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Mar 14 // Mikki Saturn

Mega Man X and Mega Man X2 Discussion

Alex York and I discuss another game (or two!).  This time it's the SNES classic, Mega Man X! Comments and and feedback are welcome.  Enjoy!
Feb 27 // Mikki Saturn

Have You Played "Mr. Gimmick"?

Sunsoft were pretty much the masters of the NES.  They produced a collection of incredible games that pushed the hardware to its limits.  They rivaled Capcom (and pretty much outclassed Nintendo themselves) in pretty much a...
Feb 24 // Mikki Saturn

Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA) Discussion

In our second discussion video Alex York and I talk about Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA).  I think we are planning on alternating between specific game discussions and industry discussions.  Unless we run out of industry stuff to ...
Feb 22 // Mikki Saturn

Is Virtual Reality the Future of Gaming (and Everything)?

In the first of what will hopefully be a new, regular thing, I have an in depth discussion with my friend Alex York about Virtual Reality.  The tech is finally here - but what will that mean for gaming and society?  Is VR des...
Feb 19 // Mikki Saturn

New Video: Have You Played "Punch Out!!"?

A few days ago we found out that Little Mac has been added to the Smash Bros. roster.  I must be clairvoyant, because days before that I recorded this video!  But I only uploaded it today because I'm lazy.  Anyway, watch me play Punch Out!! very badly, as I reminisce about the game.  Then go play it yourself; you know you want to!
Feb 04 // Mikki Saturn

New Video: Have You Played "Little Samson"?

Little Samson is an NES game from Taito, released in 1992.  It was a limited release that got promptly ignored, and so these days the game is quite rare and expensive.  But it's very good and worth playing, which I try to demonstrate with this video:
Jan 22 // Mikki Saturn

My Response to The Bad News About The Wii-U

[font='lucida grande', tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif]A few days ago Nintendo fans got bad news - the Wii-U is doing really really bad.  Like... REALLY bad. Much worse than even I thought, as a $50 price drop, a new 3D Ma...
Jan 22 // yourbelovedpariah

Diverting Player Expectations with a Racist Koala

Having finished Spec Ops: The Line for the first time, I've just had an excellent idea for a video game; one that will earn its publisher throngs of respect as quickly as it destroys it from the inside. Spec Ops: The Line is...
Jan 12 // yourbelovedpariah

Hey, DTOID, you should totally watch my show.

A couple months back, I stuck up some nonsense about horror games. Then I expanded on it. Then I added some stuff. Then I stuck all that stuff into a video. In it, I cover Singularity, Pixeljunk Shooter, and, of course, Outl...
Nov 01 // yourbelovedpariah

So... I Made my First Pilot Episode...

Seemingly undeterred by YouTube's swarms of adolescent ferocity, and desperate to start a new project, I decided to make a video game review series of my own over this past week. It remains to be seen how ill-advised this mig...
Jul 04 // Mikki Saturn

Video Game Hip Hop

Exciting news people!  If you scroll way back through my blogs, you will find the very first one links to a song I wrote called "Real Hardcore OGs (Orignal Gamers)".  Now, after much delay, and back and forth and so on, I hav...
Jun 20 // Mikki Saturn

XBox One reversal - WHAAAAT?

We all know what happened.  Here's my video:
Jun 18 // Mikki Saturn

Have You Played "Crisis Force"?

Late into the NES life cycle Konami released a shmup.  It wasn't Gradius or anything related to it.  It was Crisis Force.  And actually I mislead you, because it wasn't an NES game - it was Famicom game.  Crisis Force never left Japan and let me tell you - American gamers of the era missed out.  See why in my new video - as always, comments and feedback welcome!
Jun 15 // Mikki Saturn

Cliff Bleszinski Doesn't Get It

[font='lucida grande', tahoma, verdana, arial, sans-serif]The other day legendary game designer Cliff Bleszinski defended Microsoft. Apparently the AAA game development model doesn't work, therefore we should change the entire structure of the market and trample on consumer's rights. Naturally, I had something to say about this.  Enjoy![/font]
Jun 14 // Mikki Saturn

E3 Reaction - Nintendo is, well, Nintendo.

So another E3 has come and gone. In the glut of news and game announcements we learned a few things. We learned Microsoft has screwed itself and we learned Sony's got our back. But what about Nintendo? Definitely the most deb...
Jun 12 // Mikki Saturn

Have You Played "Super Mario Bros. 2 USA"?

Hey Paisanos, Mikki Saturn here.  Well, I finally finished and uploaded my American Mario 2 video.  You know how I was promising this video Monday night?  Yeah... sorry about that (you can't tell but I wrote that in the voice...
Jun 10 // Mikki Saturn

Have You Played "Super Mario World"?

Okay, so it's this morning instead of last night... but that's okay!  Here's the slightly delayed Super Mario World video and this evening will be the final video showing the 2 main Mario games that aren't actually a Mario game... if you know what I mean.  Enjoy!
Jun 10 // Mikki Saturn

E3 Predictions/Wishlist

Okay, so, due to an overambitious schedule for this weekend and technical issue that delayed me a couple of days these videos are basically too late to do any good.  But gosh darnit I made them so I'm uploading the suckers!  ...
Jun 08 // Mikki Saturn

Have You Played "Super Mario Bros. 3"?

Next up, Super Mario Bros. 3!  Still barely on track to get the videos out before the Nintendo Direct.  Tomorrow, Super Mario World and Monday we've got Mario Bros. 2 USA and Yoshi's Island (I consider these the odd ones out).  Enjoy!
Jun 07 // Mikki Saturn

Have You Played "Super Mario Bros. 2: The Lost Levels"

My new youtube video exists - part 2 of my series looking at the 2D Mario games!  I'm going to try to get through all of them before E3!  Better hurry! Please like and share and comment and enjoy!  
Jun 07 // Mikki Saturn

XBox 1 Online-Used-Game-BS Rant

When I read the details of Microsoft's used game restrictions it pissed me off.  I made this video without any preparation, completely extemporaneously, and honestly I feel that it shows a little bit.  But hopefully my passion makes up for the rambling!  Comments and feedback and things welcome!
May 31 // Mikki Saturn

Support "The Untold History of Japanese Game Developers"!

A Kickstarter has recently launched that we should all support!  Here's a video explaining why.  And here's the Kickstarter link:
May 26 // Mikki Saturn

Video: Have You Played "Super Mario Bros."?

Well, probably so!  But that's no reason not to reminisce.  In a couple of weeks E3 starts and some time before that Nintendo has promised a special Nintendo Direct discussing their upcoming Wii-U games.  We game we know they...
May 22 // Mikki Saturn

Commentary Video: XBox 1 Reveal

As promised in my commentary video from yesterday, here is a reaction to the XBox1 reveal.  Audio/video sync is still an issue but I improved the situation a lot by trying my other webcam.  Anyway, enjoy and please comment and tell me why I'm wrong and things like that!  
May 21 // Mikki Saturn

Commentary Video: Nintendo vs. Let's Players

My first commentary video, in which I discuss the whole Nintendo/Let's PLay controversy.  Unfortunately the video and audio got out of sync.  I tried to resync them manually but they were too messed up to repair.  This happen...
Apr 29 // Mikki Saturn

Do You Dare to Kill E3?

Let's talk about the news of the day (or... several days ago): Nintendo. They aren't having an E3 press conference. When I first saw the headline my reaction was surprise, even shock. "What are they thinking?" I thought...
Mar 24 // Mikki Saturn

New Video: Have You Played "Clash at Demonhead"?

Hey everybody, I'm back again with another video. This time we're looking at the overlooked classic "Clash at Demonhead". It was developed in 1989 by Vic Tokai, and features an interesting implementation of an open world in a side scrolling action game context. Check it out! Feedback welcome as always:
Feb 18 // Mikki Saturn

New Video: Have You Played "Mega Man 4"?

So first off, I know I'm late on this video. It was a combination of things, among them the fact that two of the videos I'd recorded were not usable. But at any rate, I'm back now with a new video talking about a new game -...
Feb 11 // yourbelovedpariah

Horror Stories: Lara Croft and the Pit of Conceptual Despair.

So, yes; by my own admission, I am something of a gibbering wreck. Be it insects, the dark, heights or commitment, my phobias are numerous and irrational. When I was five, I refused to sleep next to my radiator as it made o...
Jan 23 // Mikki Saturn

Have You Played "The Guardian Legend"?

"The Guardian Legend" is an overlooked NES game that successfully combined two disparate genres. It is quite cool. Check it out! Also, as always, feedback is appreciated!

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