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Jul 16 // Roberto Plankton

game, what are you talking about? TLOU & ART

I played The Last of Us on the PS3 when it was first published (borrowed it from a friend). I didn't like it that much. I got as far as the first Clicker-encounter outside of town and decided to return it. I wasn't too fond o...
Mar 28 // Roberto Plankton

Dtoid's 9th: My 109 French Girls

9 Dtoiders that left an impression. A petty number and a broad term. I am going to hard. So very very hard...even 10 times harder. I drew an avatar-name associated freak show. I drew you as one of my French gi...
Feb 22 // Roberto Plankton

game, what are you doing to me?

Too much nvg-related activity made me neglect the c-blogs for some time now: new line of work, new year, next-gen. My motivation to write during my sparse spare time had reached a spectacular low. Approximately a week ag...
Oct 09 // Roberto Plankton

game, what are you talking about?

It was the moment of the final confrontation between Kratos and the Hecatoncheir when I realized that what I was watching on the screen was essentially porn: a muscular white man (in shades of gray) rhythmically ope...
Jul 07 // Roberto Plankton

game, why are you so good?

I watch myself getting older and my backlog getting bigger and bigger. While this happens, the excitement about gaming in general dwindles at an alarming rate. Perhaps not that alarming a rate as I still burn a lot of time in...
Apr 22 // Roberto Plankton

Terraria Terror - a Swan Song

Last night my Utopia - heaven on earth - was destroyed. Terraria got an update. Normally I avoid short entries in the c-blog section. If I deem my contributions too short in quantity I even call them stubs. How humble a perso...
Dec 03 // Roberto Plankton

Animal Crossing Angst

I have played "Animal Crossing" on the Wii. And I traded it in. Now it came back. Via my 2DS it is sucking and tugging at my soul. I completely forgot about all that sucking and tugging. The great Animal Crossing Angst. "...
Oct 05 // Roberto Plankton

Game City Vienna 2013

I went to a gaming convention. The last time I made this kind of experience, the event took place in a concrete monstrosity somewhere in the outskirts of Vienna. Videogames had to compete with hifi-systems and tv-sets. The on...
Sep 25 // Roberto Plankton

Another Stub: Game City Vienna & Avatar Vacation

Game City Vienna is an annual event, dedicated to electronic games. It is taking place in the beautiful townhall of Austria's capital. This year I am going to attack like the giant, knife-wielding robot that I am. Another st...
Jul 05 // Roberto Plankton

Why I quit playing games (with my heart)

I think I mentioned it before - this problem I have. I don't finish my games. I can't claim that I never do, because sometimes I do. But mostly I don't. It is not a matter of increasingly limited time, it's more of a general ...
May 15 // Roberto Plankton

another stub: Data Dealer

Games by Austrian developers are a rare and delicate breed and yet there is some movement beneath that thick eggshell. I am from Austria (wisecrack) and I usually don't care. But when it comes to games the corneal on my thumb...
May 04 // Roberto Plankton

Monster Hunter Horror

I like "Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate". It's the first Monster Hunter I have ever tried and I like it. It appeals to my obsessive predisposition in many aspects. It is a complex and at the same time condensed gaming experience. I...
Mar 24 // Roberto Plankton

Love: what it is

Love. Do I love videogames? I would have said so without hesitation some hours ago, before I actually started to think about the matter while writing this blog entry. I do like videogames, getting close to borderline obse...
Feb 12 // Roberto Plankton

asking a favour: Feminism and Videogames

You dear people of Destructoid’s C-Blog! I want to ask a favour of you. It might seem lazy, it might seem clumsy, but I am going to ask anyway. A friend of mine is the editor of a feminist monthly (an Austrian one btw.). The...
Feb 04 // Roberto Plankton

It is a late intro

I am so incredibly late for this, but the following lines are going to be a kind of introduction. I feel attached enough for this now. The process of writing this down was actually a little bit nauseating since I had to notic...
Jan 17 // Roberto Plankton

WINTER: Happy Tree - Kickle Cubicle Mon Amour

I will always love you, Kickle Cubicle... And you will alway haunt my dreams, Giant Pirate Chicken. Floating dead in icy waters. Face down. Next to the Happy Tree Kickle Cubicle for the Nintendo Entertainment Syste...
Dec 17 // Roberto Plankton

Call of Duty: a wish list

You better watch out You better not cry Better not pout I'm telling you why (Christmas noobs) Only a few days left until a large section of the world’s population celebrates the year’s most special and anticipated event...
Dec 08 // Roberto Plankton

Destructoid made me do it - yet another stub

When I started posting on Destructoid I used to do some small illustrations, especially Forums-related stuff. In order to illustrate my point or to honor an especially entertaining or inspiring person. May seem like a waste o...
Dec 06 // Roberto Plankton

game inspired paintings - another stub

It is time for a stub again: I did some loosely game-related works several years ago I completely forgot about. Well, I just rescued them from the depths of my hard-drive. They feel a little retro to me but I still believe...
Nov 23 // Roberto Plankton

SELF PORTRAIT: Dynasty Puzzle Warriors X Nemesis

As always...I cannot decide Me Moai "(...) Pieces of me are scattered throughout the cosmos. Eventually, another will become sentient and exact retribution. You will never escape the shadow of fear! (...)" (Venom) I dist...
Nov 04 // Roberto Plankton

Play Misty For Me - A Stub

There are many great blogs dealing with issues of morals in games in great and learned ways. ... Personally, I always found sandbox-games to be somewhat unsatisfying. Perhaps I am just too susceptible to all these colourfu...
Oct 23 // Roberto Plankton

Dead or Alive - In Dreams

I had some strange and metaphysical dreams. I don't have the time nor the motivation to make an in-depht-Freudian-dream-interpretation right now, so i just share some visual output triggered off by my recent nightmarish expe...
Oct 11 // Roberto Plankton

CROSSOVER: Follow The Rainbow

I did not have to think about it, it just sprang up to mind: I want a crossover between Army of Two (EA 2008) and Rainbow Islands.Bubble Bobble 2 (Taito 1987). What I actually thought about for a while now, were the variou...
Oct 07 // Roberto Plankton

The 14 Hours Of Borderlands 2

PTEW! PTEW! Let me tell you about an eventful evening. An evening of unboxing and playing Borderlands 2. An evening of playing Borderlands 2 for 14 hours straight. 15:00 I arrive at my friend`s apartement. He likes to call...
Aug 16 // Roberto Plankton

Readers' Review mon Amour

Once upon a time I used to read IGN-reviews, specifically the section "readers' reviews". On the one hand because I believe them to be really informative (in their sum, as a kind of intersection of opinions) and on the other...
Aug 12 // Roberto Plankton

BOSS: a boss is a boss is a boss. boss

I perfected the use of my move-set in training mode and fought a seemingly endless roster of increasingly difficult foes. I have mastered the inherent system of action and reaction, it all makes perfect sense, i am in a sta...
Jul 14 // Roberto Plankton

Role Reversal: Peach Fiction - bring out the Gumba

i always thought that it actually was Mario that Bowser was after, using Princess Peach as a mere bait. Mario is a fat plumber with no real perspective, living together with his gay brother (both in denial). Peach is supre...

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