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Jun 08 // PIR

EVE Online: The Death of a Coalition

Note: As always, this map serves as a good way for those unfamiliar with the EVE landscape to understand what and where I'm talking about. Most of the events in this post happen in the South/Southwest. Another Note: Sorry fo...
Mar 02 // PIR

The Alamo in EVE Online

There are well documented patterns of player behavior on a corporate or alliance level in Eve that happen when a corporation or alliance are faced with intense adversity. Many wars in Eve are trivial in terms of actual combat...
Jan 27 // PIR

Peacetime in EVE Online

In the wake of the almost-war that didn't happen between the Clusterfuck Coalition and Honeybadger coalition (post about it is here), there was an unbelievable level of complaining from the community, especially by neutral ...
Jan 25 // PIR

Ketsui: A History Lesson

Ketsui is a vertical arcade shoot em' up developed by Cave with an interesting story behind it. Released in early 2003, it's one of three games (three and a half if you hate whole numbers) released in 2002 and 2003 for Cave's...
Jan 23 // PIR

Low Commitment Activities in EVE Online

Eve is famous for it's stories of large sweeping nullsec conflicts and constant backstabbing and subterfuge, but outside of those headline grabbing activities are entire playstyles that are often left ignored. Many people rea...
Jan 22 // PIR

[Eve Online] Tale of Two Alliances (Part Two): Brink of Chaos

(Note: A universe map can be found [here] to help unfamiliar readers with locations and general movement in the story) Read Part One: [x] Spoiling for a fight after an unexciting recent campaign and hoping to settle some ba...
Jan 22 // PIR

[Eve Online] Tale of Two Alliances (Part One): Best Bros Forever

(Note: A universe map can be found [here] to help unfamiliar readers with locations and general movement in the story) Goonswarm Federation and Test Alliance Please Ignore have a history together. It's a somewhat unique hist...
Oct 22 // PIR

[EVE Online] Crack in the Armor

Note: Read the first part of this article here It’s been said that most serious wars in EVE aren’t won by the strategic superiority or cunning, but by capitalizing on one grievous mistake made by the enemy. Whether it’s a mi...
Oct 21 // PIR

[EVE Online] Northern Politics

A few months ago, an alliance that was part of OTEC decided to break the treaty, ostensibly in the interest of ‘good fights’. Since then the north has become a somewhat complicated political landscape. Northern Coalition. (N...
Sep 12 // PIR

Death and Tragedy in Eve Online

Today in Benghazi the US consulate was stormed by armed men, which resulted in the death of one consulate member. Under normal circumstances for me and many others this would simply be another newspaper headline, or something...
Aug 10 // PIR

Burning Bridges in EVE Online

One of the most dangerous things a corp or alliance can do in New Eden is to gain a reputation for betraying allies or not abiding by contracts and agreements. In a persistent, single-shard universe like Eve, who you know can...
Aug 06 // PIR

Logistics in EVE Online

The word ‘logistics’ can mean two things in EVE: Either logistics work, or logistics ships. This article is about the former. Alliances operate like machines. Different parts do different things to achieve a specified goal, ...
Aug 05 // PIR

Scouts in EVE Online

Above all else, EVE is a game of information. Whether it’s having good knowledge of the game’s various ships and what they do so you can prioritize targets in a small gang fight, or getting word from a spy that an enemy allia...
May 21 // PIR

Subscription Growth in EVE Online

EVE is nothing if not walking to the beat of it's own drum when it comes to the MMO market. In the gameplay realm this is seen in it's emergent gameplay and astounding levels of player freedom. In it's development it can be s...
May 16 // PIR

Meta Gaming in EVE Online

EVE online is an unbelievably intricate and complicated game. There are entire player organizations that exist just to teach new players how to survive in New Eden. There are layers to the complexity that make EVE a game that...
May 13 // PIR

EVE Online: Raising the Stakes

One of the principles on which EVE was built is the idea that actions have consequences, and that what you do and how you do it matters. This simple idea is how EVE has set itself apart from the rest of the MMO market (along ...
May 11 // PIR

The Black Gold of Eve Online

At the end of April, The Mittani, CEO of Goonswarm Federation, head of the Clusterfuck Coalition, and incorrigible drama magnet, announced the formation of OTEC - the Organization of Technetium Exporting Corporations - on twi...
May 09 // PIR

Burn Jita: An Eve Online Event

Truth is often stranger than fiction, and nowhere else is this truer in gaming than Eve Online. Known commonly as two things; An MMO set in a primarily player-driven world where the universe's narrative is determined by the a...
Aug 02 // Arttemis

Diablo III: What the Auction House REALLY Means.

Note: Wow, so it's been two years since my last blog; figures it would take Diablo III to bring me back into writing. Hope you enjoy! -Less than $5 for 6 characters worth of amazing gear The Reality Blizzard has consiste...
Sep 01 // PIR

D-Pad Disaster

I put a lot of weight on the quality of the D-pad when forming my opinion on a controller. Something that a surprising number of people can't wrap their head around. I know it may not be an integral part of the gameplay exper...
Jul 02 // PIR

Motion Controls and Me

Pioneered and made profitable by Nintendo, with Sony and Microsoft now shamelessly cashing-in before people wise-up and realize how stupid the phenomenon is, motion controls are infecting gaming hardware like a virus lately, ...
Jul 01 // PIR

Deathsmiles and Genre Redemption

Before XBLA and the retro hype, which resulted in a land-grab on customers' nostolgia through thinly-veiled clones by indie devs, arcade-style games were in a bad way. People just didn't want to play them anymore. It's hard t...
Aug 24 // Arttemis

Why I love Destructoid

Aug 18 // Arttemis

Capcom's Comic-Con Zombie T-Shirt availabe via Pre-Order

Remember that awesome Resident Evil shirt Capcom showed off just before Comic-Con? See gallery below for more pictures! Well, it turns out it will be available to more than just convention atendees! Like with Metroid Pri...
Jul 14 // Arttemis

What'd You Get? - A LOT! and Going to PAX! Edition

Through very generous friends, a bit of luck, and not much money at all, I've managed to amass a pretty large sum of goodies in the last couple of weeks. Be sure to look through the gallery for more pics. Awesome Gifts: Fir...
Jun 04 // Arttemis

Regarding E3: Konami and Kojima's Action-Genre Twins

Let me start off by stating that I'm an absolute action-genre junkie. Hacking and slashing, quick reflexes, unforgiving enemies, frame-based timing, and acrobatic skills that put 13-year-old Chinese gymnasts to shame --- ess...
Aug 20 // Arttemis

Diablo III: Two Less Talked-About Changes

[First off, I've been sitting on this blog for a while now and thought I'd might as well flesh it out for publishing in true community-contributing fashion, particularly since Dtoid was kind enough to give me something! (Woot...
Jul 22 // Arttemis

Nintendo Apologizes for E3 and My Thoughts

Nintendo Apologizes for E3 and My Thoughts Nintendo President Satoru Iwata speaks directly to 'core gamers' with an apology for their misguided presentation at E3. "If there is any perception that Nintendo is ignoring the...
Jun 17 // Arttemis

In-Game XMB officially confirmed!

Eric Lempel, director of PSN operations, has confirmed in his blog that 2.40 firmware update will allow for Trophies as well as in-game XMB!!! (Now with 100% more Playstation 3, and 100% less shirt) Huzzah! Great timing f...
Jun 11 // Arttemis

Wal-Mart 80GB MGS4 PS3s... (Update)

If you're interested in buying one at midnight in your respective time-zone, be aware that (as far as I know) every Wal-Mart outlet will be receiving ONLY SIX 80GB BUNDLES. This is true even if they have claimed every day ...

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