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Jul 27 // CoruptAI125

Taking Notes: Mass Effect

Last Friday I posted a blog about diving back into Mass Effect, and trying to take a look at the game in a critical light. In an attempt to sound smarter and also make specific references to moments in the game , I took ...
Jul 24 // CoruptAI125

Looking Back: Mass Effect

This is a spoiler warning!! Mass Effect is, without hyperbole, one of the greatest franchises in gaming. Even in spite of it's rocky conclusion, I believe that the Mass Effect trilogy will always hold a pivotal place in vide...
Jul 14 // CoruptAI125

Evo 2014 (In Pictures)

Evolution 2014 is over, and boy was it spectacular. I, being a Las Vegas local, finally decided this year to take the plunge and buy a ticket to the largest fighting game tournament in the world. It was one of the best weeken...
Oct 12 // CoruptAI125

Beyond: Two Souls Review

Beyond: Two Souls Holy Shit I love David Cage Played to completion once, no reloading Beyond: Two Souls is exactly what I wanted it to be. It’s the sequel to Heavy Rain in every sense of the word. The writing is improve...
Oct 09 // CoruptAI125

Just Some Impressions:GTA Online

GTA Online does not live up to the hype. Let me start by saying that I've managed to avoid most of the online glitches that seem rampant in GTA Online. The only problem I ran into seemed to be the most common of them all, ...
Sep 13 // CoruptAI125

Tales of Xillia Review

Tales of Xillia Current generation game, last generation ideals Played to completion on Normal difficulty with most side quests completed The Tales series has been a constant in my life since the venerable GameCube clas...
Jun 28 // CoruptAI125

An Ode to the Temporary Party Member

Temporary party members have long been a staple of JRPG’s. It takes its place in the pantheon of tropes along with amnesia and crazy hair. In some cases an awesome character from the story will help you out of a tough spot wi...
Mar 26 // CoruptAI125

Epic Games is the new Capcom

The recent release of Gears of War: Judgment got me thinking about just how quickly Epic Games has gone from a company who released free DLC to keep player’s engaged, into a company who releases games with disc locked conte...
Jan 27 // CoruptAI125

Bioshock's Museum of Orphaned Concepts

When I saw the announcement of the Bioshock Ultimate Rapture Edition, one thing caught my eye. A new feature called the "Museum of Orphaned Concepts" was added to the original Bioshock. Of course this was the first thing I wa...
Dec 02 // CoruptAI125

IPL 5 Cosplay Roundup Featuring League of Legends!

Living in Vegas and being under 21 is basically the same as living on a tropical but not knowing how to swim. Thankfully, IPL came along and gave me the opportunity to ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING INTERESTING. After enjoying mysel...
Aug 16 // CoruptAI125

Getting shafted by Sleeping Dogs? If you take a look at that video, you'll see the Police Protection Pack. Offered as a pre-order incentive to gamestop customers. (at least in the US) Based on that video, I and ma...
Aug 10 // CoruptAI125 was hacked. Change your passwords!

Apparently emails, security questions, and encrypted passwords were stolen. Looks like a real mess. They have a faq on the website with a lot of good information. I tried to send this to tips but for some reason google was blocking me from sending it.
Jul 02 // CoruptAI125

Best of the Year(So Far)

The Dtoid show recently made an episode about the best games that have come out in the first half of 2012. After watching the episode I got a flash of genius and decided to copy them but in text form. However, in an effort ...
May 18 // CoruptAI125

The Games of my Summer

Now available for the Apple II, Commodore 64, and Amiga! Spring is soon coming to a close, and summer is nigh upon us. Summer is traditionally a bad time for the videogame industry. Most game companies seem to avoid the s...
May 17 // CoruptAI125

Soon the Long Summer Begins!

Goodbye mild temperatures :( With summer rapidly approaching and temperatures rapidly rising, spring will soon come to an end. To mark the occasion I’ve decided to write a little wrap up of my spring as it relates to gamin...
Mar 12 // CoruptAI125

Mass Effect 3's ending is Bulls***!(Spoilers!!)

SPOILERS!!! I just finished my first playthrough of Mass Effect 3 and boy does it raise some questions. The ending here especially interests me. For the last hour I've been searching forums for opinions about the ending(s...
Feb 12 // CoruptAI125

The Darkness 2 Review

The Darkness 2 Like disemboweling fish with fucking tentacles in a barrel Played to completion twice on both Thug (Easy) and Don (Very Hard) difficulties (Xbox 360) In the nearly 5 years since the original Darkness came ...
Jan 12 // CoruptAI125

My limited CES photo album

So I was lucky enough to visit CES on the first day for few hours courtesy of Samsung. I was hired to do surveys that were far to long for anybody to sit through on a show floor. Needless to say it was a disaster, but I came ...
Dec 08 // Aurain

Xenophilia: Stand tall and shake the heavens.

Much has been made of Xenoblade, Monolith Soft’s highly lauded JRPG which is finally making its way to the United States after months of fan campaigning and desperate petition to Nintendo of America. Many of my fellow Euro...
Aug 17 // CoruptAI125

Summer Ends and Winter Beckons

Winter is coming. Although Summer still has about a month left, winter is looming on the horizon. For gamers this means an absolute onslaught of new realeases. The gaming winter typically kicks off with the realease af the ...
Aug 08 // CoruptAI125

Backlog Review: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories

Silent Hill: Shattered Memories In Soviet Russia, game profile you!! Played to completion on default difficulty (Wii) You know your in for something special when the first thing you read is a warning. A warning that spe...
Jul 27 // CoruptAI125

Shadows of The Damned Review

Shadows of The Damned When demons hear the name Garcia Fucking Hotspur... Played to completion on Lemon Hunter (Easy) In Shadows of The Damned, hell isn't your typical vision. Fire and Brimstone are replaced by medieval...
Jul 07 // CoruptAI125

Backlog Review: Persona 3 FES

Persona 3:FES Slaying monsters with style; The RPG way! Played to completion on easy difficulty (PS2) Let me start off by saying this, Persona 3 is an astonishingly involving time suck. My plan of finishing and reviewi...
Jun 01 // CoruptAI125

Why difficulty scaling rarely works

As gaming has evolved over the years, games have seemingly gotten easier. A lot of players complained about how the difficulty of the NES days were gone for good. Some developers decided to keep the spirit of difficulty alive...
May 23 // CoruptAI125

Backlog Review: Dead Space

Dead Space Where an engineer does what a trained soldier can't Played to completion on easy difficulty (Xbox 360) Dead Space is by far one of the most immersive games I've ever played. The art style and enviorment draw ...
May 20 // CoruptAI125

DLC Review: Bioshock 2 Protector Trials

Bioshock 2: Protector Trials Save the little sister with only the tools on hand "A" ranked all trials including bonus trials. Default Difficulty After the dissapointment that was Bioshock 2's multiplayer DLC, here we ha...
May 20 // CoruptAI125

Penny Arcade Episode 2 Review

Penny Arcade Adventures: On The Rain Slick Precipice of Darkness Episode 2 The continuation of the hilarious RPG franchise Played to Completion twice on easy Difficulty Penny Arcade: On The Rainslick Precipice Of Darkne...
May 19 // CoruptAI125

DLC Review: Honest Hearts

Fallout New Vegas: Honest Hearts The telltale story of religion in no mans land Played to completion on Very Easy Difficulty, Loaded late save to see alternate ending Honest Hearts picks up a thread left behind in New V...
May 16 // CoruptAI125

Nier Review

Nier The surprisingly poignant journey of a man on a mission Played to completion on easy. Played through New-game+ 2 twice Nier is a hard game to review. It's an incredibly bland action game whose story, setting, and c...
May 09 // CoruptAI125

P2 Press Start: Something About Horror

There is just something about horror games that really bring people together. When I think about the best moments I've ever had playing games with my friends (Keep in mind i'm 18 and grew up with a genesis/PS1) I always go ...

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