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Jan 07 // Tobiichi

WINTER: That Day it Snowed

My favorite game(s) of all time is Shenmue (and Shenmue II). Now, I had not played the first game in 10 years but I finally did it last week and I still love it as much as back then. And whaddyaknow!? It takes place in Winter...
Dec 31 // Tobiichi

Twelve Days of Podtoid

Happy New Year guys! BandCamp link:
Dec 28 // Tobiichi

Paranormal Activity 64 (Posters of Podtoid)

I got to have some true creative freedom this week since there was no movie pitch, so I took our lovely glitch-filled microphone belonging to Conrad Zimmerman and made a movie of it... Belonging to a played out franchise.
Dec 27 // Tobiichi

Best Antagonist of 2012 (Tobbii's Gaming Awards)

It's the last award before the Worst and the Big Countdown, so let's get the antagonist out of the way. Yeah, it's Vaas. Of course it's Vaas.
Dec 24 // Tobiichi

Best New Protagonist of 2012 (Tobbii's Gaming Awards)

A day late (Didn't have time to log on Dtoid yetserday, video was still up on the 23rd) but here it is. I wonder who won this one... Hmm... I have nooooo idea. Also, taking a few days off over the holidays since I'm not in my dorm room now, celebrating with my mom.
Dec 22 // Tobiichi

Best Soundtrack of 2012 (Tobbii's Gaming Awards)

I said I wasn't going to do soundtrack of the year. Then I remembered what game I wanted to give soundtrack of the year to. It's a game that only us Europeans can give a 2012 award, how about that?
Dec 21 // Tobiichi

Best Rerelease/Compilation of 2012 (Tobbii's Gaming Awards)

I'm Free! I'm Free! After a stupidly long day I've done the two videos and the poster I said I was going to do. Great. Now I'm going to bed. Good night people, also, turns out the world didn't end... Who'd have thought huh? Huh? I wonder when the next End of the World craze will be, I'm betting on 2015.
Dec 21 // Tobiichi

The Wrong Santa (The Return of Posters of Podtoid)

It's back. I felt it was time to bring back the Posters of Podtoid thing I used to do as I have more free time now, starting off with a movie for the holidays. Happy holidays everyone, try not to spend too much money on the Steam sale (I bought 10 games in the first hour... Not good).
Dec 21 // Tobiichi

Most Overlooked Game of 2012

A day late (doing two today, I was moving into my new place yesterday) but now it's here. I wonder what if could possibly be, hmm... Also, stopping with the banners, fuck 'em.
Dec 19 // Tobiichi

Biggest Disappointment of 2012 (Tobbii's Gaming Awards 2012)

Another day another award. Today we talk the opposite of Guild Wars 2, a game that I thought would be phenomenal but turned out to not be something worth caring for. It's a shame really. Hope you enjoy the video, and yes, I...
Dec 18 // Tobiichi

Biggest Surprise of 2012 (Tobbii's Gaming Awards 2012)

So here we are, my daily countdown of categories of which all belong under the header of my personal gaming awards. We start off with Biggest Surprise and we'll be moving on throughout the week (and slightly into next week)...
Dec 17 // Tobiichi

Follow my Final Fantasy Quest!

Hello there! As you might recall my Final Fantasy Quest began about an hour ago, and rather than spamming the Dtoid C-Blog with updates and thoughts, I created a separate blog for how my quest is going and I'll leave the en...
Dec 08 // Tobiichi

VGA Podcast with Jonathan Holmes and Gregory Edwards

So, as some of you know I have a weekly podcast called Just Another Anime Podcast. What you may NOT know however is that I've had a second podcast in work for a while now, starting January next year. That's a podcast called T...
Dec 01 // Tobiichi

Hey home-friends, I'm be havin' a Wii U now!

What up friends and followers of which I also count most as friends. I bought a Wii U yesterday, first in line at GameStop Kalmar (would brag, but it took me an extra 6 hours to get my Wii U despite being first) when it ope...
Nov 28 // Tobiichi

Tobbii's Quest to beat every Final Fantasy Main-series Game

Hello readers! Long time no see. I'm taking some time off in planning my next Lost series (It's coming.) that I promised to tell you about a thing I've been planning for a few months now. My Chris Carter-esque quest to play...
Sep 07 // Tobiichi

Double Feature! (Posters of Podtoid)

Since it was such a while ago since I made any posters (Sorry, I'm going to school now and get home late.), I decided to make two from this weeks Podtoid. So here you guys go. Here's the first one I did, a sequel to my old...
Aug 26 // Tobiichi

Hey, want another "The Lost" series?

Back during spring this year I did a blog-series called "The Lost Resident Evil" where every week I'd look at a cancelled Resident Evil game or a Resident Evil game that was heavily changed mid-development. It was fairly s...
Aug 17 // Tobiichi

Pimp-Daddy Conrad (Posters of Podtoid)

There was no movie pitch this week, but the ending of this weeks podtoid forced me into making this poster (It's fucking 5:21 AM now) before I could even attempt resting. Hope you guys enjoy it! Follow Me On Twitter: @SirTobbii Full Gallery: DeviantArt
Aug 14 // Tobiichi

Final Fantasy VII - PC Re-Release (A Warning)

Don't buy this, please, I did. This new 9,99 EUR priced PC version of Final Fantasy VII is something I was looking forward to, because I played the PC version released by Eidos in the 90s and was looking forward to playing F...
Aug 09 // Tobiichi

Horse Named Keanu (Posters of Podtoid)

Poster Collection Here's a new Podtoid Poster! So yeah, I slightly changed the name of this one, I could not get "A Horse Named Keanu" to fit good with the logo I wanted ...
Jul 30 // gunsage

These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things - Episode 8

So this time around I figured I'd throw in some stuff that's actually pretty clever. Most of the time games are fairly predictable, so when one can up and surprise me, it warrants attention. It should be noted that the exam...
Jul 18 // Tobiichi

I'll Photograph Your Ass (Posters of Podtoid)

I love this one. This was the most fun I've had being creative with a poster in a long time. Sure, I Sing A Song Of Spiders was fun, but it was easy to map out. With this, I had no clue what tone or style I wanted for this, and in the end I think it turned out perfect. All Posters:
Jul 04 // Tobiichi

Resident Evil 6 - Tobbii's Demo Impressions

I'm sitting by the title-screen of Dragon's Dogma, awesomely bad J-Rock pumping through my speakers and bass. The Resident Evil 6 demo is slowly working its way down to my harddrive. I'm not really sure what to expect at th...
Jul 03 // Tobiichi

I Sing a Song of Spiders (Posters of Podtoid)

Did this while I listened to the episode (still listening actually, 30 minutes left as I write this.) and I had a lot of fun. BUT I had a weakness... I have arachnophobia, googling images of spiders to get the mouth right ...
Jul 01 // Tobiichi

Bram Helsing: Hunter of the Vampires (Posters of Podtoid)

I'm baaaaack... So this one has been on my backlog for a while now, wanted to have it done before the next Podtoid, so here it is! And yes, I know most people wanted Jonathan Holmes on this one as well.. Let's just say I'...
Jun 11 // Tobiichi

The 45 Games available on Wii U

After the E3 Press Conferences had ended a few days back, I began compiling a list of the games confirmed as of yet for release on Wii U, mostly to be able to keep track of what I might want to buy, but since a few days has p...
Jun 09 // Tobiichi

Muddy Buddies (Posters of Podtoid) + Podcast

Kicking off this post with my #1 most requested poster to make, MUDDY BUDDIES! This one was so much fun to do, it's one of those where I had a picture in my head from before I even began working on the poster. Obviously th...
Jun 07 // Tobiichi

E3 Podcast: "Castlevanias! Starring: Count Tracula"

The final day of E3 arrives and me and Gregory closes the podcast series off with wrapping up the games we've missed the other days. We also detail Nintendo's special 3DS presentation as best we remember. Finally, we close ...
Jun 07 // Tobiichi

E3 Podcast: "Robin Hood Expo 2013"

Today I was in extreme pain and on about 4-5 different meds to combat it, but I made it through another episode along with Gregory Edwards. We talk third-party videogames such as WatchDogs, Sonic AllStars Racing Transformed...
Jun 05 // Tobiichi

E3 Podcast: "David Cage's Matilda" + "Wii Optical Dicks"

Here they are, the two long episode about the big three conferences at E3. We talk Microsoft's conferences where we bring up interesting parallels in development of Splinter Cell when compared to Metal Gear, how we're excit...

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