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Apr 11 // Gobun

Afterthoughts: Octodad: Dadliest Catch

What's up you meme loving fucks? I played this game we're you're a god damn octopus with a family n you basically wiggle around tryna do normal tasks. How does an octopus have children with a human? Only our savior JESUS...
Mar 28 // Gobun

After Thoughts: Life Is Strange

Hey folks, long time no see. Its your old pal Gobun and this time hes back with some shitty Lets Play videos he made of self playingthis turd:     This game sucks a fatty as we drone our way through 2 FULL HOU...
Apr 01 // Gobun

IAMA Guy with testicals the size of pineapples. AMA

True story, and my ballsack is black. Go ahead, ask away.
Jul 31 // Gobun

Review: Rock, Paper, Scissors

[Editors Note: I have a drinking problem] Who gets the last slice of cake? Who will ride shotgun on the way home? Who gets to be player 1? When calling dibs fails, theres only one way to settle a conflict: Rock. Paper. Sci...
Jun 06 // Gobun

Gobungasms: I've Been Hiding Edition 6/5/12

Como esta bitches? Yeah it's been a while and I kinda wanna get back into this whole blogging thing which I'm not really good at. Dixon said "Gobungasms" as apposed to "Gobunisms" and it struck a nerve so deep, that it mad...
Apr 02 // Gobun

10 Things You Probably Already Know About Me

Blah blah blah, it's me, Gobun. Lets be honest, I'm jumping on this bandwagon because I love myself some attention and it seems to be my only form of nourishment these days. Bonus: I lost 30 weights since the picture on t...
Mar 21 // Gobun

A Game of Foots: Your Move Max

About a week ago, I sent Max Scoville a picture of my left foot. Glorious Gobun leg hair Fabu Gobun work shoe Sensual Gobun loving Max fondles some book I've never heard of Playing on my 3DS Max has his foot...
Jan 13 // Gobun

A Gobun and his Ant Farm

Christmas came late this year since I was involved in like Forums Secret Santa n shit and I admit that I've been acting like a huge baby bitch because I haven't received my God damn gift yet. But I got it. Yesterday. Evenin...
Dec 20 // Gobun

Giving: Take it. TAKE THE GIFT.

Alright so lately, I've been GIVING away Tribes: Ascend beta keys. If you don't know what Tribes: Ascend is, time to open up those holes on the sides of your heads and listen with your eyes what I'm about to fucking type. ...
Nov 03 // Gobun


So I like sandwiches a lot. This is a blog about sandwiches. YEAH! This is the beginning of a sandwich. It's a slice of white bread. Because wheat bread is disgusting. I turned this slice of bread into a peanut butter a...
Sep 21 // Gobun

I Play Video Games....Sometimes

I have the urge to write and I have nothing video game related to say other than this: -The characterization choices of the protagonists in Dead Island are beyond piss poor. It seems they gave the men the most interesting ba...
Sep 02 // Gobun

How to be a Better People™

Something that’s always bothered me about my humble home known as “The Forums” is that there isn’t a flow of new members, what so ever. Every so often a stray sheep will tumble into our neck of the woods, and more often th...
Aug 23 // Gobun

Welcome to My Hidey-Hole

It's been a while since I've written a blog, which is why I'm gonna keep this short anyway. This is nothing more than a short tour of my room. This is my stupid closet. This is where I play video games/come to cry. This is where I hide my find my solutions for balding. This is where I bump my knee every so often. This is where I do my quiet business
Sep 08 // Gobun

Starcraft 2 Tournaments. Starcraft 2 Tournaments Everywhere.

AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW SHIT BITCH. TOURNAMENTS ALL UP IN THIS BUSINESS. As ya'll know, I love me some Starcraft 2. Some would say I'm the best 1v1 player on this wicked awesome webzone and as inspiration for being the very best, I ...
Aug 11 // Gobun

FORUM ADVENTURES: #8 You're not gonna get it

So yeah. It's been a while. Hopefully I'll be doing more of these, just been really caught up in a ton of games. This week, we have a special appearance from de BLOO.
Jun 09 // Gobun

Left 4 Wed(ding): The Brotrip of Limitless Awesome

Let me start out by saying that I'm an idiot. I do a lot of stupid shit. I can't help myself. Secondly, I'd like to acknowledge all the awesome people that attended the brotrip: BeverlyNoelle, SenorDoucheoise, and Aero...
May 05 // Gobun


Alright. This sucked. It really did. All of your pictures were pretty amazing, honestly. If I could give everyone here beta codes I would. But the winner is: MOLLYGOS! Grats gurl, you earned it.
Apr 30 // Gobun

CONTESTOID: Win Gobun's Starcraft 2 Beta Key

Sup boners. I woke up this morning to find Blizzard has sent me an extra Starcraft 2 Beta Key. I don't need it so heres what I'm gonna do. CONTEST! Draw me doing something awesome and post it in the comments section. My ...
Apr 28 // Gobun

A Preschool Letter to Anthony Burch by Gobun (Age 19)

Apr 15 // Gobun


I've been doodling a lot lately. So I thought, "Maybe I should draw some comics". They're mostly about our forums. (Except this one) Gobun circa Middle School. OH YEAH
Apr 13 // Gobun

FORUM ADVENTURES #6: Love and Rivalry

WARNING: READ THIS IS A CONTINUATION OF A PREVIOUS COMIC READ IT HERE I've been doodling a lot lately. So I thought, "Maybe I should draw some comics". They're mostly about our forums. He's not a bad guy actually... EDIT: photo upload thing being retarded
Apr 12 // Gobun

FORUM ADVENTURES #5 Questions with Manic Maverick

I've been doodling a lot lately. So I thought, "Maybe I should draw some comics". They're mostly about our forums.
Apr 09 // Gobun

FORUM ADVENTURES: #4 Now for something completely different

I've been doodling a lot lately. So I thought, "Maybe I should draw some comics". They're mostly about our forums. THE DIVERSAVAN!
Apr 08 // Gobun

FORUM ADVENTURES: #3 It continues...

I've been doodling a lot lately. So I thought, "Maybe I should draw some comics". They're mostly about our forums. It's on buddy...
Apr 08 // Gobun


I've been doodling a lot lately. So I thought, "Maybe I should draw some comics". They're mostly about our forums. One of these days I'll figure out how to use the scanner...
Apr 06 // Gobun


I've been doodling a lot lately. So I thought, "Maybe I should draw some comics". They're mostly about our forums. All in good fun, gentlemen.
Mar 17 // Gobun

My Contest Entry: "Funk in the coffee"

It took me a while to think this one up. It was so obvious when it hit me. That's right. Funk in the coffee. In case you didn't know, that's James Brown, George Clinton, and Bill Clinton in the mug. Here are some of the ones I didn't use. Finally, this is what they all look like up close. Enjoy!
Mar 16 // Gobun

Why I Love Destructoid

Every year, I participate in a nerdy pilgrimage to a gaming convention. Tickets are hard to come by and dearly sought after. Last year they sold out in less than five minutes. That's about fifteen thousand tickets sold in...
Mar 06 // Gobun

Polar Bear Payback: Mother Nature Strikes Back

They took everything. Your home. Your family. Your food. Your future. The selfish human race has pillaged, raped, and plundered your beautiful land of north. What once was a vast ocean of life and a endless scape of white...
Mar 05 // Gobun

Something About Sex: A Shameless Tale of Desperation (NSFW)

I've been thinking about the topic of sex on video games a lot the past couple of days. I've thought about what effect it has on the industry. I pondered on why its implemented. I scratched my noggin on how long it's been aro...

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