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Post PAX Blog: Party in the East, 2015

Well about a week ago a wonderful event where gamers get together called PAX East happened. There was a lot of anticipation leading up to it, it happened, everyone enjoyed themselves (yes, I've confirmed this!) and now ...   more

Skateboarding + Destructoid Podcast = Skatetoid!

Writing on the left side isn't radical enough!   Join Dtoid favorites Cold William aka Bill and Mr Phil Ken Mike Martin and also dtoider Nanashi as they talk skateboarding, their experiences, favorite skateboarding ...   more

Is Your Avatar kinda lonely? Why not let me adopt it!!

That's right for a limited time only you, yes you Dear Dtoider can have your Avatar Adopted™ at the incredibly low low cost of FREE!!!! At a bedrock low price like that you'd have to be absolutely crazy not to let ...   more

How the mighty fast have fallen: Sega calls it

Allegedly, Sega is shifting away from developing games to focus its efforts entirely, or almost entirely, on the phone/mobile games market reports say. There are more recent findings suggesting that they aren't 100% out...   more

RANT: Fat Princess Piece of Cake

Yes I know, this could totally be its own episode of that series I once did where I rant about things. But no I'll save that for a game that I can say a lot more about. The Truth is, Fat Princess: Piece of Cake is a remi...   more

RANT: Fat Princess Piece of Cake

I can't stop watching Game Center CX

I've tuned in to my fair share of video game playing personalities in the past. Most of which I still follow to this day. First, I discovered The Angry Video Game Nerd after seeing countless of "This guy ripped off AVGN...   more

The F-Nine-Al Countdown and also I Cheated a Bit

yeah I went with a non-vocal version, intentionally   Wow, that was a bit of a stretch wasn't it? My other choice was "Nine Dtoiders that Came Into My Life" which may've been a cleverer title. Oh well. What's done i...   more

A one-off destructoid podcast about Skateboarding coming to an internet near U!

It occurred to me that there are a lot of skateboarders on Dtoid, more than I expected anyway. So why the hell not do a 1 episode podcast to shoot the shit and talk about skateboarding and maybe take some board related q...   more

A one-off destructoid podcast about Skateboarding coming to an internet near U!

Band of Bloggers: Journey into Peril!

I bet you're wondering why that's an image from the old fallout games? For this month's Band of Bloggers assignment -- dedicated to one of my favorite gaming franchises of ever, Fallout -- I ahead of time asked Scholarl...   more

Playgiarism 03: Totally Not Street Fighter IV [三国演武]

Wait, there are three of these already? Part 1 | Part 2 Last October, I started this series called “Google Play-giarism”, born out of those dead hours of the afternoon spent looking at bad kno...   more

Ask the Community: Remember the time I played that?

A funny thing that irks me about life is that there's no undo button. If I choose to drink hot tea too soon and burn my tongue, well I've got a burnt tongue for three days. And in gaming this is particularly annoying, bu...   more

Ask the Community: Remember the time I played that?

Games With Noir In Them

And sometimes in the title!In the midst of the greatest opportunity I have to sweep up my backlog (I just got out of school), I am taking the chance to look at various games that have "piqued" my interest but never purch...   more

Games With Noir In Them

Ask the Community: Tired Gaming

What is the first thing you want to do when you finish all of your finals? Pizza? Sleep? Video Games? Probably video games if I know people that visit a video game website. Recently I did a brutal 4 day excursion into fi...   more

Christmas Listenin' - A Seasonal Top 5

Every year Winter makes its dynamic entry; lights and decorations, snow, joy, everything is the same as before only fifty degrees colder. One of the biggest events of Winter is the holiday season, and to me personally th...   more

Christmas Listenin' - A Seasonal Top 5

C-Blogs Secret Santa starts now!

Ok, I'm back. Let's do this! First of, due to Steam's new policy on trading games, we'll no longer push through with the "secret" part of this little gift giving activity. While rules on gifting remain remain uncha...   more

the "once great" Gamestop

It's funny to me how the Games stop with Gamestop! Ok that was lame, but it's an already lame and tired topic that I want to talk about today so why not be appropriate about it: Gamestop sucks. Well I just noticed ok! No...   more


Giving Thanks: Sega Genesis Collection

Initially I had scrapped an entirely different Giving Thanks post because I got to the point when there had to be a decision made about what could be included and what could not and instead the post got junked. Which suc...   more

Last call for C-Blogs "Secret Santa" 2014

Read the original post for more details. Making this last call a bit earlier because I'll be out starting tomorrow, December 27. Because, you know, it's already the 26th. Right now. So yeah, if you want to join, ju...   more

Wanna have a C-Blogs "Secret Santa"?

It's almost that time of the year again! That's right, an excuse to post this video: I watch this every Christmas. Serendipity is a word that I never get to use ever in a sentence. It is a term that means a "pleasant sur...   more

Update & future blog plans

Yo. I haven't been very active in the C-Blogs lately, aside of upvoting a couple of blogs, at least not as active as I want to be. In fact, I don't think I've posted often on the FP as well and I apologize for that. See...   more

Google Play-giarism: It's not tracing, it's referencing!

Part two of what I expect to be a very short-lived series. Read part one here: Google Play-giarism: Knockoff King of Fighters I've been very on and off when it comes to drawing as a hobby. During the earlier h...   more

Giveaways and how I wasted my time writing a guide for a promo that just expired

I love free.There's been quite a lot of giveaways this year, some are quite good, some of them you claim just to run them in the background to get free Steam trading cards. Wasteland 1 - The Original Classic looks to be...   more

the neighbors won't shut up but I'm not going anywhere

You know what's fun? Cryptic analogies. As such:My neighbors won't stop playing loud music, like seriously really loud music when I'm trying to focus on other things, just live my life or even when I'm sleeping. This has...   more

the neighbors won't shut up but I'm not going anywhere

Google Play-giarism: Knockoff King of Fighters

Do you guys like my Halloween banner? For the entire month of October (and November maybe, I dunno, as long people still put up Halloween decorations in shops), this blog will be dedicated to articles about scaaary video...   more

drawing board: I wanna be a New Vegas Radio host

As some of you might know, I stream every Friday on the dtoid community channel Streamtoid roundabout 2pm eastern. Right now I am early into my playthrough of Fallout: New Vegas, the well documented almost my favorite ga...   more

drawing board: I wanna be a New Vegas Radio host

A Crash Course on Gaming with an Orange Bandicoot

I don't remember how old I was during that time, but I was at some kid's house when it happened. I think it was a classmate's birthday party, so I was at least old enough to go to school. I don't recall much about the pa...   more

Favorite Indie Game OST, Giveaway

AH, that was a fun week back on dtoid. I had a free week to just go nuts, in this time I dicked around in the forums, recorded and released a new episode of PStoid and even got around to reading a couple of blogs!We...   more

Drunken Post: Minecraft & Fallout 4

So for weeks I've had a few blog ideas in my head and really wanted to get them typed up. Sadly I'm just still too busy to regularly post, as some of you already know. In this post, I've merged the two blog ideas into on...   more

Drunken Post: Minecraft & Fallout 4

On strange fetishes... (good kids, don't read this!)

"People like different things" is a mantra I always live by when browsing the internet and looking at works created for the sake of entertainment. I firmly believe that we should not be quick to judge people as sick or&n...   more

My Favorite Game: Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse

So I'm sitting here trying to think of how to begin this blog, thinking to myself "how could I possibly convey the feelings I get when I play Castle of Illusion? Should I go the old tired route of saying 'oh, it's Disne...   more

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