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Nov 29 // gatorsax2010

Countdown to Epic Mickey: The Evolution of Mickey

Yesterday, we took a look at how Oswald the Lucky Rabbit changed from his cartoon debut to his post-Disney years. Today, we'll take a similar look at Mickey Mouse himself. First off is "The Gallopin' Gaucho," released in 1...
Nov 28 // gatorsax2010

Countdown to Epic Mickey: The Evolution of Oswald

So my plan for a daily Oswald or Mickey cartoon failed when I got busy. But with Epic Mickey two days away, I've decided to go out with a bang. Today? Three Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoons, to show you how the character ch...
Nov 22 // gatorsax2010

Countdown to Epic Mickey: "The Sorcerer's Apprentice"

To the five of you who are following this series, I apologize for missing yesterday's entry. I feel like I have a good excuse, though, as I was hanging out at Downtown Disney with the one and only Digtastik. But now I'm bac...
Nov 20 // gatorsax2010

Countdown to Epic Mickey: "The Mad Doctor"

After two days with Oswald, it's time to return to the mouse. And along the way, we'll meet an important character from Epic Mickey: The Mad Doctor. The Mad Doctor only appeared in one cartoon, but he made an impact. Some ...
Nov 19 // gatorsax2010

Countdown to Epic Mickey: "Rival Romeos"

Look at that face. LOOK AT IT. I'm just going to be honest here. Probably the main reason that I picked this Oswald cartoon for today was because I wanted to use that image as the header. But I have other reasons, too! Fi...
Nov 18 // gatorsax2010

Countdown to Epic Mickey: "All Wet"

Well, I screwed up. Yesterday, I decided to make "Steamboat Willie" my cartoon of the day. But thanks to my inability to realize what day it is, I missed the opportunity to use today--the anniversary of that cartoon's relea...
Nov 17 // gatorsax2010

Countdown to Epic Mickey: "Steamboat Willie"

Welcome to day two of my Epic Mickey countdown. Today's cartoon? Perhaps the ultimate Mickey classic: "Steamboat Willie." We talked about it a little yesterday, but this cartoon's premiere date of November 18, 1928, is rec...
Nov 16 // gatorsax2010

Countdown to Epic Mickey: "Plane Crazy"

So here's a thing I've decided to try. With Epic Mickey two weeks away, I've decided that in preparation, every day I'll post a classic Mickey Mouse or Oswald the Lucky Rabbit cartoon with a little bit of commentary. We'll ...
Apr 08 // gatorsax2010


In the forums, a rivalry is abrewin', and it's spilled over into the cblogs. In comic form. Gobun with the first blow. Then Gyrael retaliated. Gobun vowed revenge. But what is the root of this hatred? Ladies and gentlemen...
Mar 05 // gatorsax2010

Quickblog: Why "Portal 2" is not like "Bioshock 2"

So Portal 2 was officially announced today, and there was much rejoicing. But, this being the internet, there was also some cautious optimism, some trepidation, and some outright negativity. "No!" shouted some people. "Port...
Feb 19 // gatorsax2010

Why "Why X is not a real Y" is not a real meme

This is a response to certain members. I figure this is a great meme for my first blog about how it is not a meme. Processing Power Processing power does not just equal better hilarity. If it did, that would be fine. But "Wh...
Oct 23 // gatorsax2010

Did Somebody Say "DOUBLE DOWN?"

Yes, I decided to DOUBLE DOWN. And yes, I have decided to share it with the world here in the cblogs. Oh, how exciting! Say hello to a little meal I like to call "Mexican Pizza with a Chick-Fil-A sandwich inside."
Aug 24 // gatorsax2010

Why I Love Destructoid

1. They reward me for sleepwalking and bad behavior (I swear, my room this year is beautiful and clean). 2. The editors all have personality, and actually get involved with the community. 3. There's a great community worth getting involved with! 4. Forums! Corollary to #4: Sausage! Also,
May 31 // gatorsax2010

Other Worlds Than These: Andrew Ryan's Magic Kingdom

NOTE: I know this is pushing it, but it's not midnight yet! In a medium that is still seen by too many people as “for kids,” Bioshock is, refreshingly, a true game for grown-ups. Where so many so-called “adult” games are r...
Apr 01 // gatorsax2010

BREAKING NEWS: Chad Concelmo Arrested For Dolphin-Napping

LOS ANGELES, APRIL 1-- Destructoid blogger and noted retro-gaming and aquatic mammal enthusiast Chad Concelmo was arrested today on Interstate 5 after his truck was pulled over for a routine check. Upon inspection, police di...
Mar 31 // gatorsax2010

A Package Approaches! (NVGR, but JH/TKR)

Like Y0j1mbo before me, I received a mysterious package in the mail yesterday. And also like Y0j1mb0, part of my name and address were misspelled, probably confusing whoever was stuck working at the desk at my dorm. But I was...
Feb 12 // gatorsax2010

Chad Punches an Old Lady

She gets what she deserves. AMAZING.
Feb 12 // gatorsax2010


Feb 05 // gatorsax2010

gatorsax2010's Long Overdue Intro Blog (Plus RetroforceGO! Awesomeness!)

Well, after a long time lurking here, I worked my way up to commenting. And now, finally, I've decided to jump into the c-blogs. Here's to not sucking (hopefully)! My real name is Chris, and I'm a 21-year-old telecommunicati...

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