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Community  Long Blog:
Turpinator . Dec 12

Ultra-Ballz: Falling in love with Pokťmon, again, aged 20.

So hereís the thing. Growing up as a kid, then pre-teen, then teen - my life appeared to revolve around the good olí GBA (thatís Game-Boy Advance in case you forgot!) Hours, collective weeks and months spent with hands clun...   0

Community  Long Blog:
Turpinator . Oct 16

Bethesda: the half finished story.

Hello folks, This will be my first ever blog here on the fine website that is D-toid. Iím a little new to this sorta dealy, so please bear with me, and donít be too barbaric in the comments for now! (At least wait Ďtil Iíve ...   0

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