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Community  Long Blog:
Community  Long Blog:
eskimo bob . Nov 20

Game music fans of Sweden: Go to this concert! ~ A Quasi-Review ~

If you happen to live in Sweden, in any of the listed cities on the official website, buy tickets to Gamers X-Mas right this moment. The concert is well worth your money in every way you look at it. I am telling you this in t...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Misstawnii . Aug 06

Real-life pixels

Hello people of Destructoid. So, a few weeks ago, I came across this really awesome style of game-art, and this art is created with Hama beads (Perler beads if you're American ;D). This art work is like real-life pixel art! ...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Diverse . Jun 24

Destructoid at Anthrocon, the premiere furry festival!!!

Hey all, Julius here. Some of you might know me as Diverse, or "that fat white kid who gets too drunk at NARPs". Whatever you might know me from, one thing you should all know is that Anthrocon is taking place RIGHT. FUCKIN...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Awesomeist . Mar 17

Streaming for Charity! Red Nose Day and Japanese Relief

So guys, after a few weeks of planning with my friends; myself and my housemates will be doing a live streaming 24 hour gaming session to raise money for Red Nose Day, and for Japanese Relief! We'll be streaming from 10AM Sat...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Misstawnii . Feb 21

My preview of the 3DS

Last month, I had the opportunity to go and play on a 3DS, at their event being held in Manchester (UK). I was lucky enough to get a ticket, as I had previously been to Eurogamer last year. I was so excited when I got my e-ti...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Awesomeist . Feb 20

Adventures in Steamtoid - My latest project, streaming let's plays!

above image shamelessly stolen from the Destructoid LP2 review So, those of you who know me well will know that I have made a few projects within Steamtoid. My most popular one being the (now officially dead) Steamtoid Mine...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Diverse . Feb 02

David Jaffe x Jim Sterling fanfiction + images

Daphaknee, a somewhat minor voice in the indie gaming community, or rather it'd be more appropriate to say she's just close friends with Auntie Pixelante which is what she's mostly known for, made this short fanfic on twitter...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Diverse . Aug 10

Play This Game: Momodora

Momodora is a charming metroidvania platformer by redein(Guilherme Martins) that has you playing as a nameless girl who's in search of a sacred item that can bring her dead mother back to life. Some of you might recognize t...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Diverse . Jun 22

Cactus introduces 'Norrland', 10 copies up for sale

Jonatan "Cactus" Söderström introduced his latest game to the internet a few days ago with a freshly uploaded trailer onto his YouTube page. Norrland was made for the Kulturbygden in Sollefteĺ art exhibition, where the them...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Diverse . Jun 21

Ikiki releases two new titles, Teppoman 2 & Nozumou

Out of nowhere, one of the most prolific indie developers in not just the Japanese scene, but on the global indie scale, released two new games today. The first being a complete version of a beta game he released nearly two...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Awesomeist . May 18

Got Skate 3? Looking to feel even trendier?

So, you've got Skate 3, and you feel like there's still some gigantic, un-fillable void in your life? Fear not! I've opened the Destructoid Online team for any people who want to play to join! Hell, even if you just want th...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Misstawnii . May 18

Almost a year

So, I have almost completed my first year at uni, doing Games Design (Bsc) at The University of Bolton. Can't believe how much I have done in one year! The modules that I have completed so far are: Game Art 1, Games Design ...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Diverse . Mar 23

CAVE STORY CONTEST: The Actual Winners!

That last blog? Just trolling you guys. Here are the real winners. I wrote down each participating member's username onto a small slip of paper, and then put all 500 or so slips of paper into my waste basket, shook it up, a...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Diverse . Mar 23



Community  Long Blog:
Misstawnii . Mar 23

Reviewing experimental games

I am doing a 3 year games design degree at the University of Bolton, UK. I am a first-year student and I have just started my reviewing section of my Games Evaluation module. :3 It is... interesting to say the least. The ga...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Diverse . Mar 22

CONTEST: FIVE free copies of Cave Story being given out! **UPDATE**

Cave Story means a lot to me. So much so that I wish everyone on this planet would have a chance to play it at least once. While that is a nearly impossible wish, I still want more people to experience it. It's come to my a...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Diverse . Mar 16

Happy Birthday Dtoid

You don't like me. But you know I like you. I don't have much else to say. So here's a loli with birthday cake, hooray/ Thank you for accepting me, Dtoid.   0

Community  Long Blog:
Diverse . Mar 15

Do Want: Sword & Sworcery EP

I haven't seen a lot of talk about the Superbrothers' upcoming game, Sword & Sworcery EP(the misspelling intentional), and it's a damn shame. They recently released two new footage trailers for it, one showing how the game...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Awesomeist . Mar 12


Eevee is just better. I mean, you get like 50 pokémon in one. What's not to love? You know it's true. Don't disagree with me. Also, Eevee definitely needs more animé appearances, as well as it's own pokémon branded game. Yep.   0

Community  Long Blog:
Diverse . Mar 09

New screens for Spelunky XBLA released

Normally I wouldn't make a post just because some screenshots were released of some game, but this is Spelunky we're talking about here. You can view them below in the gallery. Now, the first thing that came to mind when I...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Diverse . Mar 03

Touhou 12.5 ~ Double Spoiler announced!

ZUN put up a blog yesterday announcing the next side-entry to the Touhou series of danmaku shoot 'em ups: Touhou Bunkachou ~ Double Spoiler. This particular entry is actually a sequel(a first for the series!) to the origin...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Diverse . Mar 02

Introducing the Indie Fund

My Twitter exploded today with a bunch of Indie gamers and developers alike talking about the newly established Indie Fund. Basically it's a program spear-headed by some of the most successful indie developers who really ma...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Diverse . Feb 28

Jonathan Blow opens dev blog for latest game, The Witness

Earlier this morning Jonathan Blow opened up a devblog for his upcoming game, The Witness. Unfortunately, as the blog is as fresh as can be, the only thing on offer are some concept art sketches made by Eric Urquhart. The m...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Diverse . Feb 18

CAVE; no games after ESPGaluda II will be region free

Makoto Asada, the head producer for Cave's console ports, left a devastating message for all their worldwide fans on their development blog today. The message simply states: A truly gut-wrenching blow to all of the shmup...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Misstawnii . Jan 31

Pokemon Sapphire

Took me two and a bit days, but I beat it again. I know what you're thinking: "All 300+ pokemon?" but no, not all the pokemon, just the gym badges & Elite four. :3 Getting all the pokemon would take me forever! xD Was fun pl...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Awesomeist . Jan 06

My entry into the Steamtoid Community

So, a small few of you may have heard of the Steamtoid, the Destructoid Community that exists on the Online Game Distribution Network Steam. Now, this may have previously seemed completely dead, and just a pointless group t...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Misstawnii . Jan 03

Long time no see.

Well, I am rubbish at this blog/review thing. Simple as. Lots of game related things happened last year, so I may as well talk about them here. :3 So, I have started my University course, at the university of Bolton, UK. The...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Diverse . Dec 25

Spelunky v1.1 Released + Source Code

Derek Yu released version 1.1 of his fantastic Spelunky game as a Christmas present to all of us today. Along with the new version, Derek released the source code for Spelunky, so you know what that means. Mother. Fucking. ...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Diverse . Dec 21

Quick, get in the Dildo Tank

Have you ever fantasized about a really tall woman? Like, a gigantic woman? A woman who's taller than the Empire State building? I'm sure every male has thought about this at least one time in there life. Of course, an impo...   0

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