes is a good idea. So let's start of with the title of this blog. Some of you may ...
Aug 06 // Scissors

Metroid's 25th Anniversary: Short Blog

Twenty-Five years ago today the original Metroid was released on the Famicom Disk System in Japan. This would be the introduction to a beloved video game series very near and dear to many gamers hearts. I haven't seen much ...
Jun 03 // Scissors

[E3 Approaches] Good God You're Writing One Of These Too

E3 is just a few days away, and the excitement is just piling up. I'm a Nintendo fanboy so this is an especially important time of year for me. Out of the Big three Nintendo is the most tight lipped. Sony is never able to k...
May 27 // Scissors

How My Life Mirrored a Videogame, Rockstar's Bully: My Life as King, no Spoilers

Last Saturday night I beat the game Bully: Scholarship Edition [Wii]. I had actually started the game 3 years ago, but I stopped for 2 reasons one was that I failed a stealth mission 8 times and got irritated [Galloway Away...
May 26 // Ulicies

Ode to The Claw

My first successful quest in Monster Hunter was with "The Claw." But let's go back a bit further. My friend had told me about this cool game on the PSP that contained swords and monsters and quests, with amazing graphics ...
May 11 // Scissors

Escaping the gaming media, and seeking shelter at Destructoid: An overdue intro

I've been an active Dtoid member for about half a year now, but I've never properly introduced myself. So here it is my introduction post. For starters here are some pictures of me. I named my cat Mike Tyson's Punch-Out or ...
Apr 27 // Scissors

[Aaaamazing] FRAGILE DREAMS: A Misunderstood Masterpiece, no spoilers

Notice the low critics' score, but the high user score Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon, is one of the most amazing video games I have ever played, and it was one I nearly missed. From the moment I first saw foota...
Apr 16 // Scissors

3DS games that need to be made Pt. II: The sequel, a List of non-suckage

One of the most exciting things about new tech is pondering what new possibilities lie in its future. The DS is my favorite gaming device and I look forward to the future years of gaming that I will spend with the 3DS. I've ...
Mar 28 // Scissors

3DS games that need to be made: Part 1 [This list does not suck]

I'm trying to keep this post from being too long so I won't mention games that are pretty much guaranteed to come sometime in the 3DS's life span so no mention of Kirby, Mario, WarioWare, Pokemon, Mario & Luigi RPG, Advance W...
Mar 04 // Scissors

The case for Star Fox Wii: Retro Studios

I've casually mentioned this 2 or 3 times before in the D-toid comment section, but I haven't really elaborated on it so here it is. My Contentions on why I think Retro Studios should develop the next Star Fox game, and wh...
Jan 31 // Ulicies

Kingdom Hearts 3 is never going to be released. But I'll tell you what can be.

One reason why people complain about all of these different non-numbered titles (and the series in general) is that they're so scattered throughout many different platforms (PS2, GBA, DS, 3DS, PSP, Possibly PS3/PSP2). Now, I ...
Jan 27 // Ulicies

Final Fantasy Versus XIII in HD

Instead of mindlessly gushing all over this trailer, I'll just post it: The cut scenes look absolutely breathtaking. The gameplay looks really crisp and neat in HD as well.

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