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Jul 02 // KiiWy

The Need for Positivity in Media

"YOU WANT HAPPY ENDING???"   So I've been thinking a lot lately about how society portrays media. People are always looking for something interesting - drama, comedy, tragedy, romance, ANYTHING that breaks the norm of j...
Jun 27 // KiiWy

Why America Wins

We all win I'm going to apologize in advance, as I'm sure this may offend some of you. This particular blog isn't about video games in general...but it is about something I feel strongly about. I know that many of you d...
Jun 22 // KiiWy

The Romance of the 3 Kingdoms

 In the beginning.... This is the story about the 3 Kingdoms known as Wu, Shu and Wei - dating back to the earliest days of......okay, I'm just messing with you. If you REALLY want to learn more about those guys, g...
Jun 18 // KiiWy

A girl who LOVES Freedom Planet...but you should too!

  Beauty in simplicity So I appreciate how receptive you guys have been on my 'blogs' so far, I don't really feel like I'm good at this sort of thing, but I do like to critique and offer opinions for people to chew...
Jun 16 // KiiWy

E3 and Dtoid

It's been fun! So here's my general take on things this year regarding E3. First and foremost, it's been really cool to watch it with many of you right here at Dtoid - the chat room was a great idea and it made watching...
Jun 07 // KiiWy

9th Anniversary Shoutout!

9 Dtoiders who have made a good/bad impression on me I figured it might be nice to get 2 birds with one stone - blog and earn my first ever badge in the forums. Since I've recently flocked back to the toid, I noticed th...
Jun 05 // KiiWy

Destructoid Forums: Adventure Awaits!

WELCOME TO THE FORUMS!!! Hi guys, it's your girl KyWii/KiiWy (formalities) and I'm here to offer you some GREAT reasons why YOU should join us in the Destructoid forums!!!!   1) THERE'S SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE Serio...
Oct 20 // shadow2398

Dtoid TF2 Server Updates

Today, the TF2 server finally got to see some major changes in both the map rotation as well as the addition of a brand new mode. Map Changes: Maps moved to Nomination list: Plr_pipeline Sd_doomsday Cp_mountainlab Cp_c...
Oct 08 // shadow2398

Dibs on... A Brick

Yes, a brick. Like the kind used to build walls. To be frank, I’m a few days late and a few dollars short of calling dibs on any real Smash characters, but who needs some claim on just one digital avatar? Let me te...
Jul 07 // shadow2398

Streamtoid: the Return of a Legend

Ladies and gentlemen, I’m proud to announce the return of Streamtoid. Yes, that Streamtoid; the Destructoid community run channel. Things will hopefully be a bit more streamlined this time around, with a couple o...
May 04 // shadow2398


When it comes to Destructoid the community is never far behind, any mention of Dtoid and someone is bound to talk about the group of awesome folks who make the site special. Back when I first started coming here I saw what ...
Apr 22 // shadow2398

TF2sday: I submitted it too late

Tonight is the night! Tonight at 7:30 PM PST and 10:30 PM EST, Between 2Fort will be live on my twitch channel here. There will be a steam announcement shortly before the show goes live as a friendly reminder. Please feel f...
Aug 23 // shadow2398

Freaky Friday with Dtoid TF2

Its here, and while not everything currently works, Vs Saxton Hale has come back to the TF2 server (in the form of the Freak Fortress 2 mod), along with the return of a special map for the mode; MannCo HQ. Christian Bruta...
Aug 10 // shadow2398

Donning the cape and cowl in Arkham Origins

So as we all have heard at some point, Batman Arkham Origins has a multiplayer mode; one which is currently in a semi-closed Beta test going on right now on Xbox and PS3. The premise of the Invisible Predator game mode is pre...
Nov 14 // shadow2398

The terrible torture of an updated Revelations 2012

Credit is owed where credit is due, and to any developer who is willing to take the time and fix mistakes made with their game deserves respect in my book. That being said, Revelations 2012 was recently updated and the folks ...
Jul 11 // shadow2398

Revelations 2012 [review]

As much as I respect and love Jim as a journalist, there is one point I have to make about his review of Revelations 2012. Jim was wrong -- so wrong about the game, he couldn’t have possibly been further from the truth about ...
Jul 10 // shadow2398

Winners from the TF2 competition

Hey guys, I'm here to announce the winners from the TF2 competition. We had twenty-two people sign up, sadly not all of them were able to win, but here is the list of winners and where they ranked overall. Trophies ALL AR...
Jun 25 // shadow2398

why avatar the airbender was the worst game ever

For your listening pleasure I'm a huge fan of the last airbernder show, I'm aware of all the awesome reviews. so my opinion should not really matter. The game starts out like the show, you fing Aang trapped in an iceberg, th...
Jun 23 // shadow2398

Can you put the Team in TF2? [Competition]

UPDATE:The competition is now closed, results will be posted soon. Hey Dtoid, Hank Hill here and as a few of you know I'm one of the admins over at the TF2 server. Well I had a crazy idea a few days ago and here it is. I hav...
Mar 15 // shadow2398

Am I a gamer? [Longblog]

Earlier today I was watching Xplay on G4, and during the show they started answering questions that viewers had sent in, one of them was a serious question about what is a “true gamer”, which was promptly and sarcastic...
Nov 15 // shadow2398

Invader Attack (An indie game no one has ever heard of)

Hi Dtoid, This is my first C-blog, so here goes nothing, Well, today as I was reading some tweets from Notch, he mentioned that an indie developer called him out for being a part of a large scam and was in cahoots with some ...

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