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Ominous Conflicts for Gaming Journalism?

(: This article is written solely on personal opinion and experiences. I do not claim to be an expert or have full understanding of how the game industry and media work. I also understand that ...   more

A Small World After All

has a bit of a bad reputation. When it was initially launched in 2010, it received heavy backlash from subscribers. Many players and media outlets that tested the game in beta pointed out a wi...   more

A Small World After All

Violence: Mind Games and Escapism

Violence and entertainment go hand in hand, regardless of the form of media. Rather it is video games, film, or even novels, the theory that what we play, watch, and read ultimately shapes our...   more

Bring us Merlenderl, and wipe away the debt!

(Made with loving juiciness by Michael Towns)   more

First Ever Amnesia Fortnight

Want to be apart of gaming history? Want to be an early tester for four future Double Fine titles? Want to vote on what future titles will be? Want to own limited release prototypes for Doubl...   more

First Ever Amnesia Fortnight

Lions, Tigers, and…Pomeranians?

Does anyone remember ? It was a documentary that aired on the History Channel a few years ago that explained how the planet would naturally alter itself if humanity instantly vanished. Over the...   more

Damsel in Distress: The Sarkeesian Dilemma

has been an ongoing web series for nearly three years. Consisting of nearly thirty-two videos, the series explores sexist, racist, and religious representations in fictional media and adverti...   more

Revenge of Cybershark Week

Dun dun. Dun dun. Dun dun dun dun dun dun duuuun! It's back. Ladies and gentlemen, prepare for the second annual CBlog week dedicated to our fantastic Director of Communications, . It's time...   more

Revenge of Cybershark Week

Next-Gen: The Hardware Developer Guide to Not F'ing Up

Aging slowly, the current generation of consoles is finding itself wandering crippled through the hallways of its home. A Life Alert pager dangles from its neck and is clenched within its tremb...   more

Blossoming into Womanhood

In 1996, the original was released. I first went on an expedition with Ms. Croft shortly after the game's initial release while at my uncle's house. Like any young girl, I was captivated by L...   more

Help Wanted

I come to you today not just as a blogger, but as a friend searching for guidance. Earlier in the year, I replied to a previous regarding resolutions for the year. June is almost to its end an...   more

Hi Destructoid!

one day i'll post a blog!   more

Hi Destructoid!

Big Bang Bust

has been a tolerate/hate relationship with me. Like eating Taco Bell at two in the morning, it is something that is best avoided but for one reason or another I give into its delicious, crusty s...   more

Endings: Happiness is Boring.

(Yeah, late again as usual but oh well...)The first part of this article may start off non-game related, but I promise it is relevant to the topic. Just bear with me for this the best example ...   more

Endings: Happiness is Boring.

Resolutions: Productively Active

As I glance at the clock on my desktop, I realize that within the next hour the weekly topic for Blogger's Wanted will not matter. However, the fact that I am sitting here preparing to write this...   more

Acquisition: The Blood Pact

Ten years ago, Nintendo released a little purple box into the gaming market. The charming playfulness was more than alluring to twelve-year old me. For over a year, Nintendo tempted and teased ...   more

Obscurity: Thinking Indie

A few years ago, I was blessed with a chance to speak to one of the script writers and design artists from and . Sadly, I cannot recall her name but she is my grandparents' high school friend'...   more

Obscurity: Thinking Indie

Cybershark Week

You know him. You love him. He's a shark. In correspondence to the Discovery Channel's lame Shark Week, we are going to have a badass Cybershark Week dedicated to our amazing Director of Commu...   more

Freedom: Breaking Reality's Chains

" - noun 1. The state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint" Reality can be a frightening, horrible place. In-between the brief blissful moments l...   more

Streamtoid - 1213

1213 Episodes 1 - 3 Sunday, June 26 9:00pm (Eastern) Pain and darkness is all a man knows. He has no memories regarding how he came to be a prisoner or even who he is. All that he knows ...   more

Streamtoid - 1213

Streamtoid - Getting Started

I want to apologize for getting this blog up a few days later than I original said. I have been trying to balance work, socializing, and organizing my ideas to present to all of you. Anyway, le...   more

"Streamtoid" - Chzo Mythos (Updated)

Chzo Mythos series Saturday, May 21 10:30pm (Eastern) Come join us in welcoming the rapture! We will be finishing up the Chzo Mythos series Saturday night by picking up where we left off....   more

Operation Raccoon City – A Next Generation Outbreak?

The Resident Evil: Outbreak series was a rather short running sub-series to the original Resident Evil series. It featured eight characters trying to survive the outbreak and escape from Raccoo...   more

Operation Raccoon City – A Next Generation Outbreak?

Last Guardian is Sexist!

IGN editor, , interviewed Fumito Ueda, the director of , after a gameplay demonstration. During the Q&A, a reasonable question was asked: Why do all the games created by Ueda feature a male p...   more

Dtoid Editors discuss important things: Doubling Down on Fetishes

It's like Japanese dick girls Like, you're into DRAWINGS of WOMEN WITH DICKS and the dicks are BIGGER THAN THE WOMEN Now, any ONE of those fetishes, fair enough, go for it But all three? You're...   more

"Gamers" - A free to watch MMO documentary

Massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMOs) are notoriously known for destroying and sucking up lives as well as giving virtual freedom to those trapped in real life shells. May it b...   more

Groundhog Day - Tranquility and Misery

I do not recall how I stumbled upon it. Perhaps it was from an article from Kotaku or Joystiq or maybe even right here from Destructoid. All I know is that I discovered it by playing an indepen...   more

Groundhog Day - Tranquility and Misery

Hands On: Playstation Move Heroes Demo

Welcome to my very first D-Toid Blog post ever! If anything's off or just plain crap, call me out on it and I'll either fix it asap or send you a picture of me flipping you off. (choice decided...   more

Hands On: Playstation Move Heroes Demo

Gabe Speaks

For those who have been following the , we have some breaking news. Penny Arcade has given an official response regarding the removal of the shirt. In a special post this afternoon, Gabe clarifi...   more

Gabe Speaks

Reponses Rape the Dickwolves (Updated)

Back in August 2010, Penny Arcade published a that was a pointing fun at . It featured a Worgen about to exit a cave when a slave begs to go with him. The slave mentions that he alongside all...   more

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