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Jun 05 // dronkmunk

Fallout - New Vegas: Gameplay

Enjoy, although it does look kinda meh. You know what's going to be missing from this game? The DC Subway tunnels...I wonder what they are going to use for Dungeons.
Feb 25 // dronkmunk

Yet Another Fallout: New Vegas Preview

This one comes from the German PC Games Magazine. I found this info on NMA: (Some minor spoilers follow) *Opening sequence: Courier is executed with a headshot. No ambush. *Character look creation: Mitchell holds a mirror i...
Feb 15 // dronkmunk

Fallout: New Vegas OXM Preview

OXM Magazine did a preview of Fallout New Vegas. Found this on NMA There are also scans to be had New information revealed (with some very minor spoilers): *The Brotherhood of Steel is back, but the core story revolve...
Feb 10 // dronkmunk

EVEN MORE Fallout: New Vegas Info

You guys must have really liked my last post. 12 faps, wow, how did that happen? I even got a sultry email from a french spambot that couldn't keep herself from sending me a desperate and fake sounding message at 6 in the m...
Feb 08 // dronkmunk

Fallout: New Vegas Details (VOTE UP, PLZ)

Details have surfaced for Fallout: New Vegas, thanks to PC Gamer magazine. Screenshots of the article can be seen here, here, and here. I had no idea it would look so close to Fallout 3. However, it seems the gameplay w...
Aug 24 // dronkmunk

Why I Love Inglourious Basterds

Ever since the age of 12 when I tricked my grandmother into taking me to the theater to see Pulp Fiction, I have been a fan of Quentin Tarantino; however plagued I have been with doubts about his actual talent level ever ...
Aug 17 // dronkmunk

The Moon...& Africa (My D9 Review) NVGRSFWZOMG

I had a bit of a sci-fientific weekend, which I was not a expecting. I had planned for the last week to see District 9, a semi-dystopic/apocalyptic what-if about humans on earth learning to co-exist with stranded aliens who...
Feb 02 // dronkmunk

Xbox Live is Tearing My Family Apart

When Xbox Live was created, it widened the accessibility of multiplayer game to audiences of people all over the world. You longer had to be 'hardcore' to pwn nubs that lived in another city, state, or country; thus, player...
Jan 07 // dronkmunk

Nintendo Enuii

I was wondering if anyone had made the connection...
Dec 12 // dronkmunk

Video-Game Related

You have heard about the full co-op. You've caught wind of customizable characters and the overwhelming amount of things to do in Saint's Row 2 already. I am still somewhat skeptical of the projections of this game's succe...
Dec 09 // dronkmunk

Confirmed: GTA IV is GOTY

Hed Asplode @ This Bullshit TIME Magazine has given Grand Theft Auto IV their Game of the Year, awarding it the number one game for 2008. Here's the list: 1. Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3, 360, PC) 2. Braid (360) 3. LittleBi...
Dec 02 // dronkmunk

WWII As Online Multiplayer Chat

Found this on Reddit this morning. It's moderately amusing, and kinda long (twss). Plus, I haven't posted in a while, and I could really use some attention. Also, vagoos.
Oct 08 // dronkmunk

GTA IV PC Trailer

This one uses "Mama," which you may remember from Liberty Rock Radio. That being said, good to see that they still know how to make a compelling trailer.
Oct 03 // dronkmunk

Some APB news you don't even know about!

I just received an email from the good people at Realtime Worlds. I suppose its because they are my sole friend on Facebook, and feel chummy enough with me to share their latest developments. I have pasta'd the entire thing ...
Sep 16 // dronkmunk

Confirmed: Saint's Row 2 > Grand Theft Auto IV

You have heard about the full co-op. You've caught wind of customizable characters and the overwhelming amount of things to do in Saint's Row 2 already. Well, here is something you (hopefully) didn't know (but probably di...
Sep 10 // dronkmunk

Left 4 Demo!!!

I call dibs on the Black dude! (no homo) That asshole Heretic may think that Kotaku is "slowtaku" but that is where I get all my info. Destructoid tends to be a little behind in news, let's face it. I really only come to...
Sep 05 // dronkmunk

360 FNF: Call of Duty 4 a change edition

Pretty sure I am going to be home-bound most of this weekend because our local casino here in Minneapolis, Mistake Lake, took all my money away. Tonight, I thought I would host some Friday Night Fights. I wanna start off ...
Aug 13 // dronkmunk

I Just Erased My Hard Drive

That’s right. I wiped that sucker clean. The reason is because I had just purchased a brand new xbox 360 and wanted to transfer my licenses to it. Since it was necessary to re-download all of the items that I wanted, it d...
Aug 13 // dronkmunk

APB Demo to become available on FaceBook

Um.....yes, please! OXM reports that Realtime Worlds will set up a beta for its forthcoming title APB once its Facebook group hits 500 members. Its ' Register Your Interest' page will let you sign up for email updates on ...
Aug 11 // dronkmunk

R.I.P. Samuel L. Jackson??

This picture from the set of upcoming film Soul Men says YES. Death does come in threes, you know. Nah, but seriously, what the hell happened this weekend? As I'm sure you have heard, Isaac Hayes and Bernie Mac passed aw...
Aug 06 // dronkmunk

Make me laugh; win free xbl

I know someone had a similar contest not too long ago, but I happen to think I have a pretty sophisticated sense of humor, so it won't be so easy this time. I must be in a giving mood today. You have until friday 6pm (c...
Aug 06 // dronkmunk

I get bored.

You can haz I have something I would like to share. Something I would like to give away. It's not my virginity, and it's not quite drugs. But very much like both of those things, it is pleasurable, kick-ass, and potentially...
Jul 30 // dronkmunk

Geometry Wars 2: A Review...

...on the demo. I got it off of XBL earlier this evening. I can't afford the full game just yet because I just got back from a long trip in northern MN and...hey, where are you going? Ok, ok. So I got the demo and let me ...
Jun 12 // dronkmunk

Grand Theft Auto: A cleverly titled blog entry about the steps the series has taken towards maturing the series and humanizing its protagonists. (SPOILER: Not my best work)

When GTA3 was unleashed upon the world in the fall of 2001, it was a pure, unadultered exercise in nihilism. Players had the choice to main and murder their fellow man, guilty and innocent alike, or go around town taking in...
May 08 // dronkmunk

GTA 100% Club contest extended

Until the 19th of May 2008. Good luck.
Apr 28 // dronkmunk

End of the Line: Liberty City Awaits

The eve of destruction is finally upon us, as the worldwide release of Grand Theft Auto is right around the corner. You may have been wondering where I have been for the last week or so, while the GTA IV hype machine I have...
Apr 19 // dronkmunk

'Neutral' GTA IV review surfaces

Games aktuell, a gaming based based in Germany, has recently published their review of Grand Theft Auto. Surprisingly, the reviewers gave the game a 10/10, calling it "By far the best action game ever created." Now,I am not...

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