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A Clever Jaunt Through Time

had been showing at PAX for years, so I knew the premise long before it came out: if you die, you can rewind and "co-op" through the segment up till your death to help succeed the next time. Whi...   more

Surprises Hidden in the Eternal Darkness

It was long ago, feels like a dream, when did me a service only a true father can: he lent me his very own physical copy of   more

Aaand Now I Want To Be an Archaeologist

You know, 2012 was a good year for me in gaming, especially for puzzle gaming--which I love. We started off the year with What else to say? This was an amazing journey for me and Lemeza. My bud...   more

The Best Old Timey Trains Game You'll Play

I don't know what exactly I want to write about   more

The Wreck-it/Fix-it Report

Surely some or hopefully all of you have seen the trailers for the upcoming (which was pretty good). But man, this looked pretty keen. One of these fancy new CG animated movies all about vide...   more

Conventions: PAX 2012 was a great, I say, a honkin' good time

This year was--I say--was a heck of a time, the best of times, even. I had a whole gaggle of fellas hanging around with me (good people, really good people, just a little kooky sometimes, if you ...   more

Dark Souls and the "Style Over Substance" Mindset

It's no news to any of my friends that I'm severely addicted to at this point. I never could have predicted the way I became utterly gripped by it. Eventually, this largely became a matter of be...   more

10 Factoids about knutaf

Do I bother? I feel like lots of people already know some thing or another about me by now. I feel like I talk about myself too much sometimes as it is. I get self conscious about that kind of th...   more

Journey Is About So Much More Than Travel

If you haven't played through I loved . It's probably the first thing I've ever played that made me just sink in and forget that I was even playing a game.   more

Ezekiel 25:17 - a Dark Souls faith/dex PvP build

More ! Since it is almost the thing I've been playing for weeks, I guess it was only inevitable that I write another one of these, huh? If you've been watching at all, you'd have seen me crafti...   more

Weapons in Dark Souls Aren't a Numbers Game (img heavy)

is an RPG, right? I have trouble describing its genre to people. It's kind of an adventure game. It has some stats. Your character has some stats. You "level up", and so on. Yeah, I guess it's a...   more

Being a Jolly Good Fellow in Dark Souls Co-op

If you listen to me on it's no secret that I play a lot of . A lot of the time I spent in the game was in co-op play, or, as we like to say, JOLLY CO-OPERATION. I've played over 60 games of co-...   more

The Myth of the Hero

It's funny how stories get changed as they're passed down from generation to generation. We read tales of daring deeds, masterful heroics, incredible skill... but how much of that is real, and ho...   more

I Seriously Cannot Shut Up About Dark Souls

The title says it all. . . I can't stop talking about this game. I can't stop thinking about this game. Even when I'm not talking about it, I'm thinking about it, so it's kind of like I have an i...   more

Consistency and Plausibility in Demon's Souls

As the release of approaches, I've of course been trying to wrap up my playthrough. I'd started writing about my usual crazy exploits, but instead found myself gravitating towards this topic ...   more

The PAX Prime 2011 Report by Knut

PAX was a glorious thing. I've been every year since 2005, and this was easily the best one I've ever had. You know what was different this year? The people. I met people this year, and they were...   more

Improvements: Various Cbloggy Things

I won't mess around much. Straight to the meat. Since I asked about it in the panel: what's the best way to go about submitting pictures for that community picture rotating image in the upper l...   more

The Road to Limbo

I recently finished reading . As I read and read, I saw post-apocalyptic in my head. With his descriptions of a grey, dark world, looters, cannibals, thieves, rapists, and so on, I ...   more

Freedom: the Careful, Partial Restriction Thereof

Lately we've seen people talking about linear games, which are a type of restriction, and certain techniques that unshackle the player (say, from gravity). I'd like to pile on with a few ways i...   more

Demon's Souls for n00bs: Risk and the Currency of Souls

No daring exploits from this time. This is actually leftovers from the last post that I uncharacteristically decided to split off into a new post instead of lengthening that one. As I played t...   more

Demon's Souls for n00bs: Flamelurker, Adjudicator, and More

About a week more, and I still haven't given up on . In fact, maybe we're starting to reach a mutual understanding. I follow a kind of sine wave of pain/joy that goes something like this: - Grin...   more

Demon's Souls for n00bs: the Tower Knight

Almost a year ago, I got and tried playing . A couple weeks later, I reluctantly moved it from my "now playing" list to my "on hold" list, since I got stuck. The game is punishingly difficult, ye...   more

P2 Press Start: A Classification of Multiplayer Experiences

In this paper, we propose a set of categories for the classification of multiplayer experiences in games, that is, the kind of games where you might have a "P2" (i.e. "player 2") press the butto...   more

Let's Talk Turkey (dumb name) (NVGR) (pic heavy)

I left the country for about a week and a half in April. I was visiting Turkey with my parents. It was a wonderful trip, and I saw some amazing stuff. My trips: let me show you them. In honor of ...   more

Aaamaazing: Gateway to the Other Side

This is about . You probably already know the part I'm going to talk about. Throughout the game they present you with two environments. Primarily, the stark white hospital-esque, science labora...   more

Technical Difficulties: Art Strategy Games Difficult?

"In God's name, but these be obstinate and fierce adversaries," uttered the elderly thane, standing at the high battlements of his fortress. The fortress, by careful design of his forefathers gen...   more

In Underground 21st Century Soviet Russia...

...demons slay ! Oh wait, that doesn't really work for that joke, does it? (Note: no story spoilers!) I'm about ready to leave 2010 behind, so this is a blog about how was my (even though it w...   more

Zooming: A game about going fast (and how to fix Sonic)

I don't often have ideas about games, which is, I guess, unfortunate, seeing as how I possess the power to realize them if I wanted to. No, normally I'm just content to play them. Today I'm going...   more

With Whom Doth The World End? It Endeth With Thee

Two years ago we moved out of a house we were renting and into a house we bought with our own money dollars. For the most part, I considered this moving up in the world, save for one thing: we ma...   more

With Whom Doth The World End? It Endeth With Thee

Occam's Electric Parcel

My friend (I can call you friend, right?) sent me a care package in the actual hold-it-in-your-hands-and-smell-it-whoa!-that's-funky mail. That's a thing only people like my parents and my wife ...   more

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