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Community  Long Blog:
DtoidMidwest . Jun 19


This picture is half the reason I'm even doing this update. So, one more update before the exciting events of this weekend begin. This year, I was super lazy about organizing what kind of gaming gear people would be bringi...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidMidwest . Jun 15

Dtoid Midwest: Holy Crap One Week Away!

So yeah, the 3rd Midwest NARP is next week! I have just about nothing planned, but I think it's all going to work out. Here's the list of people that are attending this year: A BUNCH OF FUCKING PEOPLE Seriously, I have...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidMidwest . May 14

Dtoid Midwest: NARP 2012 Get on it!

The first time he puked he didn't make it outside. Just six weeks until the 3rd Dtoid Midwest NARP(June 22nd-24th)! If you haven't made plans to attend yet, you had better get on that because the time between now and then ...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidMidwest . Apr 26

Dtoid Midwest: NARP 2012 Crunch Time!

Something something something, racism. Also, cocks. Hey hey hey! The 3rd Midwest NARP is just two months away! It's time for me to kick the planning into overdrive and get things rolling. I'm still planning on lazer ta...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidMidwest . Apr 02

Dtoid Midwest: Who's going to PAX East?

Quick little pre-PAX update here. Who's going?! I kind of dropped the ball this year with getting a list of Midwesterners ready, but post in the comments and maybe we can all get together for a drink or something! I'll (...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidMidwest . Mar 13


Like the movie that inspired this, the NARP will end with a flying train. I won't even bother you guys with how bad of a regional manager and piece of shit procrastinator I am and just get right to the details. This year,...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Community  Long Blog:
DtoidMidwest . Dec 23

MAGFest X: I Wanna Sex You Up Edition.

This shirt is going to sell like fucking mad So yeah, MAGFest X is just days away now. I'm super excited this year, as there's an entire Dtoid Midwest caravan making it's way from the forgotten lands, through the mountains...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidMidwest . Nov 20

Dtoid Midwest: Enter the M4TR1X

Even though I've been busy planning my trip to The Moon, I knew it was high time for a Dtoid Midwest update. Let's kick this off with an interview with Dtoider M47R1X, who hails from Oklahoma City, OK Let’s start this of...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidMidwest . Oct 19

Dtoid Midwest: It's Been Too Long

Been a slow couple of months here in the Forgotten Zones, but I figured now that the PAX Prime afterglow has faded I should do an update. As a matter of personal pride, I'd like to share this: Source That image shows the c...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidMidwest . Aug 16

Dtoid Midwest: Some stuff, and also some things.

Pic somewhat unrelated, but this festival happens in Michigan every year, and I've been listening to a lot of Deadmau5 So did you know that the Dtoid Midwest group is continuing to grow? If not, you should now because th...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidMidwest . Jun 29

Dtoid Midwest: It's about time for a NARP recap.

Well, this summers Midwest NARP has come and gone, and my goodness was it a success. I can't even believe the amount of fun we had over the time we spent together. I traveled 400 miles... LET'S WATCH THE INTERNET! So ye...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidMidwest . May 31

Holy 8 days until people start getting here post! Midwest NARP UPDATE.

So today I started preparing my house for the mass org... I mean super happy fun time that will be this years Midwest NARP. There's just over a week left until people start showing up, so if you need directions or my phone...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidMidwest . May 11


Small update today, but kind of important. Sorry I've been behind, but on my last trip to Mexico customs found the product duct taped in my armpits and I had to spend some time in a shamanistic retreat laying low. My fligh...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidMidwest . Apr 24

June 10th cannot come soon enough: Dtoid Midwest NARP 2011 UPDATE!

Watch this first. If that video decides to be a cunt, follow this link to the video. Ok! Let's start this thing off with the new confirmed list: ZombiePlatypus DanlHaas IcarusKills NihonTiger90 HerosPlayDumb Jon Bloodspr...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidMidwest . Mar 22

Dtoid Midwest PAX East Recap/NARP 2011 UPDATE/HAPPY BDAY DTOID!

"Oh PAX" PAX East was an absolute blast this year! Our little Midwest group was there for all the fun, as were so many other Dtoiders! Thursday night may as well have been called HUGTOID, as so much love was going around...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidMidwest . Feb 22

Dtoid Midwest at PAX East/ NARP 2011 UPDATE

PAX East is so close! Which of you sexy Midwesterners out there plan on attending? I know that Jon Bloodspray, Danl Haas, ZombiePlatypus, Ruckus, and honorary MW’er IcarusKills are attending. Are you? Lets us know in the...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidMidwest . Jan 19

Dtoid Midwest NARP 2011

Last year, a thing happened. It was risky, it was a long shot, and people said it could never happen. But it did. And it was magnificent. This year, we aim to make it bigger, better, sexier, and even more fun. We had a ...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidMidwest . Dec 21

Dtoid Midwest at MAGFest: Damn Straight

If I don't see this again, I'll be so very upset So MAGFest 9 is coming up very soon! I know a good number of Dtoiders are attending, and I felt it would be prudent to let you know that a number of us from Dtoid Midwest wi...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidMidwest . Aug 19


After months of planning and excitement, the 2010 DTOID MIDWEST CEDAR POINT NARP came together and exploded in a supernova of pure awesome and sexy. We had games, booze and most importantly, fucking sexy Dtoiders. Frida...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidMidwest . Aug 12


In less than 24 hours we will be partying so hard it won't even be fucking funny. Like this, but sexier. I'm not going to say much, I'm just far to excite. I'm just going to go over some things that you may or may not kn...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidMidwest . Aug 04


FUCK YES. In only 9 days the Dtoid Midwest Cedar Point NARP will be a THING. This will probably be the last “listy” update before the event, but I will do one more by Wednesday with any final information. So the time is ra...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidMidwest . Jul 12


Honestly, our clothes will be off well before we get to the park With the 2010 DTOID MIDWEST CEDAR POINT NARP coming up in 30 odd days, I figured it would be time for some additional details. I'll go ahead and start with ...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidMidwest . Jun 28

7 weeks. Yeah, that's all I've got right now. 7 weeks until the Midwest NARP.

I just sat here and stared at the screen for a good ten minutes trying to think of some humorous way to begin this, then I realized it's far too hot, and I am sober. These are things that should not be. That being the case,...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidMidwest . May 14

Dtoid Midwest May update: A NARP approaches!

Hey, fellow midwesterners, Danl here. Just thought I'd give you an update with what us Dtoiders are planning for the rest of Flavor Country. As you may remember, we're planning on having the very first official Dtoid Midwes...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidMidwest . Apr 14

Hey, the Midwest has Interwebs?!

Quick little blurb here. We have a facebook group now. Join up and feel free to add whatever. Dtoid Midwest on facebook.   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidMidwest . Apr 13


The online sales that were mentioned in the last post are up on the Cedar Point site now, but they can only be used the first two weeks that the park is open. Also in that link is a $54 dollar ticket that is good for one day...   0

Community  Long Blog:
DtoidMidwest . Apr 11


From the desk of Jon Bloodspray: Hello DTOID MIDWEST! We begin anew on the quest to gather those lonely souls among us that have been burdened with the challenge of living in the middle of this great land. This time ...   0

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